SeanCody: Mike (II)

Mike (II) at SeanCody

Mike (II) at SeanCody

Mike (II) at SeanCody

Mike (II) at SeanCody

Mike (II) at SeanCody

Mike (II) at SeanCody

Mike (II) at SeanCody

Watch Mike at

Sean wrote:

Mike is 22 years old and loves to play baseball.

“I’ve been playing since I was old enough to walk,” he said. “Since I could pick up a bat.”

He’s straight and currently single, but playing the field.

Mike has a really striking physique and beautiful, pale skin.

There is an interesting “Out Takes” section at the end of his film that shows how things don’t always turn out as you plan!

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  • Worth Your While


  • jason

    worth your while, youre a dumb douche, who cares if youre first. say something if youre going to post a comment. i hope mountii reads this shit, because THIS is a cock, fucking hot, and jesus christ, some distance on the money shot. hot all the way

  • Bryce

    Goofy, doofy face. Dumb tattoo. Just another guy found at the beach or in the park. About as straight as a monkey’s tail.

  • Mike

    Damn he’s nice!

  • ryan

    Damn i want his cock, this guy is the total package for me.

  • RJ

    I’d love to play with his bat, he’s fucking hot!

  • boyman

    Straight — but a very experienced bottom. OK? If you do not believe me, please take a look at his “bottom” equipment. SC, you are so gullible…

  • jakeW

    did any see the outtakes???? what happens lol?

  • MM

    what a homophobic son of a bitch sean is.this boy is so gay he screams over the rainbow.that ass has seen more action than bill clinton’s penis.hey i’m all for him being a dick lover but stop the bull shit sean-it’s so the pic of his ass & legs #15 is so amateurishly pasted.stop huffing paint and learn how to take a picture.

  • thank u jason for the shout out

    and yes his cock is like DAMN BOI!

  • chad

    That’s not a virgin anus. Either that, or the boy has taken some serious brick-like dumps.

  • Travis

    His face is weird but he has a great body and a nice fat cock.

  • the 7 pic his SMILE is so wide …good cocksucking mouth

  • phunky

    Damn! Look at that cumshot. That’s super hot. Definitely gotta see this!

  • martin

    he’s cute, i wonder which sc stud will brek him have a few ideas:) i don’t think it will be long before this one goes bottoms up moaning & screaming!!!

  • Dave

    I like the fact that his face is an Everyday-Joe handsome, and he has an amazing body from top to bottom. But I dont like that he seems to be holding back a real smile to hide potentially crooked teeth.

  • GSM

    You guys crack me up. This is a very handsome man, with an impeccable body. Yes, that ass has seen a dick or two in it’s day. But everyone returns to the fantasy, not the reality. Kinda sad. He’d be hotter to me if Sean had said he “loves a nice cock in his ass”. I might have even believed it. I guess I will wait a week or two, then see him bottoming.

  • ton

    nice body

  • Scudder

    He looks so real, like a Bel Ami boi Visits the USA

  • Travis

    Dave, I think you called it. Let’s just hope he is not hiding something heinous with that closed mouth smile. On the plus side, Mike has wonderful skin and a beautiful body. Perhaps he’ll be paired up with another guy soon.

  • derrick

    his mouth sure looks like the joker in the new batman movie

  • Light

    this guy is EXTREMELY hooooooooooot! I totally love his body and his cock is quite perfect :P

    so, IT’S A YES *raises thumbs*… to me :P

  • Jacob

    The only way his cock could be more perfect is if it were uncut. Imagine the perfection of foreskin!

  • EJ

    Wow — tough crowd here. He’s got a great chest, stomach, cock, butt, and arms, and most guys I know would give their left one to have a guy like this. SC even gives us 3 cum shots instead of the usual 2, and all 3 are nice. I like that this guy laughs and looks like he’s having some fun.

  • Erique says

    All that man juice & he is single…….PUHLEASE!!!!! Closeted Gay especially if he’s diggin the Under Armor jock strap.

  • chris

    He almost has to be straight because what gay guy would be stupid enough to have a baseball bat tattoo on his arm? Aside from that I wish that whoever is responsible for writing all the background material for these sites would simply ignore the “straight” crap because nobody believes it anyway and two weeks from now even the “straightest” of these guys is right back here with his legs in the air being pounded by some other “straight” guy …

  • Get ‘Em

    Nice guy. I’d take him home and eat him right. A keeper for sure.

  • elephunk

    He looks like a snake

  • dairigo

    i guess i will always have sloppy seconds, i will play with his bat, balls and the nice ass catchers mitt called his ass

  • hereandthere

    very very very nice

  • RR

    wow someone should really tell this dude not to smile, he looks like he’s ready to rape little children with that heinous smirk.

  • Tony 45895

    He looks totally likeable. Hate the tats but tats seem to be the fashion. The smile is fine, he’s an attribute to beauty.

  • Beeb

    an attribute to beauty..some of u guys say the gayest things.

  • ShowMe

    Very very hot. Tight body, great smile, What’s up with you guys tearing everyone down?) THis is a beuatiful man. Does anyone else thinks he looks like Mike from “make Me A Supermodel?”

  • cynric

    爱上你了!LOVE YOU!

  • Greg

    Despite the many harsh critics here (many of whom are likely not nearly as hot as this boy), I think Mike’s got the goods and the body to go with it. Nitpicking models only makes you look bitter, boys. Say something nice or click to the next guy!

  • Max Y

    ALL you HAVE IT WRONG…He is not only very straight..he is a very nice guy that people take that as a form of being gay. KNOWING HIM FROM THRU A FEMALE FRIEND, he like women very much and the strap was bought for him for this shoot by the people at SEAN CODY…HE’s very sexy…and you tired queens that think he’re jealous you aren’t ever going to know him

    • ThomT

      Is english your first language or do you just type like it isn’t?

  • AL

    He is magnificent from head to foot.He shouldn’t be permitted to wear clothes. His body should be on permanent display so everyone can admire it. Who cares what his teeth might be like? It’s what he does with them that matters.

  • rj022

    mike is tall handsome and cute. nit mention my eyes exploided over his sleek fat cock mmmmmmmmmmmm (0)

  • jacky


  • ryan

    damn i just saw the video for this and oh damn he is freaking hot, i love everything about him.

  • kristupa

    What a body….love him so much!