JakeCruise: David Taylor & Leo Giamani (Bareback)

David Taylor & Leo Giamani at Jake Cruise

David Taylor & Leo Giamani at Jake Cruise

David Taylor & Leo Giamani at Jake Cruise

David Taylor & Leo Giamani at Jake Cruise

David Taylor & Leo Giamani at Jake Cruise

David Taylor & Leo Giamani at Jake Cruise

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Jake wrote:

Here are two of today’s hottest studs, together for the first time – and bareback – So Cal surfer David Taylor and ex-East Coast cop Leo Giamani. They’re pretty evenly matched in the muscle department, though Leo has the edge in cock size. (Can you say humongous?) But after extensive cock sucking and foreplay, it’s Leo that gets fucked. You can tell this hasn’t happened often to Leo, who apparently is a nice tight fit for David. But David shows little mercy, pounding away with abandon. Once Leo reaches his limit, they move to side-by-side j.o., which ends with a pair of nice cum shots and what looks like a new friendship.

wave the red cape says:

that was nice, but if jakey had joined in for a dp on leo, now that would be HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rod says:

OK, I have been waiting for Leo to bottom again (after his first time on Mightymen) but I never expected it to be bareback. I have to admit this is very very hot.

Get'Em says:

Two hot fucking men. I hate to give Jake credit for anything, but putting these two together earns him a big fat fucking “kudo”

Scotts says:

Lovin’ David for a while now and am so glad to see him back in action. He sure knows how to fuck! Like his no hair and his tattoo is coming along nicely, too. Leo is a new fave for me. The fact that he took David’s cock like a pro gives him bonus points. HOT SCENE!!!!

MM says:

yuck-say no to anal sex.say no to jake cruise. say to to this trash.

chipp says:

this looks very sexy; very hot. no jake makes me happy and i wonder if this is good because of his new employee, jasun?

Ethan says:

Were they fucking without a condom?

Erik says:

Hey Jake….get Mike Roberts back to play with Leo…also, have some kissing!!!!!!!!!!

Sifl&Olly says:

Why is Leo bottoming? What a waste – he should be boning that blonde.

martin says:

hot pairing, I aree wit Eric or add MIke and make it a threeway, hot.

whoa says:

love david’s new hairdo

RJ says:

Hot pairing! and no JC on sight is a bonus! LOL. Agree, want to see Mike Roberts boned again

Prince says:

Thia is probably the best thing ive seen come out of this site..theres still no way in hell i would join, but ya know…I would have rather seen david do the bottoming though ive been waiting for his ass to get some attention.

moondoggy says:

Three words: Thank you, God.

JT says:

Barebacking is irresponsible and dangerous! NOT hot!!!

maberarc says:

I agree with moondoggy… I know now that you exist…

jjc says:

everyone knows that bareback sex it’s unsafe, but if you see straight porn, no one uses condoms. why not in gay porn

satire says:

Barebacking is still stupid. Why do it? For those who think it’s “hot” just imagine what Leo will look like after living with AIDS for a few years. Hot is not what you’ll be saying.

Sorry Leo, you just killed the fantasy for me. Here’s hoping barebacking doesn’t kill you.

StoneMacon says:

Fuck you Satire, tell that to every parent you meet.


boyman says:

I was expecting that blond guy to be the bottom.

boyman says:

Leo is definitely a superstar TOP material. But his ongoing bottoming–specially bareback!–is going to kill his career before he knows it! Wisen up Leo!

boyman says:

I am sorry to say this but if you look closely between Leo’s balls and asshole, he seems already infected with genital warts… Sad if this is the case. I like Leo.

JT says:

I’m so tired of every time there is an objection to barebacking, someone has to make a retort about condom less straight porn. As if they’re making some kind of legitimate counterpoint. So ok, if Briana Banks, Jenna Jamison and Jenaveve Jolie were getting fucked in the middle of rush hour traffic while an 18-wheeler barrows down on them, then Leo is somehow less of a dumbass for doing it to?

As gay men, we get a little TOO hyper-neurotic about alleged “double standards” sometimes; ignoring the bigger picture. Coming up on 30 years after the first documented AIDS case (and the mile long list of porn stars…specifically GAY porn stars that have passed away as a result of it) with no purported cure in sight while millions continue to be/become infected, I say that porn studios producing bareback films are unconscionable.

And before anyone says: “if you don’t like it, don’t watch them,” I’ll respond in advance by saying that as a rule I DON’T…but since these studios are permitting Way Big to act as a smorgasbord of free porn appetizers in hopes of getting feedback/new membership, then I’ll give my 2 cents when something is presented to me that I find distasteful.

BlacksheepNZ says:

Well done Leo you make my dream come through.I like the guy like you not only be the top but also be bottom.Great! I love you so much I like to see you flip flop agai,your fan from Newzealand.

Aralos says:

Just watched the video. Some of the slow insertion shots are real, but the hard pounding are all simulated. Check the camera angle for those shots and see how they moved the camera around . Any comments?

