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CorbinFisher: Lucas Fucks Travis

Lucas Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Lucas Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Lucas Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Lucas Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Lucas Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Lucas Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Lucas Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Watch Lucas & Travis at

Corbin wrote:

Lucas – CF veteran and one of the most popular CF studs of all time.
Travis – A new arrival to CFU who has quickly become a hit and taken the site by storm.

And now, here they are together, for one heck of a hot fuck session. :)

For a guy who doesn’t have to look too far back in to the past to a time before he’d ever bottomed for a man, Travis looks entirely at home here and, dare I say it, like he’s never felt so much pleasure.

Can you blame him, though, when being worked over by Lucas? Lucas takes charge from the start, bending Travis every which way to get him warmed up for the pounding. I know I’ll never get the image of Lucas feeding Travis his cock or Travis’ ass and legs up in the air while Lucas rims his hole out of my head! Hell, I know I never want to get those images out of my head :)

By the time Lucas gets his dick in to Travis, our young newcomer was already set to blow his load and, in fact, does just that pretty quickly. And it’s a huge load!

Indeed, this is some of the most intense foreplay I’ve ever had the pleasure to film and I think both guys were just a few pumps away from cumming by the time the fucking started. By the end of it all, Travis’ whole upper body is absolutely drenched in his own load and his face is totally glazed with Lucas’!

Among the top 5 vote-getters for the next Dean’s List honoree, Travis is on top. What’s more, he’s also the newest model among the top 5. We didn’t even know him 6 months ago. Yet, here he is giving up his whole to Lucas and making it totally clear that, with Lucas’ help, he’s truly discovered just how much fun the CF Education can be!

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  • CassieLover

    He’s way cute! I want him inside my giant, overused hole!

  • chad

    It’s back to been-there-done-that vanilla. Are all those who were ‘offended’ by the last CF model featured here @ WB happy now?

  • Carlos


  • Foster

    A must needed fresh air. These guys are hot.

  • snoopdoggy69

    eating booty is nasty-i dont kisss ass cause booty stank!
    keep looking 4 nu hoes corbin lucas is used up and travis looks sick.

  • jake

    not enough underwear showage (am i right? always folding it down or none at all), but lucas is still hott

  • randomguy

    Guess you bitches would rather see this than some new blood (READ: DANTE). It’s nice, but it’s a bit too ‘vanilla’ for me, considering these two have been passed around more times than a hookah at Woodstock.

  • Sala-MAN-der

    I don’t care how many times I get to see Travis, keep him cumming, CF. As for Lucas, if you can be in love with a porn star, well. I’m in.

  • Isaac

    Now that I got a taste of Dante on the CF site, I find these guys aren’t “chocolate” enough for me now.

    Corbin, what happened to the spice?

  • Brad

    There’s nothing wrong with these guys, but porn is all about The New Guy. And CF uses the same faces over and over and over. Pairing one guy we’ve seen ten times with another one we’ve seen twenty times isn’t exciting. Face it, porn is a tough, cruel game. It’s all about the new schlong that just rolled into town. And most of these producers take the path of least resistance by accuing a stable of boys they can use over and over because it’s easy. But it makes for lame porn.

  • rover

    Hmm, never realised there were “11 Commandments” … so Moses came down from Mount Sinai(?) with a “Porn is all about The New Guy; it’s all about the new schlong that just rolled into town”? Hmm, well if he did, he sensibly chose to ignore it !

    Honestly Brad, you should think a bit more before deciding on some mythical rules – and having the cheek to suggest that everyone would/should/could believe them !!

    To mention just a few fabulous guys:
    Sebastian Bonnet (Bel-Ami) is still looking gorgeous at 29-31? years old after 11-13 years being EXTREMELY sexy & sexual and I hope he continues until he’s 40, maybe even 50? who knows, but a gorgeous guy can still be a gorgeous guy at any age IF HE LOOKS AFTER HIMSELF.

    Lukas Ridgeston is still fantastic looking at 32-34? I wish he would appear again after the recent “Lukas in Love” as he is still wonderfully handsome & yes, sexy !

    I hope that Cody Springs (Randy Blue) and Tj (Corbin Fisher) and MANY OTHERS will continue to grow and blossom and appear for my/our delectation & delight for the next 10-30+ years … as long as they look after themselves and are genuinely enjoying having great sex with each other, and instructing some of the new generation with their experience & skills … well this will make for a very inspiring, inclusive, positive and SEXY future !!!

    Great Totty is NOT disposable = these guys are my/our inspiration and as we ALL grow old = how fantastic to see beautiful young men grow mature and still remain stunning as shining examples of * Sex = Life *

    Just my humble opinion xx

  • brandon

    I’m kinda upset I’ve been waiting to see Travis only to have him do a video with my least favorite person on the site which happens to be the person that unfortunately does the most videos.

