ChaosMen: Connor ‘Serviced’

Connor 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Connor 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Connor 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Connor 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

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Chaosmen wrote:

Wow! Connor turned out to be a dirty talkin’ boy!

During his solo, he did point out that yeah yeah…he’d heard that us gay guys give better head. Though he’s had a guy or two chomp down on him during some group play, he was still of the opinion that girls still do it better.

The gauntlet was officially thrown.

I knew this one would be easy cuz his jack-off technique is similar to mine (though he is certainly working with more equipment).

He does like to talk dirty. Some of it made me smile as it didn’t “ring true”. I just kept sucking and each time he made a comment, his dick just got harder, so I wasn’t about to stop him. About half way through, his delivery becomes a bit more uh…honest, and I guess, intense.

You can tell he is the type of dude that loves to have someone choke on his cock. Such a different dynamic then some of the nervous and frozen guys.

Pretty sure this dominant dude will come in to top someone, and wonders of wonders, after the rimming, he thought maybe he might be able to take a dick, as long as it wasn’t as big as his.

We’ll see. He sure is a hot dude with that red bush of his!

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Worth Your While says:


Riley says:

Freaking HOT DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) I want to see TEO do him just because that’s my baby. ove that red haired mutha Connor ;) Hell I wanna ride!!!!!!!!

pubert says:

His dick gets more crooked every time I see him.

What’s up with that?

dairigo says:

i will take slopy seconds anyday since i cant be first

ryan says:

Sloppy seconds, thirds or forths… I would let this guy fuck me dry all night

fattyacid says:

typical HOT look of a blue collar guy!

MM says:

ugg just plain nasty.troll brian strikes his dad jake cruise dead? I hope so.maybe bryan will follow his lead.what a boner killer,a nice looking guy with that ass licking turd.

Brad says:

This guy is disgusting. CM’s updates continues with the uglies.

Get 'Em says:

This fucking guy is hot and I’d love him to talk dirty to me while shoving his cock down my throat. A hard ride is not out of the question either.

Greg says:

It’s a ginger-man invasion! Another hot guy with delicious reddish hair. Yum!