ChaosMen: Romeo & Silas

Romeo & Silas at ChaosMen
Romeo & Silas at ChaosMen
Romeo & Silas at ChaosMen

Romeo & Silas at ChaosMen
Romeo & Silas at ChaosMen
Romeo & Silas at ChaosMen

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Bryan of Chaosmen wrote:

So this was Romeo’s first time with a straight guy. Now Silas, he’s open minded, messed around a little with a dude here and there, but when he’s at home beatin’ off, he’s watching girl on girl porn.

Romeo went full tilt, and you can tell Silas is like “Whoa, wait up for me!”

Romeo was also a bit uh…bitey. I didnt notice he was chomping down on Silas, until one pan across his body and there are welts all over him! I was a bit shocked, because, well, we didn’t discuss leaving welts!

We did stop and I asked if that wasnt hurting and sure enough Silas was in pain, but didnt say anything. Going back and editing the video, I can see the poor guy wincing. But, well, if you are in to it, it’s pretty hot to watch as he deals with the onslaught.

And yep, this is a condom free video. It just kinda happened.

Romeo is an aggressive top, and this video is so long cuz he is pushing and pulling Silas all over the place.

Now the cum shot, its a bit awkward. Romeo’s nut is amazing as ropes of cum shoot and coat Silas’s back. Silas, meanwhile, was in his favorite “Face down fucking a girl” position, and basically ended up doing a cumming run to Romeo. Its not exactly “pro” but this is amateur porn.

I’ve gotta say this is one the hottest vids on the site. Two beautiful hot muscular and masculine dudes fucking like rabbits.

Mike says:

Sorry guys. Barebacking in porn videos doesn’t “just happen.”

Bad move.

chad says:

They both look fruity.

Cellar says:

“condomless” is a hysterical euphemism…

randomguy says:


danny says:

You can’t invent a handle like “Topher di Maggio” and then expect everyone to forget.
Looks like he fucks with his hair color almost as often as he does with his name.

Griff says:

I thought we were all well beyond the ignorance of butt-fucking without a condom – BAD move and poor, POOR judgment, ChaosMen owners and/or management.
Those that choose to “bareback” on their own, as foolish as that is, is one thing. To put it on a porn site is, at least to me, condoning it by your site. A very BIG mistake on your part and shame on you for leading those with poor judgment in taking two GIANT steps backward. If you had worked, as I have, in critical care situations taking care of patients dying with AIDS, perhaps you wouldn’t be so lax in your attitude about helping to keep safe those that make your living for you by buying your porn. There is some responsibility that goes along with being a public source of anything, including porn.
If we as gay and bisexual men do not respect and care for ourselves, WHO WILL?!
I ask, and hope that you will remove this “Romeo & Silas” episode from your site immediately because of what it represents, and that you will never do the same in the future. If you care at all about the community that supports you financially, you will show the respect and compassion deserved, and remove this episode IMMEDIATELY.

Griff says:

Additionally, I would ask that all who subscribe to, or in any way support would boycott this site until they show more responsible judgment, and give an indication they give a damn about our lives, by removing the “Romeo and Silas” episode from their site.
Overreaction on my part? Maybe, but I am really passionate about this issue, and this slap in the face to the gay community really angers me.

TC says:

Why did you do that LTP? I mean you found out about something like that, you keep it to yourself. You might change his life in a bad way because of that. Maybe that’s just me , but i don’t think that’s a right thing to do here. If you find it offensive, i am sorry about what i said here.

Griff says:

TC – I agree with you. Unnecessary to do that.

Griff says:

TC – I agree with you. It was totally unnecessary to do that, and I cannot understand why someone would feel the need to do that. Sort of borderline vicious, LTP. I hope you don’t “get the goods” on me – Ouch!

Justin Tyme says:

TC – I agree with you too. WAYBIG SHOULD DELETE THE LINK NOW as long as we are asking folks to delete stuff. Talk about having respect for each other or in this case lack of respect for each other.

