CockyBoys: Kyle York & Jackson Wild

Kyle York & Jackson Wild at

Kyle York & Jackson Wild at

Kyle York & Jackson Wild at


Kyle York & Jackson Wild at

Kyle York & Jackson Wild at

Watch Kyle & Jackson at

CockyBoys wrote:

Last weekend I was out with some of the Cockyboys to celebrate Jackson’s bday. After he got nice and shit faced he grabbed me and said “Dude, when are you gonna let me do a scene with Kyle and his fat cock?”. Hey, you only have to ask me once if you’re as hot as Jackson and want to be fucked on camera. The next day I invited Jackson over for a dip in the pool and called up Kyle and told him if he wanted a piece of the hottest throat and ass in the city he better get over to my place asap. Kyle was over in 10 minutes. They start off with a race in the pool – loser had to get fucked (though Im pretty sure Jackson threw the race). Jackson gobbles up Kyle’s prick, EASILY deep throating a cock most size queens would flinch at. Kyle asks “Think you can suck it under water?”. Jackson takes that under water fuck pipe all the way down his throat without a bit of trouble. Kyle turns around to give Jackson full access to lap away at that man hole of his. Then Kyle tells Jackson what he really wants: to fuck his ass hard! Jackson eagerly bends over and gives his ass up for Kyle’s dick. Jackson practically screams as Kyle drills away like an oil pump. Then Jackson flips over onto his back to take more of that thick bone. Next up Jackson puts Kyle up onto his shoulders and pile-drives Kyle’s waiting hole. Before you know it Kyle’s spraying his load all over his chest as Jackson shoots his wad with him. Happy fucking birthday Jackson! Check it!

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  • waybigfan


  • jason

    thats a lot of beauty!

  • phunky

    All of those video captures make it seem very Jackson-centric, which is disappointing. He does absolutely nothing for me, and the other guy looks like he might be kind of hot.

  • Sophomore

    This site has it’s ups and downs. From the pics this one looks like a down.

  • Zeke

    mmm…They’re both gorgeous! I wish we had seen more action.

  • LOLman

    I think Jackson is gorgeous man, woo!