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Chaosmen wrote:

The name game goes on! You might know him at other locations by another name, but here on Chaos, he is Vance. I know it’s frustrating for fans, but I do try to keep names unique on the site making it easier to use the Search tool.

Vance is a somewhat local dude for me, and after flying across the country for shoots, he got tired of flying and the stress headaches that goes with it. So that’s how he ended up at my front door.

So here is a guy who has done pretty much everything. Seems very easy going and super polite. I’ve had so many nervous straight guys lately, that I thought it would rock to have another straight model who could lead the way.

He was eager to make some money for school, and actually suggested a Serviced video. So even though he’s done more elsewhere, he’s gonna get the Chaos Oral Treatment next week.

I really like this kid, and feel certain he will make a great part of posse! So stay tuned for more Vance.

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  • MARK


  • don

    So I guess this means the stint with Randy Blue didn’t work out, huh? Oh well, maybe “Vance” can reclaim some of his former glory days at Sean Cody…and actually get fucked again at ChaosMen!

  • chrissypoo

    Just means “Vance” is trying to make a few bucks by going to as many high-paying studios as possible. There is only so many times you can work for a website before they just stop using you. These porn models should maximize their fees while they are still young, good looking and in-demand.

  • PBluntBronx

    But what has he done to his chest hair? Waxed obviously, but why?

  • GG

    his chest hairs was his call to fame!!!!!

  • BN Richard

    No Gage, no. First he leaves Sean Cody. Now he’s left Randy Blue. And worse, he’s shaved his body hair. And what’s with the dumb new name? Did somebody at Chaos actually think we wouldn’t recognize Gage? Oh, sure, he’s straight, too. Sure Chaos. What, he couldn’t get any gigs in hetero porn, so he decided to be “gay?” What baloney. And I’ve got news for you Gage, you look better with your chest hair. That compensates for your very average penis. Ah yes, the mighty have fallen. No longer interested in Gage or Vance or whatever he chooses to call himself in the future. He got tired of traveling? I’m thinking he might be a Diva.

  • BN Richard

    Oh, and would somebody at WayBig fix the schematics on this page. The width is out of whack.

  • Marcus B

    Seems that young Mr. Gage Wilson preferred posing in his home state. Vance is a silly name. Oughta call him Hopalong because he keeps jumping around from site to site. Chaos is HQ’d in Texas, I believe, so I guess Gage didn’t get as far in the biz as he wanted in California. Very displeased with the anti-gay “he’s straight” blather in the description. After he gets bored with Chaos, maybe he should try Corbin Fisher because I sure would like to see Gage with Lucas and/or Dawson.

  • Vinnie Niagara

    Why doesn’t he just settle down and tend bar?

  • bc

    Why is there always so much bitching at WayBig? He shaves his chest hair when he competes in body-building, he already said that at one of the other sites. Of course Bryan knows he will be recognized, he told us who he was; there is already a “Gage” at Chaos–what part of not reusing names so it’s easier to search the site is hard to understand? Some sites had had more than a dozen models use the same name; it gets annoying trying to find the one you like. And whether he’s straight or not, he’d make only a fraction in straight porn, if he could find a job there at all–his cock is nice, but not porn star size.

  • clay

    I agree with Chrissypoo, make all that money you can before the hands of time catch up with you. this guy is hot and any studio will take him!

  • brad

    He’s just not handsome. The body is good, but his face is so Inland Empire.

  • pubert

    Wow, he has the face of a retard or a village idiot.

    And what’s with the name change?

    Sellout city…

  • evan

    love the upward curving cock — very suckable. everything else sucks.

  • TC

    I like him. Hope to see his hairy face and chest again if possible.

  • Steve

    WOW. Why are so many posters on here so mean-spirited? First time to this site, and I’m amazed at how vicious and rude everyone is. So you don’t like the model’s hair, or his name, or his cock, or whatever… there’s plenty to choose from on here it seems, move on if you don’t like him. I choose porn to help me release from all the negativity of my day, not contribute to it.

  • Dz

    I’m lamenting the shaved torso too. Alas!

