ChaosMen: Mica II

Mica II at ChaosMen

Mica II at ChaosMen

Mica II at ChaosMen

Mica II at ChaosMen

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Chaosmen wrote:

Well, it’s true, I don’t seem to have that many African American dudes on the site.

So I was super pleased when Mica approached me about doing gigs. He’s done work elsewhere, so he was relaxed and ready to go. I try to encourage energy and for the guys just to crazy, so I think it’s nice to see him really beat his meat with wild abandon.

He seems up for more work, and I do believe there is a blow job in his future.


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  • Jason

    Omg! How the hell is Bryan getting all the Frat Men!? Hurley now this guy. Omg keep em coming. And I’m not going to do that first crap that sht is so dumb and immature.

    But damn! How about hiring Casey or Jaden eh?

  • TC

    He looks like Marlon Wayans, only bigger in size.

  • leonardo

    He is fratmen Ty

  • Vince

    I want to see him fuck Teo. And flip flop with Zane.

  • Prancer

    A brotha..say what. I aint mad some flava for a damn charge. Btw he does not look like any of the waynes bros..they wish they looked like him and who cares if he was on that wack ass frat men.

  • mountii


  • It’s very rare for me to get excited from any of the black guys on these sites, but here is an exception.

    Thank God he didn’t rip out his eyebrows like that other recently showcased model.

  • David

    very nice, especially that phat booty. That hole looks like it has been fucked before……LOL

  • Alister

    Put a bag over his face and maybe…

    • big wolf dick

      hes really cute and i love his ass and his dick i wish he would fuck me hard hes so hot

    • big wolf dick

      wat hes cute i love his dick and his ass

  • The real RJ

    Get him to fuck his frat-buddy Nash!

  • Ptolymy

    This is chocolate at its best. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with his face or his body. I don’t get these sad, twink-loving, big bellied white boys and their negative comments about the Black men featured on the porn sites. This site is full of trailer park looking White boys, but you don’t read statements like: :I really don’t get into Whites, but if you put a bag over his head then, maybe.”

    We don’t say racist, hateful shit like: “He looks okay for a White guy . . .?

    White gays always scream about their rights and anti-discrimination, but they are some of the most bigoted, racists around.

  • chad

    It hardly shocks me anymore. Whenever a black model is featured on a porn website/blog that predominately displays white models, there are going to be some negative comments (even if passive aggressive or covert.) It’s just how some folks tend to act when they see something that they aren’t used to.

    Anyway, Ty…eh…’Mica II’…is hot. I hope that he returns to do some scenes with other models, and I hope it’s not raw. It’s nice to see something on CM other than Teo and Silas barebacking.

  • Truth

    II would sooo fuck! His smile makes him look goofy tho. yeah, maybe a bad is needed. But id stilll soooo fuck!

  • Delirious D

    He also did a solo at recently

  • Tom

    -> Ptolymy
    Maybe gays are racist because blacks are often homophobes

  • – Marc

    ^ That’s a crock of shit and a petty excuse. You don’t answer bigotry with bigotry. If someone can channel a racist side to their personality because they see someone else being homophobic, then they were already racist to begin with and just needed an excuse to put it on display. And chances are it would have come out eventually, whether they saw someone being homophobic or not. No one can make you a bigot. That’s a choice you decide.

  • Tom

    I don’t personally hold those veiws, I think all people are equal, i was just proffering an explination for those that do.

  • ben

    hot bod, ugly face

  • ben

    and it aint have shit to do with his race, a guy like eddie diaz has a hot bod and face

  • jeremy

    his face is kinda boyish looking, but his body rocks… and I dont think the ‘bag over face’ was about him being black (although I could be wrong) but maybe just turned off by any goofy-young look. (and not goofy-dumb, just goofy in the seems to be really relaxed and doesnt take himself or posing too seriously.)

  • chad

    It’s his smile that’s goofy. When his mouth is closed, his face is fine.

  • cullen


  • elmtree

    Finally a man with a body to match Zane’s. PLEASE pair these two up. How hot would that be…

  • Fire

    Its ridiclous that every time these sites have a blk model it turns into the fucking 60s. I have no problem with the blk models being criticized if they are in fact fuck up ones exempt. However there is not a damn thing wrong with mthis guy and some of u guys are just talking shit just to be talking..not to mention that none of u guys running your mouths could probably light a fuckin candle next to this guy.

  • Nick

    He has a great ass. I’d love to see it fucked.

  • Rich

    What a stunning man. His skin glows. Natural beautiful bid, gorgeous infectious smile. He looks comfortable, relaxed, masculine, probably gay, happy and healthy. So often if you look too closely the guys on this site look like desperate queens, crack addicts or retards. This guy is hot as hell. Great cock and and arsehole that needs stuffing.

  • joeq

    he looks good when he keeps his mouth closed. sorry bad teeth are a turn off. otherwise very hot.

  • nigh, Nigh!, NIGH!!!

    Why is no longer on Fratpad?

  • asf

    I think he is cute but he has gained some mass since fratpad. He is too big imo

  • Daniel

    Everything’s so big it ain’t attractive. His head looks disproportionately small to his body and he shouldn’t be allowed to smile.

  • kristupa saragih

    please do “Service” Video with him…He’s so fucking hot!

  • LOLman

    What? He’s Black!?

    No, I kid. One of the reasons why I like Randy Blue is because of the diversity. I find men of all races attractive, but too much of one thing gets kind of boring. If ChaosMen starts to feature a diverse set of models, they can have my money.

    And I’m not gonna front, if that dude hit on me, I’d be a pile of goo.

  • Anton

    He’s hot, but his grill needs to be fixed, pronto! Other than that he’s pretty much a ten! Hmm, I’d love to see him and Eddie Diaz in a flip flop session. That shit would be hot as hell.

  • max

    Why all this excitement? He’s got a small cock and the cumshot is a meagre trickle.

  • Jason

    Tom on May 26, 2009 @ 6:34 am

    How could you punish gay black men with racism, because of what straight black men, say? We don’t hate white gays because of white straight racism.

    No wonder Gay black men are on the downlow…

  • Brian from Detroit

    Smoking Hot!

  • Anton

    Exactly, Jason. What Tom said is bullshit. I’m black, was teased by straight black guys growing up — even tormented — doesn’t mean I should hate black guys, gay or straight. I wouldn’t doubt for a second that white gay men like Tom have terrible relations with gay black men.

  • Reul

    He’s a kid with a nice body and a so so face. His teeth have a gap, so what’s the big deal? His body beats his face but he has a pleasant personality. He’s black, so what? There are ugly blacks as well as ugly whites. He has a killer ass and I’d fuck him any day. He will probably grow into his features and look fine. Get over the racism from what I’ve read it seems all are showing a racist glow.

  • DavidY

    Am I the only one that doesn’t care what he looks like and would fuck (or get fucked;)) by this guy without a second thought?? I’m DESPERATELY hoping to see this guy in some actual fucking/servicing action. I’m asian and I LOVE chocolate!!

  • Zeke

    MMMM He’s gorgeous. He has a very rimmable and fuckable hole.