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Berlin-Male: Danny

Danny at Berlin-Male

Danny enjoys a lot of things. But what he enjoys most is something big up his ass! He penetrates himself with a big black dildo in this smoking hot solo jerkoff Video!

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Berlin-Male: Ted Colunga

Ted Colunga at Berlin-Male

Ted Colunga hails from Hungary, is 27 years of age and gay. He is living in Berlin and is sometimes offering his services as an escort. And oh men, this is a lot of men for you to take. His body is pure muscle beef and his cock if so thick and long that you need to be very relaxed to take this piece of meat.

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Berlin-Male: Tony Maia

Tony Maia at Berlin-Male

Tony Maia is 28 years of age and hails from Brazil. The hunky guy is living in Berlin for some years now and has never worked in front of the camera before (and we wonder why). He has that special something to make you smile when you meet him and once he drops his cloth, other parts of your body will “smile” too…

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Berlin-Male: De’Shaun + Paul

De'Shaun + Paul at Berlin-Male

We have seen Paul and De’Shaun in their solos few weeks back, now they both meet and are having some hot fun together. Paul has a little problem with his bike and is lacking the proper tools to fix it, how good that De’Shaun is around and even better he has the right tools with him to fix the bike and something more…

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Berlin-Male: Troy

Troy at Berlin-Male

Troy needs a piss badly – and starts to unwrap his tool in the woods as he notices Kallum secretly watching him. But as Troy is not shy, he finishes his pissing (which we see up close in the video and photos) and start to really tease Kallum afterwards. He undresses completely and starts to please himself and his hard uncut British meet.

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Berlin-Male: Mark

Mark at Berlin-Male

Mark is bisexual and loves to be active! With his well build body and sexy smile he makes you heart melt.

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