CorbinFisher: Lucas Fucks Connor

Lucas Fucks Connor at CorbinFisher

Lucas Fucks Connor at CorbinFisher

Lucas Fucks Connor at CorbinFisher

Lucas Fucks Connor at CorbinFisher

Lucas Fucks Connor at CorbinFisher

Lucas Fucks Connor at CorbinFisher

Watch Lucas & Connor at

Corbin wrote:

This video took me completely by surprise. I have a feeling you’ll be blown away by it, as well.

Connor took quite a bit of convincing to get in to any guy/guy action in the first place, and when he finally did he was certainly anxious and nervous throughout his first attempts at it. Members picked up on it, as did I. I can hardly blame Connor for being nervous his first couple times around. He’s an incredibly hot stud, straight, and had not the slightest bit of experience with another guy before arriving at CF. His second go at fucking another guy, however, did show signs that he was beginning to get more and more comfortable with everything and let the feelings take over and have some fun with it all.

Well, here it’s time for Connor to get fucked for his very first time ever. And undoubtedly, Lucas brings out a side of Connor we’ve never seen before. As Lucas mentions (and as many members have e-mailed me saying!) he does have the perfect cock for breaking in a new guy! Indeed, though he takes it a bit easy on Connor at first and lets Connor control the pace, it’s not long before Lucas’ dick is “pistoning” in and out of Connor’s hole full speed!

As I stood there filming the action, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Not only was Lucas totally drilling Connor and making his first time thoroughly intense, but Connor was getting more in to it than we’ve ever seen him! When Connor – his tall, muscular, powerful frame – totally lets go and wraps himself around Lucas it was a sight to behold. Here, this total stud was completely giving in to another guy and his body language, face, and those incredible moans left no doubt he was enjoying it. Connor went from initially being a bit standoffish in his first hardcore guy/guy video to totally diving in to kiss Lucas, sucking on Lucas’ fingers, going after every bit of close body contact he could get, and touching and holding Lucas all over.

I’d like to say I deserve a bit of the credit, pairing these two up together. Truth be told, however, the fact that Lucas is such a master at making another guy feel comfortable and good has way more to do with how hot this video turned out than I did. Further, the fact that Connor found himself feeling good and decided to not only roll with that, but embrace that fact completely and have as much fun with it as possible turned this video in to something that left my knees weak and still has me in awe!

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  • andrexx

    Hot, Hot ,hot.

  • andrexxx81

    Sexy, Hot, hot

  • Carlos

    LUCAS 4EVER!!!!!

  • casey

    i loooooooooooooooved this video!!! dont tell connor but he looooooooooooved getting fucked! it was so hot seeing a bigger guy get totally dominated by a smaller guy! i mean both r buff but connor is so much taller than lucas but lucas totally had his way with him and connor loved it! he said “OH YEAH!” more than the Kool-Aid man! LOL

  • pete

    not sure but i think i have seen these models before corbin should place a now hiring note outside his office there are millions of men in the world not just the the few prepared to model on his stale site

  • Zak

    Im lucas’d to death. I dont think he’s attractive, & im sick of seeing him. Connor is a hottie though :)

  • LJ

    Boring. CF has just done these models to death, especially Lucas who has been on the site for YEARS now.

  • LJ

    Also, Connor is f’ing chubby and looks like a pre-pubescent boy.

  • Yancey

    Chubby??? LJ, you are a bit delusional on that one. He does look young, but he’s hardly overweight.

  • casey

    connor is anything but chubby. he’s muscular and ripped. and he’s also not been “done to death”. this is his first bottom video. and quite frankly i could watch lucas over and over and over again. CF has a great system of keeping veteran guys around to break in the new ones, and constantly adding in the hottest guys to that veteran group. like connor, who looked hot in this video!

  • TC

    OMG not the chubby comment again, we’ve been there, we’ve done that, get over it already.
    I like Connor, he looks hot being a bottom.

  • Alexander

    The eyebrows on the chubby blonde guy are plucked a little too much. They just scream “gay”.

    Pretty boring video otherwise.

  • Chaoslover

    Conner is chubby? Dude well what do you consider inshape or fat. Conner is fine, beefy bois are fun.

  • stonex363

    fuck me…lucas…

  • Will

    Connor has a round face, people look at that and think chubby, but check the abs. They look pretty flat.

