ChaosMen: Zack & Saber

Zack & Saber at ChaosMen
Zack & Saber at ChaosMen
Zack & Saber at ChaosMen

Zack & Saber at ChaosMen
Zack & Saber at ChaosMen

Zack been on bottom duty with the straight guys for far too long, and he is a most excellent top as well. He in fact excels at everything he puts his mind and cock too.

I thought he and Saber had similar builds, though Saber is much taller. They both have nice uncut cocks, so if you like extra skin, you should be a happy jacker.

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  • Doglover

    I Love Zack, just disappointed we didnt get to see his cumshot.thats always exciting!!

  • Drew

    Do Chaosmen and Randy Blue not allow these sites cumshots to be viewed by us?

  • 4everhard

    Love watching Zack suck dick with his own pole straight up. He fucks the bottom magnificently. Wish I was there so he could do something with his mouth also.

  • ton

    Zack are my favourite!!!
    i love him

  • Petr

    If Zack swallowed my dick like he did Sabers, I’d bend over for him too.

  • Albert

    oh guys congratulations your one of the best online or I reather say you are the best!! well actualy I just wanna say that I realy wanna work with you guys I`m cute and sexy hot for real!! but I got a tiny problem no one knows that I`m bisexual O`ops so! I dont know how am I suppoust to react when almost everyone realize that I`m working with you!, `cause the big deal is that my family belongs to the high society so and i depend 100% of them so if they realize that, I`ll hit the road!! you know..and alot of people will judge me, and right now every one are like all eyes on me,peolple that I know and people that I don`t even know, besides due that I may not continue my studies and for that is alot of money, i in my second year of Economy management, – so what can you recomend me to do I`m 22 years old. thanks 4 your time!!!!