Fratmen.TV: Joshua (Naked Twin Brother)

Joshua (Naked Twin Brother) at

Joshua (Naked Twin Brother) at

Joshua (Naked Twin Brother) at

We know it seems like you’ve seen him before, but we wanted to give the “other” twin brother a chance to show everyone what he can do. Welcome Fratmen Jesse’s twin bro Joshua.

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  • Fazz

    Sweet like vanilla covered chocolate cake. I want you in my mouth Joshua.

  • Shaniqua

    As a twin I can say this is pretty fucked up.

  • Brad

    Is this the annoying giddy one that couldn’t stop giggling during that double twin update?

  • Greg

    Why is it fucked up? It’s not like the twins were in the video naked touching each other together or anything?

  • ThomT

    huh, can’t figure what’s fucked up about a twin doing a photo shoot after his brother had done one – my twin bought a car after I bought mine so I guess that’s fucked up too? believe me, as a twin I expect my brother to do whatever he wants to do – even if I’ve already done it!

  • BannedWithANewAccount

    his EYES are hypnotizing me!!!!!!

  • daniel

    @greg – well i sure hope they do get naked, touch each other and more! These are two grown, adult individuals, where there is absolutely no chance of five-eyed, three-legged children being produced, so why can’t BOTH decide to have sex with each other? the taboo on this one is really only in the mind.

  • Carl

    Lance Armstrong?

  • gpguy

    So you wouldnt have a problem j/o with your brothers? Yes the taboo is in the mind where else would it be?

  • Anton

    Wow … Daniel … wow.

    So you’re basically suggesting that the two twins fuck each other? It’s that sort of thing that makes homophobes equate our sexuality with incest, pedophilia, bestiality, etc., labeling it a “deviant,” continuing to oppress our community that we’re freaks of nature. There is NOTHING sexy or desirable about incest. I’m sad to see that a few gay folks actually get off to that sort of thing.

  • cf

    so i suppose that once your mother has gone through menopause, it’s okay to fuck her too?

  • Carl

    Calm down guys its a fantasy. is it right? maybe not but ppl can think what they want too… thats what porn is for.. correct?

  • daniel

    @anton – homophobes equate homosexuality with pedophilia, bestiality and incest because they’re idiots. they are statistically completely unrelated.

    i don’t see ANYthing wrong with two adult concenting brothers having sex with each other. i think if you look at it objectively, incest is wrong in just a few cases: where there is a power situation (i.e. one or both are not in a position to say ‘no’), where 5-legged babies can be produced, and where one or both can be hurt. but if you think about it, that is what defines ‘wrong’ in any kind of sexual relationship. any other sense of it being ‘wrong’ is purely subjective tradition.

    so please, i challenge you to explain, in objective terms, what is ‘wrong’ with it, other than to say, “it just is” – i.e. other than to use exactly the same arguments homophobes use about homosexuality.

    perhaps you’re just projecting you and your brother into this situation, and that’s distasteful to you. that’s fine, i’m not ADVOCating anyone engage in sex with their brother, just that i don’t think it is per sé wrong.

    @cf – tell me, objectively, what would be wrong with it. it’s an interesting thing to think about, because the arguments typically forwarded are exactly the ones used against gay relationships…

  • Josh

    This twin is the “straight” one…Jesse is his gay twin brother and the one who suck’s his twin brother’s cock in the middle of the night when he’s sleeping..(we can only imagine what else they do when they are both awake…)

  • Zeke

    He has soft-looking pubes and pits. I just want to rub my face in them.

  • AL

    One gay and one straight. Mmmm. Are you SURE there are two of them? It’s not one of those trick photography things is it?

  • Mark

    @AL go 2 the the site u can see them standing side by side and and they have alot of BTS where u see them talking to each other..

  • joe

    There is nothing wrong with taking a picture with ur brother no matter what it is as long as the picture is used for the right thing but in a video possing together is ok by me buy yeah no touching your brothers that’s for someone else do. But it is porn and there’s a lot of crazy stuff that goes on in that industry its all about money that’s all

  • bungjad