JakeCruise: Joshua Ballman & Jake(Bareback)

 Joshua Ballman & Jake(Bareback) at Jake Cruise

 Joshua Ballman & Jake(Bareback) at Jake Cruise

 Joshua Ballman & Jake(Bareback) at Jake Cruise

 Joshua Ballman & Jake(Bareback) at Jake Cruise

 Joshua Ballman & Jake(Bareback) at Jake Cruise

Watch Joshua & Jake at JakeCruise.com

Jake wrote:

The scene you are about to see was shot in one continuous take, so you’re watching us have sex just like you were in the room with us. You will see only one cross fade and that’s because I accidently hit the pause button when the camera was handed to me.

The first thing you need to know about Joshua is that he’s a great kisser. The second thing is that he’s got an impressive 9-inch tool between his legs. And the third thing is that he’s very adventurous, which explains why he’s making his Jake Cruise debut fucking me bareback. Believe me, having that 9-inch monster pumping away inside me was quite an adventure for me, too. Once I got over the initial shock and awe, it proved to be one of the hottest fucks of my life. One thing that made it super hot for me was the way Joshua kept looking deep into my eyes while he pounded me. I could tell he was getting off from seeing the pleasure he was giving me. Joshua’s spectacular cum shower proved I was right. After cuming he plowed me even more. As we kissed and looked into each other’s eyes I felt Joshua cum inside me, his face and body quivering, and I shot my load. Joshua is a lover that I will not soon forget.

jamie says:

Please ban this site…its so Gross gross gross and uses unprotected sex….
Have safe sex,ask everyone to have safe sex and make this world a better place to live in
This shows how a matured man like Jake Cruise doesn’t care anything about the younger generation…..
Filthy guy…God knows how many dicks he might have had up his ass…HATE HIM!!!!

Practice SAFE sex…that’s what matters

Churchy says:

Barebacking is stupid and dangerous.

askanipsion says:

Joshua is way too cute to be with Jake….I feel sorry he had to bareback with Jake. I feel like I need to rescue him.

MM says:

GOD DAMMIT! joshua ballman also did work 4 nextdoormale sites. he was way so hot. it’s bad enough he was at sg4g (straight guys for gay eyes), but that’s forgivable. BUT to fuck jake cruise,sorry josh but you are 1 fantasy that will ALWAYS stay a fantasy. if i saw you in person and you begged,pleaded,cajoled and threatened me i would NEVER touch you. dude stop the hallucinogenics, you are fucking a sick old man. you will wake up from your hang over,see the video, put a 357 in your mouth and pull the trigger. what in the hell would ANY male want to have sex with jake for?

ChiarOscuro says:

You all are just playa-hating, and seriously you stupid nagging whiny faggots, if you don’t like bareback sex why the fuck are you even watching this webpage? Go back to Disney or something.

Fat Hairy Old Queen says:

“what in the hell would ANY male want to have sex with jake for?” duh!.. $$$! I too agree it is disgusting – I am also old fat and hairy (like Jake) – I would be embarrassed to take advantage of these boys, who are clearly desperate for cash – let alone film it and put it out there to burn the retinas of others who stumble across the pics/vids ;)

Yancey says:

Oh nooooooooooooooooooo! Not Joshua, too! This is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a long time. Jake could at least hit the gym once in a while if he’s gonna subject us to his nasty flab. UGGGGGGHHHH. Barf. Hurl.

brad says:

Oh Josh Josh Josh. Now you’ve got genital herpes and no telling what else. Sad sad sad.

RJ says:

Get ready because next week he fucks Mike Roberts, I bet the blog will overload with shock comments.

GG says:

In the last picture I think Josh was going to puke. Get a load of his facial expression while Jake is cumming.

Blah! says:

LOL That facial expression sums up all my feelings about Jake.

rich says:

That fat ass is so disgusting,y he likes to destroy cute boys?

pescato says:

invece di prenderlo nel culo, me lo farei

Tom says:

Truly is horrible.
Everybody fucks this old guy bare. Are these young guys so moneyhorny that they are willing to get hiv from this old perv?
Why aren’t sites like these illegal?
The US really is freaky.
I’m disgusted.

scott says:

Mike Roberts!!! Isn’t he a straight AND a top!!!