Griff says:

Justin Tyme – Thanks for the support.

danny says:

Hopefully that isn’t his real name either – just a professional one.
One blogsite I use, moderates posts so that a link like that wouldn’t appear – the downside of such moderation is they won’t publish criticism of a model or picture set, presumably for fear of upsetting the website involved – which is odd, because you would think this is free advertising for them.

brandon says:

I’m so tired of people bitching about barebacking. It isn not the porn companies responsibility to teach safe sex and I want to know who is looking up to porn stars as role models.

LikeWhoa! says:

Thank You, brandon! You guys need to find a real cause. Boycotting porn sites? Come on!

Griff says:

Hey Brandon & LikeWhoa – Do you guys bareback? Do you take semen up the ass? Just asking. Are either of you HIV+? If so, do you care if you spread HIV? If not, do you care if you contract HIV?
Some people are easily lead, and convinced things (like barebacking) are OK to do. Some others are just foolish and don’t give a damn about themselves or others.
I said NOTHING about porn sites teaching safe sex – I ONLY was pointing out that they do not need to perpetuate the image or idea that it is alright to have anal sex without a condom – and I stand by that.
If you call that, and trying to make sure people are reminded that anal sex without a condom is NOT OK, and trying to save even one life bitching – then fine, I guess that makes me a bitch. Even with uncaring attitudes, and though you bash others that try to keep people alive and well, I even care about both your lives as well.
You are entitled to believe what you want – but I have watched too many people die from AIDS to just keep my mouth shut. I hope and pray that neither of you have to ever go through what I have seen and I pray you wake up. Being ignorant is when an individual does not know any better, being stupid is when they know, yet refuse to help themselves.
Cheers gentlemen –

TC says:

Calm down Griff, i know how you feel. The suggestions that we posted here will help the website change their ways. I mean ChaosMen used to have most of the models made the movies without protection, now it only happen once in a while.(Not good enough but it’s better than nothing). I’m sure things will change.

moondoggy says:

Well *I* for one am tired of and offended by the ongoing attitude that condomless sex is suicide. Most of us have no way of knowing what precautions these models or chaosmen may or may not have taken. The media and some gay interest groups have conspired to convince us that our bodies are toxic, that risk can’t be managed, and that porn movies are the reason why HIV is still a problem. If people spent a tenth as much time complaining about crystal meth as they do about gay porn, something meaningful might actually happen.

As for LTP’s post, I hardly think it is vicious to post an already public profile where a male model is clearly trying to raise his own visibility. It’s not like LTP constructed the profile or capped it from a private location where it was meant to be concealed — he presumably simply passed along what was already there, available to anyone who wanted to do the work to find it. I’m not ranting here, mind you — the privacy discussion is worth raising. But I for one don’t see a problem.

Griff says:

I’m through arguing this point . . . SIGH :~(

GriffShouldDie says:

Well it’s about time you miserable cunt!

chad says:

^ That was uncalled for.

randomguy says:

^ Actually, it made me lol, but then again I can be a heartless bastard sometimes ^_^ Out of everyone, I agree completely with moondoggy. Just sayin’.

Painfully Obvious says:

Barebacking happens. Sx video has become a big studio, all BB all the time. Guys are gonna fuck without condoms. Hand out rubbers in gay bars, parks, restrooms, motels, and on the highway and guys are still gonna fuck without a rubber sometimes, Griff. Be passionate if you must, but don’t tell CM to REMOVE this post. It’s not illegal, and therefore up to Bryan to do what he wants.

Griff says:

So you wish me dead – without knowing who I am, what I am about, what I use my life doing for others, or how much I have sacrificed and studied advancing my career trying to help others and save lives? Fine, that is certainly your right to do, and I forgive you for it.

