JakeCruise: Jude Collin & Michael Von Steel

Jude Collin & Michael Von Steel at Jake Cruise

Jude Collin & Michael Von Steel at Jake Cruise

Jude Collin & Michael Von Steel at Jake Cruise

Jude Collin & Michael Von Steel at Jake Cruise

Jude Collin & Michael Von Steel at Jake Cruise

Jude Collin & Michael Von Steel at Jake Cruise

Jude Collin & Michael Von Steel at Jake Cruise

Jude Collin & Michael Von Steel at Jake Cruise

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Jake wrote:

Two screen legends are united at last – this is like Tracy and Hepburn, Gable and Lombard, Liz and Dick – and speaking of dicks… There are a couple of fine specimens here and they happen to be attached to a couple of great performers, who suck, kiss and put on a great show. Then they’re joined by their special friend – that would be me – and you’ve never seen so much sucking in your life. There’s even an attempt to get both dicks in my mouth at once. After that, Jude and Michael enjoy a lively fuck fest and mutual j.o. scene. Needless to say, this is one movie with a happy ending.

  • irwin


  • Chaoslover

    Wow Michael is back… cool

  • martin

    this is so hot , Jude & Michael, wowe, flip flop would have been hotter, Is Jude ever going to bottom, now that would be hot.

  • Topher

    When Steel was at RB I thought he was really hot. Steel’s RB toy video, the video where he bottoms for Matt, and the video foursome of Steel-Matt-Ben Campezi-Mathew, were all uber-H-O-T. But, then I saw Steel’s first video sucking and bottoming for Jake Cruise. Visions of Steel smiling while bottoming for revolting Jake, and sucking Jake have stayed with me, making it impossible for me to think of him as the sexy guy who had magic at RB. I realize that repulsive people have sex, but I do not have to watch it. Steel was popular at the time, and could have found other porn work. No matter how much Jake paid him, it was not worth the downhill slide that Steel’s porn career has taken since that video. I don’t think that I have seen Steel anywhere else but at JC since then. His now haggard face, and his affect, lead me to think he has realized that he took the wrong fork in the road and has wound up at this dead end. The images from this new video show Steel kissing Jake and sucking Jake’s dick. I guess that some people will do anything for money…

  • Blah!

    I’m with Topher . . . . .

  • Pawnee

    Jake is a hoot. The two gay men having sex with him are terrif. Not wild about the tattoo, but still, lovely bodies and penises.

  • BeBe

    I must be two fav porn stars on the web together! i swear i was literally looking Micheal up the other day, because i thought maybe he had gotten his own site or something since i hadnt seen him in awhile..who says god doesnt answer prayers;)

    However, out of all places these two had to get together on this site..u guys have both been on RB why why couldnt u have reunited there! and of course Jske had his fat ass all up in it..i know the Jake lovers will have something to say, but whateve bring it!

    P.S Jude will u bottom for me pretty please..

  • Yancey

    OH my GOD that guy actually kissed the old fart. Revolting. Can you need money that badly???!!!

  • WhoraCheri

    They all need to JUST GO AWAY!!!

  • NN

    I’m shocked that a guy like Michael is sucking dick and getting fucked. He LOOKS like he was the more masculine one. Guess not.

  • Brett

    Jude’s looking a lot younger.

    And Jake Cruise ruins something that could be really hot by jumping in the middle of it. Again.

  • MM

    bearded guy is hot.should be a top. jude is stale should screw jake all nite long.jake is ,is,is, can’t think of anything that would fit the situation.

  • peter parker

    i just don’t get jude, he is not hot. there is something about him.

  • SM

    Jude and Michael Both get fucked for first time by jake
    2 hotties

    Rumor…….Cody Cumming will Join with Jake (But not leave Next Door Studio)
    suck jake’s dick and fuck him?

    i think is a fake news but it really happen
    i can’t wait to see cody step up

  • SM

    Sorry….my bad
    if not it
    “IF” Not “IT”

    think is a fake news but “if” really happen
    i can’t wait to see cody step up

  • Pawnee

    Hey NN: What does masculinity have to do with the kind of sex you have? Get out of the Dark Ages man. Educate yourself. What an uptight fellow you must be. And totally boring in bed. What are you, like 18-years old?