How much does Jake pay or he is that good (a top/bottom, producer, person, whatever)?

scott says:

Oh and Joshua Ballman!!!


jason says:

ok… i like seeing bareback videos, but the fact is, this old gross guy has been doing bareback with everybody and their mother…
i just dont get anything from this because jake is disgusting, and because hes making it so ill never fantasize about these other guys ever again

Darin says:

Seeing Jake Cruise naked is a huge boner kill.

pete says:

posting these pictures over the weekend is rather like serving up rotten turkey on thanks giving no one wants to see jake having sex safe or not why does he do this maybe i should invite my local residents over to watch me have a turd but if they subscribe to jake cruises web site i dont think my bathroom would be large enough to deal with his fans who like a lot of old turd

Get'Em says:

Here is living proof that money can buy anything. Money talks and bullshit walks. AND if the truth be told most of you are just jealous because Jake is getting more of everything than you are. As long as he’s got the money, he’s going to be on the site. The guy thrives on bitches in more ways than one, so keep bitching, he loves it, that’s his way of getting off, by pissing you off. Dank u wel.

Yancey says:

Well, Get’em, speaking for myself, I can assure you there is nothing about Jake Cruise I am jealous of. Nothing. Having sex with desperate boys isn’t something that’s exclusive to old, fat, rank, diseased, crusty, bloated, disgusting, nasty men with money. Anyone with a couple hundred bucks can do that.

JJ9 says:

I feel we have a record for negative comment’s on this site. I have not seen the Joshua kid kiss before so is he “bi” or “gay for pay?” In-so-far as Jake being fucked…going through Jake Cruise is your passage to porn so there you have it boyz. If Mike Roberts take a dick in his ass then that will be the day! He will barely touch a guy.

JP says:

Hot scene. Bareback is way hot. And as long as gay men buy it there will always be a market for it! YAY! I’d fuck Cruise anytime. Esp. bb.

Erik says:

Hot scene…he even had a preview clip of him with Mike Roberts. I always liked Mike (28-29 yrs old now) and am glad he finally took a dick on camera. I have a feeling he will be with men from now on in a gay porn sense instead of backdoor fucking only gay-for-pay…heck, he and Jake kissed too! One thing I didn’t like, Mike now has tatoo’s on his right underside forearm. He doesn’t need that! Why Mike, why?

Marky Mark says:

Jake Cruise must have an “in” somewhere in some prostitution ring.

I know ppl can get desperate, but these guys are all good looking enough to make money elsewhere, in less embarressing situations.

This will surely come back to haunt “Joshua”.

Bobby says:

Why all the silly comments about the OLD man? Dont you think you will get old too? Wouldnt you like to have a cute boy to hump when you are his age?

Vinnie Niagara says:

Oh gents: It’s a business. It’s not real. Everyone gets paid. It’s a job. It’s not actual lovemaking. It’s acting. It’s PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garrett says:

That Josh sure has a nice cock. Cute smile, too. Jake’s a very smart man.

TR says:

This theard is so 5 minutes ago, Jake just fucked MIKE ROBERTS!

Yancey says:

And it’s just as nasty as this! Poor Mike. Poor Josh. Poor desperate bois of L.A! They should call me. I’m way cuter than this hog, and I’d fuck ’em for a couple hundred. LOL.

Vic says:

Sadly, given the choice, I expect I’d probably prefer to watch pete “make a turd”…………………

Vic says:

Joshua IS cute, however.

evan says:

joshua is a baby doll but the jake just sucks. why do old guys have to take advantage of younger guys? this is so disgusting — jakes, please quit this and find something else to do.

Decarlo says:

Jake must have one hell of a check book he has a diclamer on his web site about barebacking and how he uses an expensive hiv test but anyway Hiv test can be misleading may not pick it up before it is fully developed always play safe guys ignorance is not Bliss and sad day writing a check to pay for an early funeral and if Jake had as many going out as he has had going in he would look like a porcupine

Kyle Saguaro says:

I blocked papa grandpa out of my mind while I watched this and at least was able to notice Joshua’s incredible penis.

