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Addison at SeanCody

Addison at SeanCody

Addison at SeanCody

Addison at SeanCody

Addison at SeanCody

Addison at SeanCody

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Sean wrote:

Addison is definitely one of a kind.

An import from the United Kingdom, this 24-year-old is one of the wittiest and most charming models I’ve ever worked with. In the short time I’ve known him, I’ve been amazed at what he’s been able to get away with.

The first night he was here a few of us took him out to dinner. A friend of mine was having difficulty getting some pepper. Addison threw his napkin over his forearm, went to the serving station, got a pepper cracker, and starting offering fresh pepper not only to our table, but to adjoining tables as well.

You’d think total strangers would be annoyed by something like that, but his British flair just made everything perfect.

Watch the video and you’ll understand. He’s definitely not shy!

Oh yeah, and he has a cock the size of a baby’s leg!

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  • WTF69

    Great ASS! Nice Cock!, and he’s a shooter!

    Im in heaven…

  • peter parker

    that very popular british name “Addison”…

  • brandon

    when I saw that pic of him kind of doing a split I almost had an accident. I don’t know if I want to rim him or suck his dick the most

  • Blah!

    There’s no denying that this guy is a bagger.

  • clifton

    he is definatly a grower not a shower… very nice

  • phunky

    Looks okay… nothing outstanding.

  • mike

    wow! this guy has got one nice cock, nice trim job, and that is one sweet hole!

  • temptorius


  • Kyle

    Damn, what I’d give to be that little red pillow…

  • Tobias

    Whew, another one of those fire hose penises. I saw him on some other site, but I can’t remember where. He has potential, but I’m not sure he has staying power in porn. That splash of red (the pillow) in all that dreary brown was a relief.

  • Quagmire

    Tall, handsome, and a killer dick ! What more could we ask for ?! Very nice SC ! :o)

  • whoa

    love to see him in action.

  • don

    I love a guy who plays with his ass…and he shoved his finger and a dildo up there in each of his two cumshots. I wonder what other veddy inappropriate things this Brit will have shoved up his bum!

  • Erock

    not sure if he btms, but i do know that he tops in an upcoming video…well, i know it was filmed. we’ll see if it released. if so, i imagine it won’t be until a few more weeks.

  • dude

    Charmed! Like to see him and Harley get it on, sweet!!!

  • bungee

    addison can cum to my house anytime

  • chris

    when a guy isn’t cut I’d at least like to see one decent foreskin shot … I know it’s not everybody’s thing but one photo wouldn’t hurt …

  • Joe

    I love his veiny dick

  • R

    Dj. Addison.. Come spin me around!

  • Riley

    HOT!!!! ;) I wanna RIDE HIM!! YUMMY

  • Deevee

    And now he’s been arrested for murder.

  • gblsguy

    such a waste of cock in jail. guess its what happens when you have a killer dick.