CorbinFisher: Ty’s First Time

Ty's First Time at CorbinFisher

Ty's First Time at CorbinFisher

Ty's First Time at CorbinFisher

Ty's First Time at CorbinFisher

Ty's First Time at CorbinFisher

Ty's First Time at CorbinFisher

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Corbin wrote:

Though this is Ty’s first time actually fucking a guy, it’s not his first time fiddling around with guys. He’s had some of what he refers to as drunken play and fun, and doesn’t deny the fact that he was looking forward to fucking Travis here. He had even taken a look at Travis’ scene with Josh, in which Travis had his now-famous hands-free cumshot, and decided at that point that he really wanted to go for trying to make Travis do that again! As Ty and Travis sit there on the bed chatting it up at the start of this video, Ty’s very direct about the fact that he was wanting to fuck Travis and experience how much fun “going all the way” with a guy could be when it’s with a guy that clearly loves it, craves it, and is so good at it!

For his part, Travis was also looking forward to this one! He’d heard that Ty was packing a pretty big dick, and so couldn’t wait to take it on. Travis doesn’t just appreciate how good it can feel to get fucked, but also appreciates how much better it can feel with on the receiving end of a long, thick cock.

So, these guys were just perfect for one another – Ty the super horny guy who is willing to try out just about any and everything that promises some physical pleasure and fun, and Travis the eager bottom who shamelessly loves a big dick inside him and getting his hole thoroughly worked over.

You can tell Travis can hardly contain his excitement when he finally gets Ty’s dick out of his pants and starts to suck on it. He looks literally fascinated by the shape of Ty’s cock, the size of his balls, and the prospect of getting that inside him. He’s constantly breaking out into that trademark smile of his while sucking on it. Meanwhile, Ty looks like there’s absolutely no place he’d rather be than on the receiving end of a blowjob from Travis… apart from, of course, with his dick buried in Travis’ hole.

“You got a big dick!”, Travis can’t contain himself from blurting out at one point.

After some laughter at that, Ty asks Travis, “How far can you go?”, encouraging him to try deep-throating it. Taking a dick all the way down his throat isn’t Travis’ specialty, though. Travis’ intentions are to take that dick all the way up his ass, instead!

The atmosphere in this one is a bit hard to peg! As much lust and all-out horniness as there is between these two, it’s also clear they’re both just having a blast! It’s like watching two good buddies playing around and just having themselves a good time, never afraid or hesitant to smile and laugh when they feel like it. Even when Travis slowly lowers himself on to Ty’s cock and has this totally intent and focused look on his face, he can’t help but again laugh and say, “You’re dick is huge!”.

Soon, that huge dick is driving in and out of Travis’ ass, and you just know they’re both loving every bit of that. I think that Travis’ repeated comments about the size of Ty’s dick were as much to remind himself of that fact and get himself all the more worked up to get it inside him as they were to engage Ty in some chatter.

Travis’ dick is nothing to shake a stick at, either, and it’s not long before it’s as hard as can be, rivaling Ty’s own cock in size and hardness while Ty reaches around to stroke Travis while he fucks him.

As you see inch after inch of Ty’s cock slide in and out of Travis hole, you just know Travis is on cloud nine. Knowing how much Travis loves getting fucked, it’s that much hotter seeing him get fucked by a big dick that he can not only appreciate and enjoy but that also does justice to how much he enjoys getting drilled!

Taking it hard and fast from behind, Travis is slowly stroking his own cock when he realizes he’s getting closer and closer to shooting. Letting go of his dick and letting the big dick that’s pounding all the right spots inside him finish the job, Travis again blows a load brought on by getting fucked! That completely blows Ty away and has him pumping harder and faster and moaning and groaning louder.

Knowing just how animated Ty can get when cumming, I had to wonder just how they’d manage as it was Ty’s turn to blow his own load. Standing up, with Travis kneeling in front of him eager to take Ty’s cum into his mouth and all over his face, Ty’s spasm’s and gyrations make for an extra hot sight as Travis has to almost fight to get as much of Ty’s cum down his throat as possible. Travis never looked so eager and intent on getting someone’s cum into his mouth as he does here, trying to keep up with Ty’s jolts and spurts! Indeed, he almost looks starving and desperate for it!

After that hot session, the guys finish things off in the shower, their big dicks hanging their between their legs and both looking thoroughly satisfied and happy!

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  • F-Bomb

    This one was hot!! the beginning, middle, and end were so CUTE!! i love that Ty was a fan of Travis’ and had him blushing at the beginning!! it was so precious, lol! of course travis taking ty’s big dick was an obvious perk!! definite 5 stars from me! XD

  • caseypgy

    Could Travis be any cuter/sexier/more adorable?! I swear, I really do have a crush on him. Sad, I know. This hands-free cum shot doesn’t seem quite as “spontaneous” as his first one with Josh, but it doesn’t make it any less hot. For me, Travis alone is worth the monthly fee … Corbin, keep Travis and those hands-free cum shots cumming! (Lame pun, I know.)

  • daaan

    hot but not enough, still i’ll fuck them both.