BillyKlub8 says:

However much money this kid made, he was underpaid.

Sif&Ollie says:

You go, Gramps! Fuck that twinkie! Silver Daddies rule.

Mat says:

That was disgusting. I can’t believe Mike Roberts let him be his first. After all the hot guys we’ve seen Mike with, all the hot guys out there to choose, he let cash get in his way and ended up with that dirty old man. Ugh.

I’m still a fan of Mike Roberts but he definitely needs to make up for this fiasco by giving it up to somebody worth watching. Parker, Danny, Rodney or Ford from Sean Cody would be good. Almost any one of the Active Duty Guys or Dakota, Reese or James from Randy Blue too. God. Just anyone to erase the nasty shots of him & Jake Cruise. Ugh.

Nik says:

Mike Roberts is in a new Hot House feature with two other guys. He fucks a guy that looks like his twin…I wondered if they being Hot House would put the two of them together and they wasted no time…I think his name is Kyle King in the porn circle’s.

stv says:

True it’s a business. But does Jake have no self-respect? Money does not buy respect, it only buys co-dependency. I am probably older than Jake (I’m 51), but I am proud of myself and I work hard to keep myself fit. My dlist profile constantly attracts guys 18-35 who think that I’m hot, not that I’m a daddy with money to spend on them. Jake, get a clue. After you spend all your money on drugs and boys, you will be old, broke and alone.

Sif&Ollie says:

What horseshit, stv. Look at all the comments he got here from his teaser alone. He’s probably got millions of hits on his site and is making millions of dollars (or better yet, euros) off his genre of porn. Legions of guys are into sicko Daddy scenes (I love playing molester scoutmaster). As Mrs. Thurston Howell once said, “People who say money can’t buy happiness just don’t know where to shop.” Jake may get older, but I doubt if he’ll ever be broke or alone. You go, Jake! Woohoo!

JT says:

If “Josh” is able to get it up around that old, disgusting, diseased bastard, then he has no standards in the first place. He’s not a victim. He CHOSE to fuck this bloated fossil. Quit feeling sorry for him. He’s a sleezy, worthless porn “star” who would fuck a donkey if it paid enough.

Lee Welton says:

I wonder whether Joshua is addicted to crystal meth, or alcohol, or he has such large gambling debts that he feels forced to earn money so urgently that he will perform stunts like this.

Obviously, if he didn’t have such a huge need for quick cash, he could be starting a career that will afford him earning power for the rest of his life, but doing this stuff for a quick buck will lead to nothing but trouble ahead.

Sif&Ollie says:

Maybe he’ll learn how to produce hot porn for future generations from the Master. Keep ’em coming, Jake! Eat out some twinkie hole for me.

Lee Welton says:

To stv:

You ask if Jake has any self respect, but you do not ask if Josh has any respect for himself. It is much more disappointing to see todays youth waste their lives like he is. We all know that the adult industry is not a lifelong career, yet we constantly see young people enticed by the chance to make a quick buck at the expense of the their futures.

Somewhere along the line, Josh’s parents are responsible for his mess of a life. Shameful.

Sif&Ollie says:

Come on! He’s a adult porn actor and probably a sex-worker. Give him some credit — he knows what he’s doing, probably wants to have a good time out of the encounter, and doesn’t look abused or coerced to me. And it’s just possible that he’s also a horny, transgressive, exhibitionist who likes having his ass eaten by Jake, fucking Jake’s loose, old-man ass and shocking prissy queens. Lick it, Jake! Lick it good!

moondoggy says:

LOL @ Sif&Ollie — that theory works for me!

Sif&Ollie says:

And another thing… you guys checking out Jake’s teaser & porn site and getting so bent about these poor, degraded souls, their mistreatment by their parents, their drug addictions, how they’ve ruined their reps as poor actors by declassing themselves doing BB with Jake — AND their poor taste to boot — that’s hilarious. Saving & rescuing (and condescending) has always been a big, old kinky turn-on since Disraeli went trolling for painted ladies in Victorian London to “save” them. It’s so … Somerset Maugham in “Rain” and “Of Human Bondage.” Rescue fantasies make your cumshots zing, I bet.