    Brad I gotta disagree I never tire of seeing guys I LIKE it’s just if you don’t like one of the regulars that you are in trouble

  • Tobias

    When I saw the title of this one, I thought to myself: “Haven’t I seen this before?” And then when I saw it, I thought: “Yep, just like most of CF’s sequences. These guys are now so interchangeable that it’s all becoming one big blur. They look alike, they romp alike, they squirt cum in their anuses and mouths alike. Lucas does rev up like a demented bunny and Travis is a cutie, but the similarity to all the rest of CF’s videos is starting to wear. Of course, the good news is that neither Connor nor Cassie were around to ruin the shoot.

  • Vinnie Niagara

    Been there, done that. And is Travis like, only 5 feet tall? He’s an adorable Hobbit.

  • jetz

    honoree list indeed…loved it mad sexy

  • Chris

    I TOTALLY agree Jake!

  • Tom

    Anyone noticing a lot more “cum into mouth” scenes on CF lately?

  • Barry

    Tom: yes, I have noticed more “cun into the mouth” scenes on the CF site too. It’s totally safe though, because almost no cases of AIDS in 20 years can be traced to oral sex.

    Plus it looks kinda hot when you see it in photos like these.

  • Brad

    rover, I just posted my opinion. I don’t recall saying anything about it being a Commandment that everyone should believe. If you don’t agree, you don’t agree. But don’t suggest that I don’t have the right to speak my mind.

  • brandon

    lol at the porn being the same. It’s only so much variety their can be they fuck suck dick rim eat cumm what else is there.

  • Kaleb

    You guys bitch too much.

  • David

    Chad,Randomguy, and Isaac, you are RACISTS. Your
    comments are as racist as others who support the vanilla.

  • Yancey

    I tend to agree with Brad. Do you guys even read your own bitchy comments? The most common thing you complain about is how you’re tired of seeing the same people in the same settings. The only time there’s a lot of excitement is when there’s a new guy. When that African American dude showed up the other day this board went crazy. Like him or not, he was new and created a lot of buzz. Of course there are a few stars, like those Rover mentioned, who work for a long time. But those guys are rare. There are a handful of stars out of the hundreds of guys in the business.

  • Isaac

    David, you are a moron. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about what they find attractive and unattractive. Just because some people are turned on by darker skinned men doesn’t mean they are racist. Racist means you actually dislike people because of their race.

    If I say that I do NOT find Asians to be very erotic, that is not a racist statement. If I say I DO find Asians to be erotic, that is still not a racist statement.

  • Kyle Saguaro

    How hot is that cum in the hole pic???
    I want to kiss Travis

  • TrueBrit

    However…. What is so wrong about enjoying guys of ones own age. At 20-30 I was young., tight and blemish free, at 43, hey, things are going south, I still enjoy the younger guys, but….I prefer guys my own age. Grow older gracefully, we are still hot. So we are not as tight, but give me a guy with experience and around my own age and boy,., well whatever, you know the rest -x-

  • TrueBrit

    Incidently, its 10.34PM here not NY time,

  • TrueBrit

    Reading the previous comments: So what if they’re used over and over, men enjoing sex together is hot. I’m not attracted to Asians but I find black Africans and Black Americans very, very sexy. Am I racist being a WASP? (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) I also like WASP’s,…. and Indian guys, which are classed as Asian. Sorry East Asian guys, I’m just not turned on, but my bestest friend is Hong Kong, and although I don’t want to have sex with him, I love him to bits. Is Racism still real or do we make it ourselves?

  • Yancey

    TrueBrit, of course you’re not a racist! Anyone who suggests you are is an idiot.

  • Mac

    the description was right…that is some hot foreplay

  • chad

    David, were you born an idiot…or is it just in the air at your house? There was absolutely nothing “racist” about my post, you hyper defensive zealot. In the end, I guess what it did was make you self conscious; basically flaring up the “racist” in you that didn’t appreciate the sarcasm. Meh.

  • randomguy

    They are sexy, but this is TIRED. Can we mix things up a bit? Are either of these hoes ~down wit da swirl?~

  • Quagmire

    Damn that was a great ending ! Giggity giggity ! :)

  • rover

    Brad – sorry to be pedantic –
    “but porn IS all about The New Guy …. IT’S all about the new schlong that just rolled into town … ” sounds like a statement – I embellished it as a “commandment” to be humourous & highlight this point.

    Of course you have a right to your opinion, but please make it clear that it is your opinion and not make it sound as though somewhere this is a fact carved in stone.

