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EnglishLads: Will Jamieson Fucks Rick Lewis

Will Jamieson Fucks Rick Lewis at EnglishLads

Will Jamieson Fucks Rick Lewis at EnglishLads

Will Jamieson Fucks Rick Lewis at EnglishLads

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EnglishLads wrote:

Str8 lad Rick comes together with hunky boy Will who cant keep his hands off this nice hunky man! Will strips Rick and pulls out an already erect cock and gorges some straight hunk meat! Rick is rock hard and after a few minutes of getting head he dives down and enjoys Will’s erection. There is some great oral between the two and then Will goes down on Rick’s ass and gives this str8 lad his first rimming! He seemingly loves it and its not long before Will is stuffing his cock up Ricks ass and pumping in and out at an increasingly pace. Str8 hunk Rick gets a right good stuffing and shoots a great load of cum, Will pulls out and covers Rick in his cum!

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  • Osimandias

    straight…sure… blah blah blah…

  • hellz naw

    Rick could not look more pathetic and bored as he is getting fucked.

  • Richie

    wow…the look on his face, like…is it in yet. Very lifeless.

  • Yancey

    Damn that’s some boring shit.

  • Vic

    And the point here……….?

  • CassieLover


  • Oliver

    One of the most boring sequences of 2008. Not very atractive guys, that’s for sure. Oh sure, he’s straight. So’s Prince Edward. Ha ha ha.

  • Light

    that’s adam from blakemason :o

  • paul

    That is Adam from BM, and judging by his face he’s either been on the pies lately or the ‘roids. It could also be the dodgy camera work, but he’s not aged too well

  • Charles

    Will ,your are so handsome. i love you!

  • Charles

    i like you ! will @!!

  • palau

    let me suck rick lewis ass..this guy make me wanna fuck him..

  • stan

    Rick Lewis is straight? Yeah straight to the next guy!

    • kylegogo

      LOOOOL, but I heard he is bendy because of the gymnast background