Fratmen.TV: Cal (Naked College Jock)

Cal (Naked College Jock) at

Cal (Naked College Jock) at

Cal (Naked College Jock) at

Cal (Naked College Jock) at

Fratmen’s next pledge is everybody’s best bud. Welcome Fratmen Cal.

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  • Javier

    The prototype of hot cute dude.

  • elephunk

    ^^ no.

  • andrew

    WOW! Another home run for Fratmen! This guy is SMOKIN HOT!!

  • phunky

    Pretty cute. Nice thick cock too!

  • jamie

    amazing ass!

  • joe

    he is absolutely gorgeous!
    damn. nice lips nice cock nice ass…


  • Scott D.

    Another hunky, humpy, albeit youngish, winner from Fratmen. Beefcake delight.

  • Yancey


  • Get’Em

    Gorgeous, what a great smile. With a mouth that big I’ll bet he can suck two cocks at one time while I munch on his ass.

  • Sophomore


  • fattyacid

    a typical guy you see on the street…

  • chris

    Both Cal and Nash are involved in some scandal at Nebraska. They’ve been outed as wrestlers for the college team.

  • Topher

    Chris: Yes, there is a BIG scandal. Probably Cal and Nash will lose their spots on their wrestling teams, because both signed documents which hold them to a high moral standard to play athletics for their respective schools. That said, Nash (not his real name) is MUCH HOTTER than Cal (not his real name, and 2 time state wrestling champion). I hope that Nash’s pictures will appear on this blog. Oddly, the free preview pics links for both guys have been disabled at Fratmen. I was surprised to see Cal’s images here today…

  • Speedo

    The so called scandal very good for the paysite :))) and they deserve more subscribers since Cal is a real gem.

  • mark

    a year later and both guys have moved on (pretty successfully considering) … “Nash” is still getting press, “Cal” a bit less – however, Cal is not apologizing or explaining anyway anything – says what he did isn’t like drugs, drink and whatever but putting a smile on some peoples face and didn’t hurt anyone – GOOD FOR HIM!

  • Riley