Even though some of you wish me dead, and/or find me despicable, I still only hope for the best for each of you.
I wish all of you well and hope and pray you become wiser in your choices, and some of you, kinder in your actions toward others.
I truly apologize for any trouble or bad feelings I caused. Among the things I know about life being able to recognize when it is time to move on – I have always felt that the last place on Earth I want to be is where I am not welcome.
Thanks to all that have been kind and supportive, and to others who so obviously misunderstood my intent and my words, good luck to you in your lives.
J. Griffith Taylor, R.N., M.N., Ed.D, C.C.R.N

Alex says:

Off your soapbox..they’re consenting adults..let them be. This site’s about gay sex…enjoy it or leave.

Posting of your degrees INCREDIBLY pretentious.

JussLookin says:

why u haters wantin people dead an shit.
some mean ass bitches on here.

don says:

Barebacking is too raw a topic to be trivialized by discussion in a gay porn blog site, so I won’t even touch it.

Meanwhile, it’s funny how people can soapbox over privacy for someone posting Silas’ real identity, when said model even used his photoset from ChaosMen to banner his profile page. While I find it a little strange to debate about safe sex practice in a blog that talks about all kinds of sex all the time, I would venture to guess that “Silas” doesn’t mind having his profile being increased one bit by this “outing” of his identity.

Circumspect says:

ALEX, this guy defending himself to people that want him dead, and giving an apology doesn’t sound like a “soapbox” to me. And I wouldn’t call his credentials “pretentious”. He gave his educational status to prove he knows what he is talking about.
Good grief you guys. What a bunch of @$$#*!@$
MOONDOGGY, I don’t believe anyone has said the human body is toxic, but some viruses the body can carry and pass on will KILL you believe it or not and HIV AIDS is one of those viruses.
PAINFULLY OBVIOUS, Sure showing unprotected sex in pornography is not “illegal” but I would call it unethical and noncaring toward the people that provide their bread and butter.
And men wonder why women think they are so stupid. Well, its because so many of them do not think past what feels good to their penises.
I might be back to look at pictures but I’ll be staying away from the comments because its worse that I thought it would be.

moondoggy says:

My comments were in regard to the habit of going to websites where a variety of sex acts are depicted and then hemming and hawing every time someone has sex without a condom. Almost any condomless gay post on xtube goes in this direction, and the “condom free” archive on waybig is also a testament to this. (In fact, most xtube threads of this sort are a consistent mix of “how dare you do this” and “please shoot your load in me.” It’s a fasting/bingeing tug-of-war — these duelling reactions perpetuate each other, with never a rational happy medium.) I think it’s very interesting that Corbin Fisher (except for Dawson fucks Cody, which was greeted with the same backlash) consistently uses condoms in its gay movies, and consistently doesn’t in its straight ones. I know anal sex is riskier, but plenty of straight movies feature anal sex (Rocco Siffredi, anyone?), and they manage to make movies without accusations of mass murder. For that reason, I believe this issue has always been as much political as medical.

The last thing I’ll say on this matter, unless someone invites me to reply to something specific, is that the real irony to me is how similar this is to the teen-sex issue, where condom use is actually the heretical position, and abstinence-only is the orthodox one. The problem there is a more conservative manifestation of the same thing — it’s unrealistic to eliminate risk, so why not have a real conversation about how to manage it?

But Griff, although I stand by my opinion on the issue, I meant it as an attack on a position, not on a person. Perhaps you’ve moved on, but I hope you get curious enough someday to poke your head in (no pun intended) and see that there was no personal offense intended. Perhaps you or Circumspect feel that how I framed the position is so abominable that we can’t happily coexist on this board, but that feeling is not mutual. My intent was always to attack a position, not a person.

derrick says:

will some one please change this picture its as stale as those guys there must be some fresher male flesh than those old mary i think they should both pick up some rubbers when they are in walgreens instead of checking out the fake tan and hair treatments

randomguy says:

I feel now would be the perfect time for an UPDATE… *whistles, waiting*

MmmBeefy says:

Should I feel guilty for looking at these two men and just thinking, “Man! They’re hot!” Gawd I hope not. Guilt sucks, and so does reading through a bunch of people preaching about shit people here already know. We came here to look at hot men, not learn about safe sex. Look at the pretty pictures. I do. :-)
To review, this page includes pictures of some very hot men. I’d do either of them. I’d do both of them. Have I learned anything from porn? You bet. I’ve learned that there are a lot of hot men out there that enjoy having sex and don’t mind that other men enjoying watching them have sex.
What I didn’t need to learn from porn is that condoms are important, easy to put on, lube is fun and sex is a blast. I’d already learned that, but now that we’ve all been reminded, can we go back to looking at the hot men and stop being such pedantic bitches?
Look at the hot men!! It’s why we’re here, right? Anyone with me?

Slade says:

“Anyone with me?”


Wrap it up, guys! Every time! No matter what these irresponsible images & videos try to perpetuate, NO orgasm is worth yer life (or the angst of waiting on test results after doing something sexually stupid, even if they do come back negative).


randomguy says:

OMFG, if you don’t agree with barebacking, bitch, DON’T DO IT! It’s not up to you do dictate other people’s lives. Not everyone is crawling with disease. You don’t work for any of these sites, so you have no idea what the fuck their policies are. If whoever is involved has a clean bill of health, who the fuck cares how they get down with the get down? I certainly don’t.

Sounding like some bitter queens out there…I’m thinking some of you are speaking from personal experience. What? Somebody caught the clap recently?

STFU and STFD. kthanxbai.

Slade says:

Wrap it guys. The ends don’t justify the means! Use condoms – every time! :D

randomguy says:

^ Unless, y’know, you don’t have any diseases and don’t want to. Relegate your own lives, people.

MmmBeefy says:

OK. For the last time, this site is for looking at pictures of hot men, fantasizing about being with them and touching yourself–not touching your keyboard.
WE ALREADY KNOW THAT WHEN YOU FUCK A PERSON YOU HAVE TO WEAR A CONDOM!!! DROP IT ALREADY!!! Porn is not an educational tool, you over educated tools!!! Looking at porn online then masturbating is the ultimate in safe sex. Now go fuck yourselves.

Dazzer says:

If everyone knows you should wear a condom… 1) Why aren’t the models; and 2) Why is there a massive rise in HIV among men under the age of 30? Also, if porn isn’t educational, then where the hell do most gay men get to see what other gay men do in bed?

pete says:

never mind arse fucking what concerns me more are those dreadful plucked eyebrows have thesemen used dr spock as a role model now this is serious i think you guys have overlooked this

Drz says:

lmao pete you,re hilarious…i totally have a hard time getting past that too. now THAT is cause for boycott. you know, why this goes on forever, everyone is right!!! notice though that no one said that they shouldn’t have worn a condom. only that it’s their personal choice given the information that we are all aware of. and no one said that all of you reading this shouldn’t wear one, but that it is your choice (given the potentially grave consequences). And we all, no matter whether you’re boycotting the site or not for the barebacking or the eyebrows, understand griff’s initial point and appreciate the concern. so to my final point, boo for plucking ourselves, and yay for fucking ourselves while looking at hot men! Pass the lube! (and the rubbers if you have a partner!

Albert says:

You guys don’t even know for sure how the video production was handled. If anyone has ever seen and episode of “Tell Me You Love Me” on HBO, you’ll know that it looks like they are having real sex, but it is just acting.
These Chaosmen videos may very well be the same. They may use special effects, or some other kind of video trickery to make it look like they were having sex without a condom but in reality they weren’t.

randomguy says:

It’s their choice whehter they want to use condoms or not, just like it’s your choice to enjoy these pics or not. We all know of the dangers of sexually trasmitted diseases and whatnot…but it sounds like a lot of you are going off of the assumption that EVERYONE potentially has it. That is true…unless it’s been proven that they don’t. Which, in this case, might very well be what has happened. There is such a thing as an HIV/AIDS test, and they’d be daft if they’d not both taken one before partaking in raw sex. Just sayin’.

