CorbinFisher: Connor Fucks Lucas

Connor Fucks Lucas at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Lucas at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Lucas at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Lucas at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Lucas at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Lucas at CorbinFisher

Watch Connor & Lucas at

Corbin wrote:

Lucas was definitely the one to bring Connor out of his shell, as Connor’s first bottoming video – where Lucas broke him in and blew him away by just how great it can feel to get fucked – being a real watershed moment for Connor at CF! Connor unleashed the wild side we’d been eager to see since he first arrived at CF and was intense, passionate, and made it obvious and clear he was having some fun!

I knew Connor had that potential to really get into it with another guy since he first arrived at CF, and knew it was only a matter of time before he’d get over those initial nerves and the early hesitation and start to let the physical pleasure take over. It was with Lucas that confirmed all that.

Now, these two blond studs go at it again and the results are equally wonderful. After the foreplay, during which Connor sucked off Lucas as enthusiastically as Lucas sucked him, these guys get onto the weight bench so that Lucas can ride Connor’s cock. The extended sessions of eye contact between them had my knees going weak as I stood there filming the action, and I could barely quit staring at Lucas’ rock-hard cock as he bounced up and down on Connor! Lucas could not have possibly been any harder during this fuck! Heck, Connor was as hard as a rock throughout, as well, with Lucas really working some magic with his ass!

Connor still occasionally gets a bit shy with another guy, and you could see it in this video as he’s sometimes not quite sure what to make of kissing another guy. But it certainly can’t be long before his lips take the cue from his dick! Really, though, it would have been impossible for Connor’s dick not to respond to Lucas here! Despite being the bottom, Lucas is definitely in charge as he furiously fucks himself on Connor’s cock! In fact, Lucas was doing such an expert job riding Connor’s dick that he makes Connor cum, almost as if he was using his ass to jerk Connor off! Immediately thereafter, with Lucas looking absolutely incredible jerking himself off with Connor’s dick in his mouth, he fires off his own load!

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  • Enlightened One

    Why should he be shy Hell I would not with any of them!!!!!!! Gym Sex is HAWT :) Wherte is my boo Derek and Newbie Aaron? And we need another Straight Guy Sex Fest Orgy with all newbies and Derek of course!!!!!!!

  • TC

    If lucas is wearing a tight gym shirt and sport shoes while bottoming(no pants of cause), he would looks extremely hot to me.
    I think it’s a kind of fetish, i’m not so sure.

  • Dan II

    As always, Lucas is terrific. He is as much fun to watch as Dawson. The other gay guy is a turkey. These images are the highlights. Poor Lucas can’t seem to wake up the other gay guy. What a boring video. Why do I subscribe to CF if this is what I get? I think I gotta go somewhere else to get my gay porn fix. Probably Randy Blue or Sean Cody, although Sean Cody’s sequences all look the same. But this CF junk has got to stop. That Connor guy is dullsville.

  • erik

    Wait til next week….”Connor Fucks Austin”…..Leonardo DeCaprio II vs. Dirty Mouth.

  • danny

    Am I the only one here who’s sick and tired of these same old guys? CF basically has a small stable of 4-5 guys and they are seriously running out of combinations between the guys. Why is it that Seancody can come up with 1-2 new guys every week but CF keeps using the same guys for the last several years?

  • Mikey

    I think Lucas is now pretty squarely on our team. Conservative family from SW Missouri, high school jock, it took him a while to come over, but I’m thinking he’s pretty much exclusively with guys in his “recreational” sex these days. He’s getting to be too good a bottom not to be. Gay-for-pay guys don’t enjoy it and pretty much only get sucked off.

  • louie

    This is ridiculous. Last week was so good now this crap. Can anyone tell me how long it has been since there has been a 3-way on ACM. CF is lame. I joined Randy Blue and it is good, heck Ben from CF is now on Randy Blue.

  • Arden

    Not a great vid (too short, not enough position variety), but I was admittedly turned on by Lucas’ fireball horniness. He really likes cock, that one.

  • Jay

    Where is my Nick? CF is so blah…

  • Windy

    I agree with danny…..NEW MODELS, PLEASE!

  • ikabuki

    I would like to be with lazy Connor forever. That man is really a turning on for me

  • Justin B.

    I agree, Connor is not worth the time nor the effort. Too much of the same laddies. Even though I like Dawson and Lucas, it’s still too much of the same stuff. I’m cancelling CF in about 10 days. Connor is being pushed down our throats and he’s a slug. His facial expressions are one of utter boredom and he’s totally passionless. If Mr. Fisher wants people to pay for that toad, I can assure him, it will no longer be me giving him any cash.

  • Lucaslvr

    Okay, I admit it. I am a die’hard’ Lucas fan. Once he is in the vid, I am watching know. Anyways, I cannot bring myself to watch Connor. So I refuse to watch this video and any with Connor it. He is dull! dull! dull! and yes..pudgy (at least to me).

  • gpc


    I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Prince of the Universe

    I know im about to make some people frown, but im actually gonna defend Conner a little, because i like him. Its real odd to me how a lot people say Conner is emotionless which is why they dont like him; however, people would kill to have Nick and Gabe back. Dont get me wrong Nick and Gabe were two of my favs too, but they were just as emotionless as Conner is their performances in my opinion. I didnt care though, because like Conner I still liked seeing them in action.

    I think a lot of people dont like Conner because they dont dig him physically and thats fine, he is a little chubby, but i dont think its fair to single him out when theres been a string of guys who have daydreamed their way through CF. For example, Cody and Palmer just to name a few..even Brent and Trevor most of the time. All those guys are or were hot and nice to look at but hey.

  • WeHo Scottie D

    There’s no defense for Connor’s sad, dull performances on CF. The crime is that Fisher already has people’s money. He is clearly desperate as he has lost scores of his former models to either the real world, other porn sites, movie porn companies, or sugar daddies. He has about a dozen guys who actually do anything on his site with any regularity. He doesn’t deserve any more money. His forcing Connor at us is shameful. The guy – Connor – is bland and boring and makes no sounds while having sex and seems to be asleep when he has his orgasms. The guy’s a slug; uninteresting, puffy, pasty, and not worth the time nor the effort. He’s certainly not worth the money.

  • bubble

    nice, but lucas has to be fucked in a threeway, i can imagine that! oooooooooooooouuuuuuuu

  • jason

    I haven’t been a member of CF in like 9 months.. but I see it’s still the same 12 guys boning each.. yes- they are hot but are these the only hot 12 guys in America… come on, give us something new.. I see 10 guys hotter than this in the gym in everday… let’s get some new models!

  • nickatnite

    doea anyone know where did cody go from corbin fisher, that guy was so fucking hot, has he been on any other site , they need to bring this guy back, i love his body , ass and his big dick

  • bobby

    Call me stupid or blind but for some odd fucken reason I don’t like conner!!! I’m sorry boys! Please don’t hate on me :)

  • L

    Does anyone know Lucas’s real name? or if he works anywhere else?

  • MNOP

    Does anyone know L’s real name or where I can stalk him?