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Berlin-Male: Ted Colunga

Ted Colunga at Berlin-Male

Ted Colunga at Berlin-Male

Ted Colunga at Berlin-Male

Ted Colunga at Berlin-Male

Ted Colunga at Berlin-Male

Ted Colunga hails from Hungary, is 27 years of age and gay. He is living in Berlin and is sometimes offering his services as an escort. And oh men, this is a lot of men for you to take. His body is pure muscle beef and his cock if so thick and long that you need to be very relaxed to take this piece of meat.

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  • Lukey

    Ted is a classic. He has the most amazing cock. He was one of my earliest gay crushes.

  • Shaik

    Thx God, a real men!!!!

  • windy

    OMG! I have a BAD case of LUST for this ULTIMATE MAN!

  • pubert

    I thought he was hot until I saw that dick. He’s WAAAAY too uncircumcised.

  • rob

    I love uncut, but there is something seriously gross about his dick. Next.

  • hotrod

    It’s nice to see a REAL MAN on a website, rather than so many twinks and skinny dudes!!!

  • me

    rob wrote: I love uncut, but there is something seriously gross about his dick. Next.

    What is wrong with “his dick” is that he could do some serious damage to someone with that thing :)


  • BN Richard

    Man oh man oh real man. Wowie zowie. Luv him.

  • rocky

    A REAL MAN!!
    more of men like these and less twinks
    and i have to agree with me
    there is NOTHING wrong with that phat uncut cock

  • Brian

    Oh My God! That is the most Awesome cock I have EVER seen! I LOVE UNcut cocks. That Gorgeous pink head that shows through is a beauty!

  • 207guy

    (ahem) 27?

  • Harmon

    I love uncircumcised men, seeing as I am one myself! AND That is the most beautiful dick I have ever seen.

  • Anjelo

    ooooooooo everything about ted colunga is hot
    his humongous cock, ass, abs, face, his smile……
    bt i hope he can shoot more cum than that……
    i’ve seen him shootin thick cum like hell
    wish sumda i’ll get da chance to taste it

    hey does anybody has a contact no. of ted colunga?

  • danico05

    He seems to be a real hot male. I’ve seen him in action with François Sagat and Julian Vincenzo… I will never be the same again… WOW. Hope one day to watch him in action with guys like Zak Spears, Jake Deckard, and others.

  • M

    Would love a night with that handsome hunk

  • Lenny

    Ted is one of the hottest men I’ve ever seen! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with his cock…it’s perfect!
    But he’s bisexual,not gay. Actually,he started in str8 porn,and it was a female co-star who suggested him to try gay porn,since he enjoyed being fucked(in their scene together she fucked him),so he did and since it paid better than str8 porn he continued doign it.He’s done some bi porn as well.

  • Ted

    hey anybody hav a contact no. of ted colunga???
    pls if u hav lett me know guys…..

  • Ted is the best man on Earth.
    His website :
    and now a new scene on the Men ay Play website

  • Pongo

    Um, to each his own, and I’d hate to hurt this guy’s feelings on a human level, but what the he11 is with all this lustful gushing by the other posters? This guy is a major case of steroid abuse, half gone to LARD. You want him, sweetie you can have him

  • Steven

    That is one enormous uncut cock!
    I absolutely love it. My boyfriend’s cock is 8X6.5 cut. Fuckin big. I love suckin on his foreskin.
    For guys that dont like….your missing out.

  • kevin


  • chris

    Ted is a perfect guy in every way! Very friendly, polite and has a macho attitude. I love his big, hairy body and enormous cock! He is one of a kind in bed… ;)

    Ted is advertising on Rentboy all the time. He was in London couple of times but he spends April 09 in New York. I know his email adderss is: but you can easily find out his phone number from rentboy too.

  • chris, you’re right. sounds like you know him “personally”? =)

  • henry

    Tenga que decir que este es uno bombom

  • lor

    Did he go by a different name when he was in str8 porn?

  • fuck you ted

    hi ted i iam hot too muscle and hairy if you want to add me this is my hotmail

  • Jau

    Im in love with this Men May God Bless You, Jay

  • Klewys

    He’s very hot, but are U sure about hes age? I like older men (34 – 44) and I’d love to know his real age. Would be even better to fantasize with him knowing he’s older… I love him anyways!!!

  • Dan

    I will be spending the night with Ted tomorrow night. For me, he is the perfect male. Are there actually men who do not like uncut cock? Wow. This surprises me. I like EVERYTHING about a natural man, including his uncut cock, his hair, his testicles, his muscle butt, and my dream is to pamper such a male. I am excited to drink Ted’s piss, suck cum out of his big cock, and feel his weight and strength as he fucks me.

  • Artion kasep

    Hai iloveyou ted i want to your cock.

  • zack matteo

    if i ever do a porno he will be the reason why, so i can do it with him…
    for those of you who don’t like uncut get a grip! this is the way male human beings are Born. so check a science book if you don’t believe me, mind you some of you believe the planet was born in 7 days. back to ted there is no other , he is the love of my life!

    Zack Matteo

  • dylan250

    Es el peor actor que hay, pero que delicioso es y que hermosa verga tiene.

  • Zep86

    OK people. Seems like there are more commenters on this site that tell the truth (the bad truth). His over 40 years old, si he luck like.
    I had a chat experience with Ted (i think it was Ted :P ).
    When I asked him, what does he perfer (top or bottom) he said that he only does top roles.
    Hmmmm… how can you be top only, when in most of the movies you play in you get fucked? So i gues that was a lie.
    The other thing is his cock. Ok I see i might (or for sure) have problem with his foreskin :( to bad. Such a nice dick, and gan’t use ti properly :( but there is a solution for that. Go to the doctor and get circumsized. It takes maybe 20 minutes or less.
    The third thing – his discuntional erective ability :( after the usage of so much steroids, i do believe that you can’t get a hardon :( Some people say that a damage like that can’t be undone. But I think it can’t be. I also have heard stories of people who used steroids, had erective problems, and after a long time in which they didn’t use steroids coul get a hardon without Viagra or any other medications.
    I’m sure that if I see him giving himself a shot to get a hardon, I will surely leave him, and would not pay him a penny!
    The fourth thing – if you are gay, be gay! Don’t hava a girlfriend just to proove yourself or anybody else that you are not gay, when in fact you are!
    And if you are str8, be str8. There are plenty of good ways to earn mony, that don’t include doing things you don’t want to do.
    And if it’s true that Ted insults gay men for being gay, than I have to say this:”Being gay is not bad at all! Instead of insulting them, take a good look to yourself! You insulte them, but you are a liar who tells people “I’m not gay! I hate gay men!”.” At least some gay men a honest with themselves and the people around them. Not like others (I mean Ted and any other who try to hide their sexuality)”

    I could whrite more, but that will be repetition of what was already said!

    • Kalcen ♛

      Why would you mutilate your cock and circumcise it?

  • Txcowboy

    This man is so fucking hot. Damn! I can’t get enough of him. I would love to put my face right into hid broad masculine ass. I could feast on that man ass and his balls and his cock for hours. Mm, mm, mm!