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JakeCruise: Ethan Rock Solo

Ethan Rock Solo at Jake Cruise

Ethan Rock Solo at Jake Cruise

Ethan Rock Solo at Jake Cruise

Ethan Rock Solo at Jake Cruise

Watch Ethan at

Jake wrote:

Whether you’re referring to his body or his cock, “Rock”, as in “Ethan Rock” is a very fitting name. The hefty piece of ram-rod cock he sports gets worked over this way and that until he sends a load sailing past his head onto our black leather couch. It’s even hotter when viewed in slow-motion.

  • jay

    where have i seen him before?

  • Alek

    Sean Cody or even Straight Guy 4 Gay Eyes.

  • Nick

    I wasn’t expecting that body. Nice.

  • thisboy408

    That’s Jude from SeanCody: still super hot. Kinda reminds me of Noah Wyle from ER.

  • randy p

    I don’t think he’s hot at all.

  • Sophomore

    Yeah he’s Jude from SC. Thought that was it for him. Loved him and glad to see him back in the porn biz but not on Jake Cruise.

  • PBlunt

    I wonder what *happened* to him over at SC. He only did one solo and was gone. But judging by this description I’d’ve expected him to do much more …

    “Jude is kind of an exhibitionist. … I turned around and asked him to lift up the leg of his shorts so I could see his uncut cock. He immediately got hard, so we pulled off onto a side street so he could take his shorts off altogether and stroke his dick for a bit. I definitely got the feeling that being naked in public was a thrill for him.”

  • don

    Yeah, he seemed up for more when he jacked off in the car on the way to Sean Cody’s studio. Please don’t let him fuck Jake *shudder*

  • PBlunt

    I know I’m way in the minority here, but I’m kinda (very) turned on by the sheer transgressive nature of Jake defiling pale young men. For me, it’s the essence of porn, something forbidden and naughty and unknown. Now, on the other hand, beefy studs in black knee-high socks doing it on office furniture does absolutely nothing for me. To each dog his bone, I guess.

  • Jim

    Why’d he shave his pubic hair off ?

  • ThomT

    guy hasn’t changed much in 2-1/2 years – ok looking boy next door type – nice body and uncut dick average good looks but not much on screen personality … this one I might believe is actually straight … as far as the pubic hair, check out your gym or Y I know where I go way more than half the guys under 30 Ive checked out appear to trim or shave their pubs!

  • LA Clergy

    PBlunt: Dude there is nothing sexy or erotic in an old cow as Jake making out with younger fellows unless pedophilia turns you on. Jake the ORCA is not sexy in any context. He is an old fart and should stay with his kind. Perhaps you two should open a site for geriatric gay sex. A site that involves people of your age group that will accept your looks, your ideals and desires. Sure you can have the 30+ crowd there. However leave the 20+ out of that group. We don’t even know what retirement is.

  • LA Clergy

    Yeah that is Jude from SC. I wish he had stayed there and done more stuff with others there. It would be great to see him and Chris in a flip flop.

  • PBlunt

    LA Clergy: I’ve never seen anyone on Jake Cruise that looked a day under, what, 22, most look older, so please don’t throw the “P”-word around like some right-wing Bible-belter. Actually Jake is not my type at all; it’s the inappropriate and freak show aspect that I *do* find sexy and erotic. Like some people find boys peeing on themselves or fucking while smoking or the aforementioned black knee socks. Assuming everyone has the same kink is really very narrow, (and quite straight). Cheers

  • respect

    PBlunt: go on with yo bad self girl!! This gay is fuggalee. A bit broke down. Needs a tune up.

  • Anton

    Glad I’m not the only one who sees the Noah Wyle resemblance. Too bad we might see him bareback Jake Cruise if he automatically got hard just by Jake asking him to show off his dick.

  • Garrett

    UTTERLY, ABSOLUTELY, RESOLUTELY ordinary and uninteresting.

  • Seeger

    LAClergy: Unable to face the reality that he will indeed grow old.

  • Jared

    Why is he dressed like Lil’ Wayne?

  • Zeke

    He has deliciously furry legs. It’s too bad his dick isn’t the same.

  • Lookie Loo

    LAClergy, which church do you belong to, the Church of Internalized Homophobia? P.S. the 30+ club includes the 20+ club, as does the 40+ club. The club just keeps getting bigger, which suits me fine. Too bad you seem unable to accept this.

  • shane

    I have never been turned on by the word “Solo” so much in my life before.

  • Jason

    His is name is Jude, some him a couple years on the site. Pretty decent


    he looks like peter o’toole for me…. a bit too old for his age….

  • Todd

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