ChaosMen: Dakota & Levi

Dakota & Levi at ChaosMen

Dakota & Levi at ChaosMen
Dakota & Levi at ChaosMen
Dakota & Levi at ChaosMen
Dakota & Levi at ChaosMen

Watch Dakota & Levi at

I heard word from Dakota that he and longtime roommate of 5 years were looking to move into a new place and make some rent money. Dakota explained that the two of them had done some nude photos and that they thought they could actually fuck.

Levi arrived with Dakota and the two of them showed up with their cowboy shirts un-tucked and unbuttoned, big ‘ol saucer-sized belt buckles, and in their jacked up 4×4. The epitome of good ‘ol boy redneck!

Now Levi was completely cold to this so it’s the first time he’d ever been on video. You can tell. So he didn’t have any time to adjust to all this newness. Dakota, he was pretty eager to get fucked. He’s says he is straight, but he sure likes it up the ass.

You might notice that Levi’s dick gets a bit wobbly during the middle of the shoot. During the first round of fucking, as they change positions, you can see Levi pull out fully hard, but little did I know, he had busted up inside Dakota seconds before they changed position.

DAMN! No reaction, and I didn’t catch any cream pie action! Dakota and I were both pretty surprised.

So we took a break, and waited a while to see if Levi could get hard again. They really wanted to get paid, and I really wanted to get these two cowboys on the site for you to enjoy.

There’s some wobley action going on (though Dakota is pistol hard and gleefully bouncing up and down on his buddy’s dick), and in the final position Levi’s dick comes back to life long enough to make Dakota cum. Levi swore he could nut again, and sure enough he nutted all over Dakota’s chest. Gotta love 18 year olds!

They’ve recently contacted me about Levi getting fucked by Dakota…so what do you guys think? More Bareback Mountain? (Sorry, it was too easy to not go there!)

Watch Dakota & Levi at

Thomas says:

I love these bareback videos. One of the few sites that delivers real, natural videos of sex.

The latex isn’t necessary in straight porn, why do gays subject themselves to different standards? We are equal.

Tofer says:

He’s 18 and they’ve been roommates for 5 years? Right.

Vic says:

I got MORE excited about switching back to daylight savings time!

erik says:

No condom’s…roommates for 5 years….only 18…that would be they have been out together since the ripe old junior high years making money of 13. Truthfully, lover’s maybe for 5 years…

Kaleb says:

Still hot nonetheless.

moondoggy says:

Did they name Levi after his jeans? Kinda wish they’d shot this in a barn or haystack or something! Cute, though.

Jay says:

Shame on them for barebacking.

Michael says:

Have to agree about the barebacking inequality. I have watched many straight adult videos, and have noticed that the males in these movies do not wear condoms. The males cum inside and out on the girls, and the girls don’t seem to flinch away from the cum like it is dangerous stuff.

Yet the males in gay adult videos constantly wear condoms and avoid cum like it is poison. Are straight models somehow less likely to catch diseases than gay models? The gay community constantly preaches that AIDS is not a gay disease, so why the inequality with the condoms?

randomguy says:

Okay…that was kinda hot.

chad says:

The gay community “preaches” AIDS awareness…which, naturally, includes safer sex practices. Also, have you stopped to think that it’s perhaps the MODELS who’re insisting that condoms are worn? If I were doing a porno flick, I wouldn’t agree to raw fuck with some guy I didn’t know. It’s a matter of health (not to mention sanitation.)

I get so tired of condom-complainers making this is a ‘gay v. straight’ double standard/socio-political issue, and taking the childish “if they can do it, why can’t we?” position. How shallow. When it comes down to it, no one is FORCED to wear condoms. People do it because it’s the responsible thing to do. There is no law on the books that require producers of gay porn to always use condoms, while leaving it totally optional for producers of straight porn. Studios that mandate it do it at their own discretion.

AWOE says:

Bitching about condom hypocrisy when it comes to het versus homo porn is like bemoaning about how some cars models are designed to have the seatbelts automatically cross your shoulder, while others don’t. Condom use isn’t a bad thing, people. It’s a *credit* to the gay porn industry that condom usage is more regularly promoted. If the straight porn industry is fickler about it, then shame on them! Forsaking the rubbers & putting people at a greater risk just to prove some kind of point is cutting your nose off to spite your face. In 2008, most of us should know better than to give credence to any quasi-stigma it may send about AIDS being more of a gay disease. Like your mothers used to ask you when you were a kid, are you going to jump off a cliff because you see someone else do it?

Kyle Saguaro says:

These guys are hot but whoever is behind the camera sucks at his job. There are no clear shots of either penis and the angles are boring and uncreative

Brad says:

The Brokeback thing is so two years ago. Plus they REALLY NEED TO WEAR CONDOMS! I can’t get turned on when I’m worried about somebody’s health. It’s NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!! WEAR C O N D O M S PEOPLE!

tobias says:

Both of these guys should have kept their clothes on. What a dreary waste of digital space this vid is. As for the condom thing. Here’s my opinion. Because of the fact that if you have sex with a person you theoretically are having sex with everybody that person has ever had sex with, condoms are essential in real-life and in porn, straight or gay. The straight porn world is littered with PWA (people with AIDS). However, if these two guys have been together for 5 years, then a condom is not necessary. But, neither is worth watching on a sex site. And I’m not fetishizing the perfect man type, either. They are both uninteresting in every way.

andrew says:

they are both nasty…



Kaleb says:

Another fake Blah lol ^^.
I miss you Blah :(.

randyandy says:

fuck me next levi.u are a hot man. PRETTY PLEASE WITH CUM ON TOP- we need more levi and dakota. lets start a poll and petition for chaosmen and jake cruise.

Fanny Mae says:

All you people freaking out about condoms need to chill out. Why is it any of your business? If someone wants to do a porn condom-less, so be it. There is no more “gay community” and none of us are related in any way other than the fact that we like dick. What we want to do with it, and weather or not we want to wear condoms are our own choices. There is NO gay community. It’s an illusion.