JakeCruise: Mike Roberts (Serviced)

Mike Roberts (Serviced) at Jake Cruise
Mike Roberts (Serviced) at Jake Cruise
Mike Roberts (Serviced) at Jake Cruise

Mike Roberts (Serviced) at Jake Cruise
Mike Roberts (Serviced) at Jake Cruise
Mike Roberts (Serviced) at Jake Cruise

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Jake wrote:

Chiseled stud Mike Roberts has a body to die for. And while I don’t actually die, I do feel like I’ve gone to heaven for a while as I suck and stroke his beautiful uncut cock. All of my hard work (yeah, right!) is worth it though when he shoots his cum load over his rock hard abs. Better yet, I get clean up duty – with my tongue.

  • Kyleguy

    Thank god jake kept his clothes on

  • ton

    Oh no
    I’m so jealously JackCruise !!!

  • Tobias

    Whoa, Mr. Roberts is spectacular!!! Fortunate Jake!!! Real men doing real things. Ain’t life grand?

  • brandon

    Mike might have asked him to stay clothed. I think MIke looks kinda of dangerous and I love that. I bet his feet are funky and that’s why Jake keeps licking them

    And I’ll say it again I love Jake in these videos not bc I have a daddy fantasy but he is so into the guy. That’s why real life sex is so hot bc my partners and me are so into each other. I don’t know what it is about porn the guys are usually hot but they don’t seem into it. I think maybe they are straight lol

  • Brad

    I know this guy is a big porn star, but he’s so unattractive.

  • phunky

    I wonder how much money he has to pay these guys to do scenes with him. I know it would take A LOT of money personally for me to do it.

  • Larry H.

    You guys are forgetting that the guys Jake gets are doing this as a last resort because they have no money. So if Jake offers them $100 for an hour of filming, they will jump on it.

    Doesn’t make it any less hot, Jake has some of the best videos!

  • Gerry

    This guy Mike had been doing well in porn, but apparently, times have become hard, and he is quite willing to do anything to make a buck.

    Let this be a lesson kids, stay in school, otherwise you could end up like Mike :(

  • J

    As much as I abhor watersports in porn, I wouldn’t mind seeing Jake get pee’d on…

  • chad

    I’ll lay off Jake—{this time}—and instead say that something about Mike Roberts turns me off. Yes, he’s got this young athletic/alpha male quality to him that is attractive, but I dunno. All his sessions come off as robotic, predictable and forgetable. Looking at a bronze statue can be awfully boring.

  • RJ

    These guys all escort and stuff, so they probably do worse than Jake Cruise, except you don’t get to see them.

  • gabe

    I read somewhere that Mike Roberts has a male partner but won’t kiss, suck dick or take it up the bum out of respect for his partner…don’t know whether it is true or not but his hole looks worked over to me.

  • Unusually Large Balls


    where did you read that Mike Roberts has a male partner? I would like to verify this rumor.

  • MD

    well , i’d rather wath animal porn movie instead of watching this stupid old fucker !!!

  • Mike

    Mike Roberts does not have a male partner. He’s totally gay for pay and has a real tude. Roman Heart once said that when he was with Mike in Big Dick Club it was the worst scene he ever had to do. It was like he was just a sex toy because Mike Roberts kept having to get fluffed by a girl and watched straight porn over Roman’s shoulder.


    oh no he aint straight. i used him 4 an escort 4 mos ago n he was wayyy gay. he pumped me 4 3 hours. jakes a lucky man to share this stallion. u haters need to call mike up 4 some biiiig dick. STOP HATIN ON JAKE nun of u are hot so leave JAKE alone he’s my idol

    • usmcboy

      26 year old military stud here, in need of mike roberts contact info.if its real he is escorting i would love to have him..always had a thing for this guy. if anyone can help with the contact info please send it to me(

  • The REAL Blah!

    Fake Blah is such a loser! Jeez! I hope your comments get deleted again. Get your friggin name! god!

  • whoa

    Mike Roberts is hot, but I doubt that he is gay. Check him out in the porns he is in…he can barely get it up if he has to fuck (and the fuck scenes are never hot, because you can tell he is not into it). But I love his looks and his fair skin…he is heaven.

  • Caelus

    OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Not my mike roberts!!!! why? WHY???

    ah well at least Jake kept his clothes on, it would be better if he put a mask on as well.


    be careful the other blah is stalking me and other people. he got my email and passed it around. that’s how other people have been contacting me about his stalking them too.


    Can you please tell me how to get in touch with Mike? I would love to pay him for sex!!!

  • meck22

    me too NYHOMIE!!

  • foznoc

    The reason Mike has such trouble getting into it is that they treat him with respect. Whenever I call him a dirty boy and slap him around, he begs for me to thrust my cock deep inside him, and he won’t stop riding it till we both come.

    Now that’s how you do it.

  • Blah!

    How in the hell would I “find” emails on a site that doesn’t post them. You are a retard.

  • Clive

    Yes I am confused – but it makes me think: If Jake can have all those gorgeous guys – then I can ! ;oP

  • Zeke

    Mike is hot, hot, hot!

  • Ken

    This is nauseating. It’s amazing what some people will do for the almighty dollar.

  • markuk

    i know jake cruise is old and we will all get old one day .

    but i wish he would bang the hot guys in private and NOT film it .I DONT want to see it . ITS BAD TASTE PORN

    and by paying to watch his videos – hes getting money to pay more hot guys for sex ..

    subscribers to his website are funding his fun…

    i refuse to pay to watch some old hag get his rocks off i think we should boycott this bad taste porn and NOT support his website :)

  • GeoSC

    MarkUK is right. Jake should just do his stuff in private. But leave the FILMED PORN to the HOT YOUNG STUDS! Jake is NOT pleasant to watch. He hasn’t go a body, a face or even a personality. He may own the site; but he’s just too old and to ridiculous to watch!

  • Wouldn’t you like to know…

    Just thought I’d set the record straight… Mr M.R. is most def straight (no matter how much you want him to be gay…) . I personally know, hung out with him, hes actually a mellow down to earth guy. And sometimes people just have to move on and out of the industry. Jake ruins careers… and capitalizes on the desperation of men. Its quite sad. But, usually once your past your prime you must pay to get laid.

  • drak

    your cock is very very big.

  • deepak

    i am so imprresed by you mike ijust want to fuck you once and suck your dick

  • maximumtop

    I Want Mike’s Shorts !!! Which shorts are they ?

  • franzley

    i want mike robertsssssssssssssss badlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy if would have an hour to spend with him it i would say that i will talk to him all day long……………….

    he so handsome…………