So Jake, you fuck those boys good & hard. I mean, you break ’em in good, so that after they’ve lost their youth & looks, we can scoop them up for some nice, $50.00 mercy fucks when they’re all working the grills at Denny’s. Keep on nibbling those nutsacks, Jake, you ROCK!

Sif&Ollie says:

Gladstone, not Disraeli. My bad.

kuu says:

I would take Jake’s FOOT for a fitty! He is hot, and I’m waiting by the bus stop for some daddy love’n!!! :)

im_hung76 says:

you can tell he is not enjoying kissing Jake…Jake should be shut down…

Sif&Ollie says:

Joshua looks into it to me. He’s smiling & his dick is hard. They didn’t have to smooch at all and it doesn’t look forced to me. Jake is a classic hot silver bear. Get over it. Eat that hole, Jake!

Max says:

That poor kid looks disgusted.

jimm says:

Seeing Jake Cruise naked is a huge boner killer, i was horny untill i sawhim naked its like watching your dad!!!!

Sifl&Ollie says:

Yeah, Jimm, imagine your Dad picking up a hot rentboy in the bus terminal can and getting porked by him in the fleabag hotel across the street. Incest fantasies, keep ’em coming, Jake!

stpetenudeyoga says:

54 comments! You guys have nothing better to do?

ron says:

what’s with all the hate mail? teach and preach love and the world will be a better place!

chrisrocks says:

I don’t get it!
Perhaps I’ve been (for lack of a better word)Blessed to never needed money so badly, I would allow the thought of having sex with JC enter my mind.
JC’s playing with fire.
Hep A, B and C, the various strains of HIV, the Clap, Genetal Warts, Syph…I could go on all evening about what that germ factory is spreading around.
Money may allow a Dirty Old Man, out of shape, Ugly as home made sin to buy a cute young one but it can’t buy a cure for the many, Ugly STD’s JC is begging to contract.
Sad! Very Sad!

Travis says:

barebacking with this guy is NASTY, I would do it with someone I trust and is atleast good looking not some guy that could be his father.

Quagmire says:

That poor child. The look on his face says it all. :o/

Get'Em says:

8 years ago Falcon Studios was putting out $2000 for your first time out. Today I’ll bet they are putting out between $2500 to $3000 for your first time out. Not bad money for screwing an old man.

Gaius Magna says:

Many of these comments smell of ageism. Growing old is a natural process. Comments disparaging seniority are sick, misguided and counter-productive. We are an ageing population and all of us will get old. Do yourselves a favour guys and connect to reality. Old is gold.
How many young guys can hold a conversation? Youth is over-rated, age is undervalued.


Joe says:

c’mon ! take a look at Josh’s eyes and his hard cock ! no doubt the guy is really having a good time with Jake
Jake might not be your type but he’s obviously josh’s

drake says:

I hope Joshua does me.

Ray Hurt says:

Poor poor Josh. He is normally smiling the whole time….But not in this fuck-fest. =[ I thought he had more money that that. =[ Now I can’t touch him myself. =[

Tony says:

I think I’m finally starting to understand this kind of porn. The young guys who Jake Cruise fucks with are escorts, and are most likely used to having sex with older guys who look like Jake. Maybe after a while escorts can just block out the actual experience, and pretend they’re with another attractive guy. It could happen. ;)

Texas Rawhide says:

Jake keep ’em cumming. I love seeing these beautiful young boys riding a seasoned man. My only request…share a few with me. :)

Pongo says:

LOL, the anger and rage at Jake is too funny. It is obviously green jealousy. Most of it is probably from guys who look just like Jake, but do not have the money or enterprise to convince hot babes to have sex with them. Nothing more ferocious than an old green Queen. You can tell the complainers are oldsters just by the way they go on about condoms and safe sex. That was huge 25 years ago. Jake is actually not a bad looking guy, he’d be perfectly ok if he were having sex with another dumpy 50something. I am sure HE is fully aware that the only reason under heaven a hot young stud would do him is the fat wad of bills Jake puts in the hot young stud’s wallet when they are done. It’s a quick & easy way for the kid to make money, and an easy way for Jake to have someone in bed who is not an old fat guy. Mutually beneficial

matt says:

joshua!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!