BareBacker says:

Guys who Bare Back are HOTT!!! And these Guys prove it! All You guys dont know what you are missing when you dont BareBack!! It feels soooo good !

Alex says:

The bareback issue is a lot like the abortion issue.

It is a persons choice. No one has the right to tell me how to treat my body.

Dazzer says:

Barebacking is nothing like abortion. If you use your body to spread diseases or you contract a disease that requires other people to pay for healthcare (be it through private or national medical insurance), it affects everyone. If your behaviour is adversely affecting other people – potentially lethally – there is not just a right, there is a outright respoonsibility to say ‘stop doing that’.

Circumspect says:

Dazzer – THANK YOU!

Andy says:

I hate rubbers and I ESPECIALLY hate seeing rubbers in my porn. Yes they save lives, yes the are necessary (but not in some good old fashioned hot & nasty porn). We want to see sex without a condom, we want to see them lapping up cum like baby puppies…otherwise there wouldn’t be such a big demand for it. In real life I don’t take the chances these guys in porn do…it’s not going to end…there will still be someone out there wanting to fuck and suck without a rubber and be willing to get paid to do it. Rock on! Swallow that load for me. Im jealous.

bigwad says:

Alex, unfortunatelly you are right. If every one were to have safe sex the AIDS issue would have been a moot point today.
Andy, your comment reminds me of the Roman times in the Coliseum. Odd entertainment!!!!

goodgrief says:

Condoms are the only way to save lives? How bout not drinking? How bout not smoking? How bout eating healthy, getting enough exercise? I believe that if you use good judgement in everything you do, and do all things in moderation, well, that goes a long way. Everything is not always black and white. What is safer? Having sex with a very clean guy, with a clean bill of health, without a condom, or having sex with some sleezbag from the corner bar, both of you drunk, with a condom?

blah says:

Everyone has the option of just hitting the back button and scrolling down to the next site’s previews. Seriously guys, we all have our opinions and none of us will say “yeah, you’re right, I WILL change my ways”. It’s ultimately up to all of us to know who we have sex with and to protect ourselves. These models are adults who can make their own decisions. The site administrator is selling a PRODUCT. So if it sells, he’s happpy. Notice that he isn’t on there having bareback sex though. If you all don’t like it, don’t buy his products. I don’t care either way, I’m just looking at free previews. As for that guy’s real name, he put it out there on the world wide web for all to see. If he didn’t want it out there he should delete that profile. All I am saying is, everyone has their OWN responsibilities and their OWN decisions to make. Wrap it up or not, but live with the consequences and don’t cry about it when it’s something that you took the risk for. Now, about those eyebrows . . . . .

blah says:

btw, I don’t know if anyone downloaded (I mean subscribed to see the video) but the “top” couldn’t even keep his dick hard enough to fuck the bottom guy for more than a few seconds at a time. This is hardly worth the controversy fellas. It is a pretty dull scene. Like watching paint dry, or watching Dawson fuck “girl” or “rachel” on ACS.

silas says:

Hey, this is Silas, I would like to find Danny and kick his ass…you dont out people like that you fuck!

silas says:

amen, Slade, and thanks to the rest of the guys who gave me support…all you evil queens can rot in hell

Vic says:

this is too hot for me. I want to jump in and enjoy the fun. if straights can bareback so can gays, it’s only natural.

randyandy says:

im gonna call ronn sf on u pdf’s. romeo is suckinly hot. man he coluld fuck me BAREBACK any day.

Texas Rawhide says:

For all the detractors on this string of comments………….

Don’t like smoking…don’t smoke. Don’t like abortions…don’t have one. Don’t like barebacking…DON’T BAREBACK. But for godsakes stop judging others. It is their lives. Let THEM live them the way they want.

UKnowWho says:

Romeo or Topher is fucking gay. He’s a jerk and lives in Austin TX. Total ass.