Jonathan says:


michael says:

barebacking is f*****g wrong
its stupid
oh yes lets shag and get infected SCORE
its so lame
how much does a condom cost in america about a dollar-two dollars at the most…and yet it will save your life…why shag someone bareback knowing your gonna get shit and blood all over your cock!
its just wrong…and by the way i live in the UK.
stupid americans.

lordgabux says:

i hope next time they flip flop, that will be even hotter

donnamartingraduates says:

*calling it like it is*

GREAT JOB on these two Jake! SO HOT!



for not making any cameos!


Drow says:

Every time i see Leo G. i think where the hell is his chest hair.

DPN says:

WOW. You guys KILL me with this nonsense. With all that’s going on right now, the focus of your energies is two muscleheaded dick-brains who decided to swap spit, cum, possible HIV and STD’s for a few grand? People…they’re MEN, not boys. They literally made their beds and THEY have to lie in them. Meanwhile – do ANY of you know if you’ll have a job tomorrow? If you’ll have a place to live? Be able to afford to eat? To keep your car if you have one? To be able to fall back on your 401 K when things get hairy, or even if you still HAVE a 401 K? Sorry to put chocolate in your peanut butter and politics into your porn, but Jake Cruise showing up in a video -or not- is hardly a blip on my radar. Whether or not John McSame gets to the White House in ’09? Now THAT I’m worried about.

Anyone here who doesn’t put the same energy they’ve put into porn in making sure the right guy ends up Commander-In-Chief, and then screams like Nellie Olsen about the opposite happening? They need to get fist-fucked by King Kong. REPEATEDLY.

Rant over. We now return you to bareback sucking and fucking, already in progress.

Trent880 says:

Dear whomever,

Thanks for not showing the fugly old man in this one.

Yours truly,


PS DPN, are you for serious? Politics on a porn blog?

StoneMacon says:

Im still waiting for all the condom nazis to show proof that they are demanding straight people use rubbers. A double standard is HYPOCRISY. Tell your fucking parents how stupid they were for fucking and having you.

If your so much into condom only sex, I suggest trying to make up to past wrongs and kill yourself so the rest of us get on with our lives.

BTW, I’m a man before I’m a gay man. I owe nothing to the “community” because the community has never given anything to me.

Lukey says:

This was the hottest video I’ve seen in a LONG time. I love Leo on the bottom, and I hope that Jake gets David to bottom too. This was a great video.

Mikey NYC says:

Wait…some of you guys are actually OKAY with barebacking and think’s it’s morally COOL that porn like this is being made?

You know what we need to do with guys who are ‘oh, shut up, barebacking is hot’ and ‘fuck you if you don’t like it’ and ‘it’s not that big of a deal’?

We need to take them to an AIDS hospice and have them witness, firsthand, men who are sick and dying. We need them to see what it’s like to waste away and die a horribly painful death, ALL AVOIDABLE if they just wore a fucking condom.

The gay porn industry is in a huge moral crisis right now and it won’t end unless we all boycott barebacking porn.

Get real, wake up, we are STILL DYING from AIDS and this kinda porn is SPREADING AIDS.

God, what the fuck is wrong with you guys? Geeze…

StoneMacon says:

Go preach that bullshit to all your straight buddies including your parents then come back here and give us another lecture Mikey.

Want to avoid AIDS/HIV? Don’t act like a slut. Keep it in your pants until you feel he’s the one you can stay with forever.

Its that easy. Straight people do it and look how easily many of them have avoid hiv, raised families and led productive lives instead of spending their days in gyms, clubs, and cruising.

ally02 says:

Get off the Gay v. Straight/Good for the goose/gander defense to excuse this russian roulette behavior. The bottom line is that barebacking is a stupid thing to do in this day and age, and studios producing porn that promotes it are reprehensible. It’s as seedy as if they were showing models shooting up heroine while having sex.

StoneMacon says:

No one will still explain why straights should/can do it but not homosexual men. All you guys can say is “its stupid”, “its foolish”, whatever the establishment has told you to parrot.

Is a child coming into conception by a man and woman having sex similiar to a high concieved through injecting heroin?

C’mon, address my questions. Someone!

k says:

It’s a bit disheartening to see such a buff, brut (supposed “ex-cop”) alpha-looking man like Leo play the bitch role.

ally02 says:

This is a GAY porn blog. We’re here to look at (and talk about) images of MEN, and MEN having sex with other MEN. You’re playing on this supposed “double standard” is not only petty but wholly irrelevant. Nowhere in this set do you see any straight sex happening and no one said that it is OK for models in straight porn to raw fuck. And the issue of conception is an even bigger leap. Again, this is a gay porn blog…therefore GAY porn is what’s being discussed! Meanwhile I’m not going to search for some straight porn blog, leave some disdainful comments about any lack of condoms used JUST so I can come back and show StoneMacon a link to prove that I’m not showing a one-sided bias. I’m here—as a gay man—to look at and comment on GAY porn. The logistics of straight porn means little to me. You’re insisting on making this a “Gay v. Straight” issue, as opposed to a health/responsibility that most of us who’ve objected to bare backing have clearly stated, is childish. It’s akin to a kid neurotically accusing his parents of favoring their sibling over them.