    I do agree with you that CF uses some of the same models continuously and depending on personal taste this can be GREAT ( I always welcome Tj ) or a TOTAL BORE (Jared I find entirely UNsexy & pointless). Brent, Dawson & Lucas all know how to really enjoy sex but it would be nice to see them a little less and use rarely seen cuties like Kip, Nick and the long gone but FABULOUS Pete ( CF – if you can hear me PLEASE bring back PETE ).

    My apologies if I was harsh with my “commandment” comment x

  • Evan

    love both of these guys – very hot! They can continue making more of these types of videos! Lucas is a baby doll

  • Vic

    snoopdoggy69: I wonder if your opinion is related to your own personal hygiene or lack of?

  • Hedgehog

    Vic: Snoop is correct when he says that eating ass and rimming is a dirty thing to do. It is dangerous and disgusting to put your tounge in the same area where feces is expelled from the body. Have you ever heard of meningitis or even intestinal parasites?

    Wake up people, and stay away from the feces ridden anus.

  • Travis

    This was HOT, I love travis. I would love to have sex with him look at his body its so perfect and his dick is just begging for a good sucking. I think he has the cutest hole just waiting for my dick.

  • Foster

    Great movie. CF, give us Travis and Gabe together.
    That would be hot, hot, hot.

  • brad

    rover, I think it’s already understood anything posted here is an opinion. I don’t think I needed to issue a disclaimer. I wish I had the power to issue commandments. If I did, this world would be a better place. :)

  • RJ

    I wish lucas and cassie would vanish from the site. I’d put up with repeated pairings and lame comments from CF, but please, make them go away.

  • rover

    Brad = point taken x

    Oh, and I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with you about making the world a better place, if only we could xx

  • JM

    All this whining about Lucas. Keep it up, and we might just lose one of the hottest men to have ever worked in porn – and we will be poorer for it. Lucas, you are an amazing man, and I am always happy (as is my stiff cock) every time I see you on the CF site. This guys delivers every time, and unlike some other ageist fools, I believe many guys get hotter as they get older. And Lucas, you are top of that list. My face is your to sit on anytime.

  • snoopdoggy69

    whateva u hoes is just all mad cuz u aint gettin none so u look and comment on these blogs to feel u just got laid, and dem whities aint even hot.

  • hellyes

    lucas is amazing

  • Yancey

    rover :)

  • i love gey babe



  • fattyacid

    i love both of them!

  • Robbie

    Was a good, HOT vid. The 4play did live up 2 da description 4 me…as 4 da rest(& my 2cents on other comments)…point well takn bout both sides–it’s awesome seeing some1 new, but it’s also great 2 see a guy who’s still hot & hasn’t lost his sex appeal. Had my 1st guy(Dan-36y)bout 9mths ago when I turned 19 & my 2nd (Jake-19)few weeks L8r,both have hot bods, but sexually, I’ll take Dan ovr Jake evrytime even tho Jake has a biggr cock(9″, biggr by an inch). When I finally chose 2 try m2m sex was cuz of how Dan bluntly put it…when in da mood, Ur cock knows wut will get it off, so let it have wut it wants. Jake nor I R as experienced as Dan but it doesn’t mean 1 is better. I could enjoy findin out wut my cock wants w/Jake or have Dan show/give my cock wut it wants. Im sure sum or all of U out there will say/agree that U’ve gotten better since U’ve been around & sure U’ll tell me U can give me da same HOT 6 hrs(or more hrs)i had w/Dan over da 20min. w/Jake. New guy or same 1 (as in a LTR), if U get my cock hard, I’m YOURS. SO, why all da fuss,sum would like 2 see new guys, sum da veterans, & sum like em mixed. It’s kinda like gay people, there are tops,bottoms,& versatile guys &only U decide who U wanna be/have. Same w/what U not every 1 likes 2 rim..not every 1 likes the same flavor of ice cream also. Yeah I know I’m young in both age & m2m sex so I may not know wut I’m saying. Guess I look at it like wut gays have tried 2 tell str8s 4 years…that we R da same, yet diffrnt. U like her-I like him, U like that-I like this, keep Ur opinions/comments 2 Urself-I’ll do da same, respect me 4 who I am & who I wanna B with-I’ll do da same (Re:rimming,swallowing,etc..the phrase I heard da most when I was str8 was “don’t knock it til U try it”…maybe we should practice wut we preach).

  • genej

    Lucas and Travis in my bed mmmmmmm

  • David

    Travis too skinny for me, always looks better dressed (in jeans) than naked. Also Lucas looks a hell like Aaron……That is Aaron without facial hair