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Patrick Dunne turns heads everywhere he goes. His handsome face with the chiseled features, hazel eyes and bright smile is the first thing people notice. Taking off his shirt you’ll see that he’s a smooth muscular blond jock with a great set of six pack abs, hard pecs and big strong arms. And regardless of a preference for hairy or smooth guys, Patrick is the best of both worlds because when he drops his pants you can’t miss those hairy legs. It’s quite a contrast between the smoothness of his upper body and the lush body fur of his legs, ass, balls and pubes. It’s quite a striking effect that just makes him all that much hotter. He grabs his cock and works it so hard while his breath quickens, small beads of sweat form on his brow and his face takes on a passionate look. He knows how to wring every drop of jizz out of his aching hard cock and when he spurts his white creamy goo all over his smooth stomach he lets out a contented sigh.

Watch Patrick Dunne’s Video Clip | Visit

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  • AaronJL

    The first thing I noticed (and looked for in the rest of the pictures) is that he is ink-less. +1 for that.

    I did not go ‘ewwww’ like a silly school girl. +1 for that.

    More sensual than sexy and more handsome than cute. +2 more.

    Not hung like a horse but a bit more than 6 (from what I can tell) and thick. +1 more.

    Guess that means we like him. The +2 points comment came from Skip. I agree because sensual is better than sexy. Sometimes a guy has both, but it’s usually in the eyes.

  • luca

    Wow, he looks like a Hollywood actor! Too bad he is probably one of those “one time performers” on the site.

  • PauloD

    Groomed, but not shaved. Thank you for that.

    I’d spend hours on that ass.

  • bob80

    Wow, the kind of guys that makes us gays fall in love: next door str8 hunk.
    I hope he comes back for more.

  • porndog

    Nice. I’m a sucker for a hairy bottom half; it adds a dirty component to an otherwise vanilla landscape. I would say he’s handsome on the low end of the scale.

  • martinp18

    isn’t this weston from fratmen?

    • AaronJL

      Looks like the same guy to me. Surprises me a bit that he was off the radar for a year. Comments on Fratmen look positive.

    • Riley

      Yes, and your both right it is MY WES!!! ;) Glad he is back even if he is at RB would have loved to have seen him at CF or SC for guy-on-guy action. Who knows hopefully RB will GIVE US MORE!!!!!!!! ;)

    • FTLRSW

      Wow….it’s amazing how you all are on top of who’s who.

  • jmdrwac

    Would a smile be too much to ask?

    • AaronJL

      Photos 2 & 5, Mr. Dean. I like those the best. Subtle, which I always find very appealing.

  • Orion Hunter

    Not bad. No, not bad at all. For some reason, I would have liked to have seen this model in a different color of underwear. Something like an indigo or deep red to really complement his skin tone.

    Minor quibble.

  • Established One

    Yep, I think he is hot…have hair in all the right places. Not bad of a dick too. I say YES!

  • I will have to check him out, sometimes normal is very very sexy!

  • tyler

    jexus fucking chrixt he is gorgeous everywhere

  • fabrice

    Sadly, probably another of those handsome one-time deals. Too bad RB can’t get more of the hot solo performers to do man-on-man, cause lately — they’re performers leave a lot to be desired (looks wise).

  • paul84

    Berautiful body. I’d love to deepthroat that great cock

  • Auggy

    Ummmmm…he’s okay…kind of generic.

  • FFVIIMidgar

    Sexy! With a delicious looking cock I could bob up and down on. Sexy feet too.