  • BiAaron

    bc: Bodybuilding competition? I like how Gage/Vance looks, but take a look at that body and tell me you really think he’s been anywhere near a body building competition.

  • WhoraCheri

    PLEASE don’t jump over to JAKE CRUISE!!!!!

  • dairigo

    who made up that awful name gage grow your hair back

  • Dave

    Inland Empire…LOL!!! “F” the 909!!!

  • Mike


  • RJ

    College? really? he looks early 30’s to me… Pass, anyway

  • Garrett

    Hey Steve, since you’re new, I’ll explain it for you. WAYBIG is an advertising and promotional site. It is NOT the be-all and end-all. The point of WayBig is to get us to PAY for joining the other gay sex sites that promote their men on WayBig.

    Since they want us to PAY, we have the right to comment any way we want, and WayBig offers us the chance. It’s gay democracy and gay capitalism in action.

    Nobody’s vicious. Guys are just being honest. We have seen Gage in all his hairy glory on SC and RB. He looks much better with his hot chest hair. And we can spot a lie from a mile away. Gage does not have the body for BodyBuilding Competition. And, he’s hardly straight. Bi maybe, but not straight. He also has an average penis. That’s not criticism, that’s factual comparison.

    Also, for far too long, gay video companies and these new gay porn websites (like SC, RB, CF, Men In Action, Chaosmen, Fratmen, etc.) have fostered the anti-gay, homophobic idea that gay men – us – are mostly attracted to straight men, thus perpetuating the myth of gay men as sexual predators, which very few of us are. I hope this helps you out, and you will feel free to tell us when a guy turns you on and when a guy turns you off – and why.

  • Get’Em

    I just never get tired of looking at a beautiful young man. Give us more.

  • Steve

    Thanks Garret for the response (albeit condescending- I am fully aware of the cogs that make democracy and capitalism work), but you’ve proven my point exactly.

    “Nobody’s vicious. Guys are just being honest. We have seen Gage in all his hairy glory on SC and RB. He looks much better with his hot chest hair. And we can spot a lie from a mile away. Gage does not have the body for BodyBuilding Competition. And, he’s hardly straight. Bi maybe, but not straight. He also has an average penis. That’s not criticism, that’s factual comparison.”

    Everything you just said is your opinion. YOU think he looks better with chest hair, YOU don’t think he has a bodybuilding body, YOU think he has an average penis. You think he’s bi at least. You have right to have and express your opinion, but that’s what it is opinion, its not “factual comparison. There will be those that agree you, sure, but those are your truths based on your perspective. Not everybody shares the same perspective, one of the great things about democracy you mentioned earlier.

    As far a not being vicious, I’m sorry, “has the face of a retard or a village idiot” is vicious. Although it may be honest, I’ll give you that, is it really necessary? What’s wrong with “not my type, not attractive enough for my taste”?

    I’m actually surprised someone replied to my comment. The more I think about why would anyone care what any one else (including the models or site owners) has written in these forums? I doubt the catalyst for change regarding society’s perception of what gay men really like it going to form from a porn blog.

  • Dan

    I know we are not picking sides, But if I were I agree with Steve. I use this site as an escape and all the negative postings can be a downer.

  • TK

    I’m with Steve, too. Opinions are fine, but it’s like there’s a daily attempt to one-up other posters with the cruelest comments about these models who are clearly not as ugly as you think they are. Dick size is, despite the ads in the sports page, not changeable. I don’t even mind the comments about choices like chest hair or head hair (e.g. I personally think Gage/Vance has had a better haircut than this one), or the way the site lights the photos. It’s the vicious posts that seem insecure and self-loathing.

    I’m no fan of the porn sites lying about the models’ sexuality, but taking frustrations out on these models doesn’t seem terribly productive.

  • Garrett

    Hardly condescending, Steve. You’re overanalyzing what I wrote, the site, and your own reactions to people’s honest opinions. This is a site about imagery geared toward potential purchase. It’s nothing more. If people are solicited to pay for something, they have a right to opine about what they are expected to pay for. Your basic needs are not relevant. You want nice, but this is all about business.