  • Garrett

    Casey, what website have you been looking at? Connor’s been done over and over on CF. He’s pasty and chubby and bland and boring. Corbin Fisher’s gonna keep pushing that moronic dullard until he has no subscribers left. This one is more of the same from Connor – no personality, dead eyes, saggy body, etc. Did someone above actually wrtie: “ripped” “RIPPED?” Give me a break. Connor’s about as “ripped” as a flabby tuna. He has the personality of a paper plate.

  • Tobias

    Connor can’t even masturbate with any passion, let alone get excited for sex with another person. Can you imagine if that dope were your boyfriend? Who would you talk to after sex? The pillow? His abs are sagging, to boot. Corbin Fisher is so-o-o over.

  • RJ

    This would have been hot if Lucas wasn’t ruining the video. I like Connor even if he’s boring, but not paired with him.

  • Thatkyguy

    Good Lord, the kid is not chubby! Geez.

  • Chaoslover

    Upon further review, Conner is one sexy bottom. I love watching big mucsle bois getting fucked! He loved it. It would be hot to see him and Spencer or Dante next. Actually that would be a pretty hot threesome.

  • jamie

    Lucas is an asshole…he was fucking a guy for the 1st time and he was so rough on him…poor Conner!!
    Lucas is not a guy with whom you should lose ur cherry… rough when ur partner can take it….its not fair to push a first timer with so much!!!
    As far as I see Brent is amongst the best guys I have seen who really cares for the virgin asses……Being a top doesn’t really mean u need to dominate you need to be in accordance of what ur bottom wants….if he wants tough and rough give him….if he wan’t nice and slow…that’s be it!!

    Being a top that’s what I think and do care for my partner and not make him sore for days

    Lucas really sucks!

  • alexxx

    I never knew gay porn would turn me on so badly. Straight men love gay porn cuz I sur do. And my girlfriend doesn’t mind so that’s a plus for me.

  • sophomore

    If Lucas was rough on Connor its because he knows that the CF viewers hate Connor. He is boring. I can just imagine the other CF guys who have had to indoctrinate this dullard getting together and comparing notes. Lucas just decided to take the bull by the horn and give him one he will remember. It’s time for Connor to “hit the showers” for good.

  • casey

    i think chaoslover is the only other person here who actually saw the video. connor has done 2 top scenes, 1 bj scene and this is his first time gettin fucked. thats hardly overused. i coulda done without the couple jack off videos he did (tho i liked his audition video thingy cuz he showed off a hot personality in that one). 4 action videos is anything but overused! plus in this video he goes crazy gettin fucked by lucas. he kisses and is squirming and moaning and loved it. he has a little baby fat around his cheeks but the rest of his body is muscular. calling him fat i can only imagine what u must like… gross emaciated twinks? lol

  • davew

    I’m with carlos and stonex363. Lucas has always been my fave at CF since he was a hot stud wrestler right out of high school. I can’t think of another in the biz who turns me on more than Lucas. I get excited every time I see he is in another set.

  • Vinnie Niagara

    Lucas is one of the good guys at CF. But this Connor character is a pudgy bottom. His belly fat is obvious and his personality amounts to zero. Zilch. Nada. CF deserves to go out of business.

  • Travis

    I have been wanting to see connor get fucked for a while. I loved this guy back when he was on ACS but really wanted him to get fucked.

  • natureboy

    I can’t believe the people saying Connor is chubby. I’d like to see the ones that are passing judgment. All a bunch of fat asses that can’t get any. Connor is great and get off the Corbin doesn’t add new models. If it isn’t broken don’t fix it… Continue the good work. More people have become famous from Corbin than SeanCody anyway

  • wtf

    Conner’s face is a little fuller….and he looks cute….and in no way he looks chubby….

    Queens always complain a lot.Being a straight guy its not easy to break into gay porn.I feel his expression could be better but he is trying and he has improved a lot….this guy is a natural guy and not a stage actor.Whoever complains should look into the mirror once in a while

  • baker


    I think I will start Connor´s fan club right now. He is the kind of man I like. It this video clip he made hit the roof. Well, Lucas was really an asshole to Connor. I would have prefered Brent doing the honorsto him. Anyway, the video is hot, and CONNOR, you can be back anytime you like. I adore you. Thanks CF

  • alternative

    I wish it was Brent the one who took Connor´s cherry. The video is hot though

  • maberarc

    Connor should bottom forever… and ever… and ever…