RandyBlue: Drew Sawyer

Drew Sawyer at Randy Blue

Drew Sawyer at Randy Blue

Drew Sawyer at Randy Blue

Drew Sawyer at Randy Blue

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Randyblue wrote:

There are some guys that you look at who just leave you speechless. Drew Sawyer is one of those guys. You start at his handsome face that can grab your attention from all the way across the room. And as if that wasn’t enough you move slowly down his perfect, naked body to his strong shoulders. You just want to rest your head on them while you wrap your arms around his firm torso, running your fingers along the ridges of his abs, not so much a six pack as it is an eight pack! His delicious nipples poke out from a pair of pecs so hard you could beat out a rhythm on them. And if you’re lucky, he’ll wrap his manly arms around you so you can feel every inch of his beefy biceps. He touches you with hands that would be tough enough to bend steel yet delicate enough to stroke your cock right up to the edge of orgasm and then keep you there for a good long while before you shoot, causing you to cry out in the most exquisite pleasure you’ve ever felt. And let’s not even begin to talk about his legs! They’re enough to make you want to run your tongue up and down each one. This guy doesn’t have an ounce of body fat, absolute perfection. And he was so comfortable in front of the camera. I decided to film him in the gym because I wanted you guys to get to see every inch of his body in action. When he lifts those weights you can see every muscle at work and you won’t be able to think about anything else.

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  • Riley

    Nice Ass among other things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jo

    small dick but nice cookies and body

  • clusterfuck


  • LA Clergy

    I agree with JO: Small dick and nice bod otherwise. Smaller dicks are great for oral sex.

  • Calvin

    That’s hardly a small dick. It’s the perfect length and nicely thick. The body is superb. Sweet face, too. I hope he’s a gay guy into gay sex in front of a gay audience.

  • Josh

    Slammin body…Kind reminds of Ed Norton…hmmm…

  • Jason M in Charlotte, NC

    A winner. Spectacular chest. Delicious face. Great hair. Perfect cock – not too big, not too small. I can’t wait to see him with another gay guy.

  • Zane

    Yet another dude with a hot body and fug face. Where does he find them?

  • Garrett

    This guy is a 100% winner. Great face, incredible body. As for the cock silliness, on what planet is that a small cock? I want more of him, and I want it soon. Maybe with Malachi. Nobody with tattoos, please.

  • Paleo

    YES. YES. YES. Beautiful body, face, and cock. I hope his personality is warm and passionate.

  • Ethan

    A beauty. I love him.

  • matt


  • Topher

    I am surprised that no one has mentioned that Drew looks drugged out of his mind in every image…

  • gero Matteo

    The guy is just beautiful. Great body and attitude.
    Regular dick size but what’s wrong with that?. He is just a million dollars dude.

  • aj

    seriously i think everyone of you who say small dick are the ones with the real small dicks! if your is so amazing why arent you doing porn?

  • TK

    He has an amazing body and a decent-sized dick, with a nice head on it. I don’t agree with the great hair… to me it’s distracting in its styling. The shorts are also weird. But overall I have to say that this is an improvement over some of the recent RB solos.

  • LA Clergy

    AJ: for people that is used to watch porn that is a small dick. In real life he is normal. As far as porn goes his dick is small.

    yeah I would love to see him in a sex scene here.

  • cullen

    That dick is small PERIOD. I think the ones defending that little thing must have a little penis as well, be in love with someone who has a small penis, or have never been with someone with a big penis. I’m sorry but anything less that 6 inches is on the small side. If you want to see a big dick go to the next post from chaosmen now THAT is a big dick!!!!!

  • Ted

    Sorry cullen, dicks aren’t everything as much as breast size isn’t everything for every Hetero guy. I think this guy’s hot, something about the face!

  • Neo Geo

    Less than five inches is small. 5 to 7 inches is average. 7 to 9 inches is large. Over 9 inches is huge. Other positive standards within these numbers depends on girth. That’s been the porn standard since the sexual liberation era of the 1960s – when hard-core gay porn came out of the closet, and it always will be the porn standard.

    To help you figure it out, a thick 5 and 1/2-inch cock is better any day than a pencil-thin 8-inch cock.

    As for Drew, his penis is average in a good way – there’s a very pleasing thickness to it, and his body and face are absolute perfection. Great lips. The nipples are magnificent.

    Let’s face it, having those wonderful arms wrapped around you – and having your head resting against that delicious chest would be a lovely gay sexual experience, indeed.

    More Drew, please, and soon.

  • Zane

    Topher, that’s because we’ve grown accustomed to Randy Blue hiring “meth-faced” models. Remember poor Colby Keller? Started off so hot, but in his last few vids he looked pasty, strung out and desperate for his next fix.

  • mountii

    in the US the average dick is 5 inches NOT 6 that is a myth, the controversy is that when the test subjects were allowed to measure themselves it corrupted the data and over night the avg JUMPED from 5 to 6

  • cullen

    AVERAGE MY ASS!!!!! Anything smaller than 6 inch’s has me rolling my eyes. Size matters, I can’t believe you people are trying to defend 5 inches as being satisfying.

  • Playwitme

    Who wants a 20 inch cock in their ass??
    That seriously KILLS!! This cock is perfect!!
    This guy’s face is hot enough to bring me down!!
    He has all the qualities: Hair, face, body, cock—