    Also, are you actually expecting us to believe that you think everyone on the planet is perfect and all men are really created equal? What, you have sex with everyone you see? Are you actually expecting us to believe that you don’t have body types? Or dream men? You don’t have an idealized fantasy? That you’ve NEVER, ever rejected somebody based on looks? Come off of your high horse, pal. Some of these guys are imperfect and some are dogs. Some are spectacular and some are average. Most of us can spot street trade when we see it and most of us don’t buy the baloney about “straight.” There are hundreds upon hundreds of these guys having man-on-man sex on these websites and what, they’re 90% straight? If you believe that, then you’re more naive than I take you for.

    As for your criticizing whoever wrote the “village idiot” tag, well, you know what Steve, some people DO look like the village idiot. And if someone wants to call them that, well, based on your interpretation of opinion, they have that right. You, my gay friend, can’t have it both ways.

  • t

    this is the main reason why u guys look at this page. its a vicious circle of comments… first off, none of you know these models personally… stop commenting like youre ‘down’ with them… im sure they dont even read these comments… so attacking jake cruise or asking ‘why did u shave ur chest hair’ is pretty much… hmm whats the word… useless? then u have your queens who try to ACT smart and educate others with there comments… ‘gay porn is a democracy and our votes to pay for other sites… freedom of speech… yadda yadda.’ please g, if i needed a politics lecture… the last place i would turn is to a fucking gay porn blog. maybe thats why the us politics system is fucked now… because people trying to relate our rights and opinions to something as small as a free gay site.

    luckily there are a few people like me, so let me break it down for all you old bears and newbie twinks… waybig is a free site. they show a majority of updates through major pay gay sites. yes, if u love randyblue or seancody, join. pay. but please dont sit here and feel the need to comment on every fucking thing… commenting on this blog is like drinking miller lite at the white party… its kinda frowned upon. you cant afford champaign if you live on a water lifestyle…

    so no one cares, ok. it just pisses people off. and obviously u all have such stellar sex lives that u are all on this page everytime it updates. get a life, and stop worrying about these porn stars. they arent worried about u.

    and g, take a politcs class at your local community college. just because u type long messages and use before posting doesnt make u sound smart.

    to everyone else, u know u love me.

  • Let’s bareback CF

    Where’s the chest hair???

  • Vic D in D.C.

    Hey t – You’re the only one in a tizzy. Ha ha ha. I guess freedom of expression is an alien concept to you. If we’re gonna pay to subscribe to these sites, we get to say what we think. That’s America. As for education, learn to write and use the language better.

  • phoenix

    SHUT UP!! it’s just porn for fuck’s sake. it’s obvious that the people that post in this particular porn blog are some of the most ridiculously hypercritical, bitchy, complaining, whiny, unrealistic “porn snobs” ever to post in any porn blog i’ve ever seen. and i understand the occassional urge to wanna post about it. but really, is it necessary to go into debates over democracy, capitalism, and freedom of expression on a page littered with pictures of dicks, assholes, and cumshots? anyone with 1/2 a brain knows that most of these back stories are likely fake and even if they’re not WHO GIVES A FUCK? PORN IS FANTASY, not some documentary on what the underlying effects of “gay-for-pay” are on the fragile psyche of those in gay culture who stay true to themselves or whatever. Lighten the fuck up and jerk off (which i’m sure was the original idea when ALL of these sites were created)!!

  • David

    It was Gage’s chest hair that made him hot.

  • chrissypoo

    Regarding Gage chest hair — it was most likely Bryan at Chaos Men that had him shave his chest.

    Gage/Vince might identify as straight, but he is definately bi.

  • Rich

    Okay, guys, give him a chance. He’s just an innocent bi-guy out trying to make some money for college, etc. I know he’s bi because he lived in my town for awhile, working at a hospital. He’s married. I know this for a fact. So, quit nit-picking. He’s good to look at, so just shut up and enjoy the sights.

  • fucker

    that hairy aroung the testicles is so hot . i love your dick you little GAY

  • Tom

    I like him a lot ! He has charisma !