StoneMacon says:

Sex is ubiquitous. Plus this gay porn blog features straight/bisexual sex. Get over yourself.

Calling condomless sex/natural sex, barebacking, simply dresses up what natural sex really is.

It isn’t a gay vs straight issue. Its a realistic issue vs a uber politically correct nonsense.

My point isn’t that straight people having NATURAL sex while gay men have condom sex is unfair. Its the belief that gay/bi men are excempt from having NATURAL sex because many of them licentiously and hedonistically whore themselves around. You want to reduce AIDS/HIV in the gay community? Tell young gay/bi men to respect themselves and others by not treating people as sex objects.

Bo says:

Where has David been before?

OMFG, David is soooo incredibly HOTT!!!!

ronl2k says:

The pics look totally hot. I just wish JC would add a warming filter to his camera to keep the guys from looking so pale.

Jskip says:

Leo seems to have it all and he takes it in every direction too. Flip for me Leo, flip.

ben says:

the barebacking just proves that money is more important to these guys than their lives

august says:

for all of you that care about hiv/aids stuff,it all good now stop complaining a touch ur little man while u look and leo geting it up the ass… and as long as Jake’s nasty, fat, ugly ass isn’t in it, I’m ok.

august says:

ugh…Jake’s nasty, fat, ugly ass…gross..to the extreams….

Lukey says:

This is STILL the hottest thing that I’ve seen since it came out. This is the BEST update JC ever had.

Asa says:

Shame on them for doing it raw! They should know better.

BBsexisWRONG!! says:

**I can’t get over the ignorant crap this idiot spews!

**Case in point:

“Go preach that bullshit to all your straight buddies including your parents then come back here and give us another lecture Mikey.”

**If you knew how to compose a grammatically correct paragraph it would be an indication you often read, have a decent education are somewhat intelligent and are aware of the fact; “The highest rate of HIV infection is amongst Heterosexual Women between the ages of 18 and 26.”

**To further illustrate your ignorance you said,

“Want to avoid AIDS/HIV? Don’t act like a slut. Keep it in your pants until you feel he’s the one you can stay with forever.”

**I’m amazed you even know how to type! I’ll bet you use two fingers at the most and have never heard of the “Home Row.”

**Your closing statement is the clincher! Hands down,You win the “MORON OF THE DECADE AWARD!”

“Its that easy. Straight people do it and look how easily many of them have avoid hiv, raised families and led productive lives instead of spending their days in gyms, clubs, and cruising.”

**Once again, “The highest rate of HIV infection is amongst heterosexual women.”

**Mr. StoneMacon is not only the most brazenly, ignorant piece of shit to walk the face of the earth, he too has a variety of illnesses. All of which are mental.
It would be speculative (sorry to use a 4 syllable word) on my part to say this Moron is infected with HIV and the other killer STD’s blazing across our Nation. Chances are “StoneMacon” is short, bald, morbidly obese, smells like a Garbage dump,has no teeth or really bad teeth, (as in Hillbilly Black) has never been in love, loved by anyone and has glory hole sex at best.

**It wouldn’t matter if “STONE HEAD” were a knockout as one can tell by his piss poor punctuation, grammar and syntax he is a complete and total moronic, fool who should not be allowed to procreate as his gene pool clearly needs to dry up and blow away.

**”Prosecution rests your Honor! We have more than proven our case. StoneMacon needs to be immediately thrown down a deserted well, covered with concrete and forgotten!

StoneMacon on October 12, 2008 @ 10:53 pm

P.S. If ever there were a reason to be ashamed of being gay, **YOUR IT!!

BB sex is WRONG! Why? It will kill you. It’s simply a matter of time.

Jay says:

Very Hot, sorry Jake, but, You are better for us at picking them and showing them in action without you being in them. While I understand that you have the money, with viewers the point is moot. JayS

nutcracker says:

this looks like another clip of leo not getting a hard-on even after receiving a hard fuck! :-(

portman says:

What a bunch of idiots. This is pornography. I have strong views too regarding the hot topic of barebacking but is this the forum for it? Grow up Men. There are many places to discuss and debate topics like adults without resorting to name calling and personal attacks. ( by the way before the first smart person jumps to- rightly – remind me that I started by calling everyone idiots, that is supposed to be ironic ok? ) We are all gay. We are here to look at sex. Full stop. Go join a group for your discussions and make a difference, don’t waste your time with serious matters on here.

Jono says:

Just watched this video and am amazed at just how much David loves Leo’s cock. man he can’t get enough of swallowing it! it should’ve been him getting fucked!

GreekBi says:

i like to see leo as top, when will see david as bottom i like to see when he will be fucked!! he can be a great bottom!!