  • chad

    Looks REALLY bland/vanilla…

  • jay

    Everyone go apply to CF and try to fuck Travis! Let’s make him cum boys! >:D

  • Mike

    The fellas are a bit slim for my tastes, but I still found the video to be really hot. There’s a great goofy vibe between the two that makes it fun to watch.

    And it’s plain to see that Travis REALLY loves getting fucked. Just the pure enjoyment on his face makes this a great video.

  • Dave

    I’m really liking Travis being every new guys “first” male fuck!!! Always a HOT performance.

  • RooBee

    Travis reminds me of Christan Bale in The Machinist. That boy needs to eat.

  • Josh

    Hot! Love these two.

  • Prancer

    Ill just put it in the words of David Allen Grier and Damon Waynes..HATED IT!

  • Anton

    Travis, I love you!

    Yes, yes, I know, I should be focusing on Ty since this is supposedly his “first time,” but as usual, Travis steals the show in each video he’s in. The boy got skills that would rival the best bottoms in mainstream gay porn. Travis usually isn’t the type I go for — the skinny type — but he is truly my favorite on CF. CF should thank his lucky stars that Travis hasn’t moved on to bigger/better gay porn companies. He gives bottoms like Mason Wyler a run for their money.

  • Nick

    So hot! And I love how Ty was so into Travis. And Travis’ insane cuteness at the end when Ty basically said he wanted Travis to fuck him. LOVED IT! A+

  • Sala-MAN-der

    Ditto to every positive comment made. Huge, huge, huge Travis fan here too. Corbin doesn’t like to hook the same guys up right away too often, but I say he makes an exception here since Ty suggested role reversal during the shower scene. I’d love to see Trav try to get Ty to airgasm.

    I’m also going to say that Ty is totally my type body wise. He’s H-O-double-T, and his orgasm was out of this world, one of the longest and most enjoyable since Dawson’s eyes rolled up in his head. If Trav could get him to airgasm Ty could honestly flood the house. Ty also needs to perform and little fun below the waist, and I can hardly wait to see what happens when he discovers the joy of rimming. He might turn into a ty-phoon (talk about bad puns).

  • baz

    Travis is still nowhere near being my favourite CF dude, but he and Ty had CRAZY chemistry in this. HOT.

  • Elijah

    A definite keeper! It had some goofy chemisty, hot make-out sessions, and Travis, showing again, why he is CF’s best bottom right now (with Jeff being a close second.)

  • Ed

    HOT HOT HOT! Travis IS the best bottom. It is plain to see that he absolutely enjoys getting fucked. This vid is a definite 10.

  • evan

    totally awesome — love them both, would take either of them in a heartbeat

  • jupter

    I think that Ty will be a more interesting bottom than top. Can’t wait to see that scene.

  • JP

    This was a pretty sweet video but I liked the Travis/Josh one better. Travis’ cumshot in that was maginificent.

  • Topher

    Sometimes overusing a model can be irritating. But, when it comes to Travis, I can’t get enough of sweet Trav’s power bottoming….

  • boyfanmovie

    Ty definitely had a crush on Travis, and treated him like his little girlfriend, which made the cutest foreplay of CF. The chemistry is huge. Awesome video! CF should definitely discovers more new top, rather than keep use the old ones over and over again. Keep these new kids cumming!

  • Zeke

    Travis is HOT, as usual. Ty isn’t, though, unfortunately.

  • anonymous

    Ty isn’t hot, but he is fairly good looking and he has a great dick, unlike some of those other newer guys. He was also definitely into Travis and their chemistry made the vid hotter. Really liked this new one.

  • caseypgy

    Watched the video again, and thought it was even hotter the second time around. Travis is not only the best bottom at CF, he’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. He so clearly enjoys it, that I just don’t know if there’s any reason for him to top again. I agree with the comment that Ty might make a good bottom, but I think it should be with a great top, not Travis.

    @Sala-MAN-der: never heard the term airgasm before, but I loved it! I agree that it would be hot to see Ty cum hands-free or hopefully we’ll get more airgasms from Travis (I’m thinking on his back while he shoots on his chest and stomach would be hot plus give us a great view of the no hands action!)

  • Jesse

    I’d like to see Travis have a real hands free orgasm. I.E. the top holds his hands down the entire time. LOL, don’t know if that’s actually possible though. Never has been for me.

  • Jesse

    Wow, they are the flirtiest ever. So cute. And hot.

  • nado

    I just came arcoss this.
    Isn’t he TY on with messy hair??!!
    here is the link:

  • CFfans

    I want to watch TY become bottom please….

  • LadiezMan

    I think Ty is bangin. Love that dude. And Travis is pretty hot too. Both have great dicks, and both are passionate and so cute. They make a great couple.

  • GIL

    Primeira vez?!? Tá louca!!!

  • ThomT

    Just watched this again today and it’s still one of my CF favorite videos. I think Travis is a bit too thin but absolutely love the chemistry between these two guys. Watching Ty’s cum shot is worth the entire video as it’s obvious that he had a really good time. Loved watching him jack Travis while fucking him – too hot!