  • Dunk

    I am so jealous of Jake I could bleed green. What a lucky man and so smart to figure out a way to make money having sex with hot men. I hope I’m getting it when I’m his age.

  • Estlin

    Jude looks much better here than he does in the other JC vid he did with Seth Sweet. He’s a little more defined; sexier looking. As for Mr. Von Steel, what can I write except that he’s handsome and sexy and a thrill to look at. He obviously has no sexual hang-ups; thus the bottoming. Good for him. As for Saint Jake, well man, more power to ya. You are truly one lucky dude. I like looking at you. You are so into your gay porn models and so nourishing. I hope I’m that together in how I treat people. We’re all gonna get older. You’re just putting it together in the right way. Luv your site. You make being gay joyful.

  • chipp

    this vid was featured on the jub site and didn’t show jake at all..and it looked so damn hot. Here, wb shows Jake and it just makes it so weird and off. really weird.

  • LikeWhoa!

    Sounds like ‘jub’ is intent on deceiving its readership in an attempt to garner jake cruise sales. No thanks.

  • wave the red cape

    WOW!!!! Hot! Hot! Hot! But you know our Jakey had his bare cock up Michael’s sweet ass and just didn’t show us, the bastard.

  • gator

    A great shoot ruined by a “skankie attention demanding old lecherious fart”. 10 to a zero in 1 second flat!

  • phreshmeet83

    Michael is absolutely delicious. I’m a sucker for hot bods and tattoos. Yes, please!

  • Nausea

    Nooooooooooooo! this is displeasing and retarded. I’m with Topher also.

  • Jimbo

    Hey Jake!! I am your age, and, while I like to have sex with young guys, I do NOT want my fat ass plastered on the internet for all to see. At your age, it should be done in the “privacy of your bedroom”.

  • Vouyer

    JAKE, enough!!!!!!!!! Why cant we just see the hot dudes on your site get it on without you??? Why the fuck, do you keep having to show off your fat, old, outta shape ass for us to see?? Dude, no one wants to see it! You need some honest friends to tell you that you need to stop showing us what WE all dont want to see!! Geez, get a fucken clue.

  • louis

    The comment from WhoraCheri is perhaps the most retarded one I’ve read in a very long time! How many masculine guys do you see in gay porn sucking and getting fucked? ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME! Do you actually think only feminine guys suck and get fucked? Talk about living in a gay bubble!

  • Steve

    I love the little guy topping the big one. The old man is gross.

  • boxerdude

    another two guys forever destroyed by even being in the same room naked as that old disgusting shriveled up fart a.k.a. jake cruise. FUCKING REALIZE NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR WRINKLED GROSS ASS EVER. STAY BEHIND THE CAMERA YOU HAGGARD PRUNE.

  • Raven

    Im 1 of the few that doesnt mind Jake..He’s hot for an older guy. Its his site..if he wants to be in the middle of it…good for him…Dont like it?.. get your own site! this one..i think he should have stepped out and had all the sex he wanted off camera.

  • Jude Collin and Michael Von Steel magnificent gay couple!

  • Tony

    If people don’t want to see the gross stuff Jake Cruise tapes, then don’t support his sites. Things would change fast if it affects his bottom line.

  • Patrick

    I would love to have Jake Cruise Dick in My ass

  • Rosul muhammad

    I want to kissed your big dick jude collin !
    Bcoz it amazing great!

  • james


  • alfred ortiz

    fantastic Steel and Jude (cock very percet)

  • Jorge

    It is so good to see Jude fucked after having seen him fucking so many guys.
    It would be so amazing when the camera is in charge of a girl shooting two guys fucking!.

  • Augie

    I sure hate to see Michael Von Steel sucking and kissing gross Jake. I would puke.

  • Travis

    Jude Collin para mi es muy sexy y caliente!!! Me excita mucho. Es uno de mis favoritos

  • fresero_abre_culos

    This is disgusting. How can they still fuck with Orca’s smell over them!