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CorbinFisher: Connor Fucks Travis

Connor Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Watch Connor & Travis at

Corbin wrote:

If you’re in the US and reading this video description… I hope you either voted prior to today or earlier today! If you haven’t yet, go! The site, this vid, and all of CF’s studs will be here waiting for ya when you get back :)

For those ready to proceed… on to Connor fucking Travis!

Could I even consider putting Travis in a non-hardcore video these days? Heck no! He loves getting fucked so much that even if I tried to film him in a video that, at the outset, didn’t involve him getting fucked he’d probably find some way to change that by the end of it. Indeed, in a recent video over on ACS where Travis introduced Joe to his first ever bit of guy/guy action during a hot bi-three-way, Travis managed to get Joe’s dick inside him!

It’s clear Travis couldn’t wait to get Connor’s dick inside him, either! Indeed, Connor is armed with a pretty hot cock and is also one of the most physically imposing guys at CF – tall, muscular, and terribly good looking.

As soon as Travis gets Connor’s dick inside him, he looks like he could blow his load at any second. Travis doesn’t deny the fact that getting fucked puts him on the verge of cumming right away, and even if he were to say that wasn’t true his facial expressions and body language would tell the real story! As much as I love just how obvious Travis makes it that he likes to get fucked, there’s also something I find insanely sexy about how Connor sometimes looks when he’s fucking a guy. It’s as if a part of him wants to hold back a bit, but his dick just feels so damn good and he’s so thoroughly in to how tight and hot another guy’s hole can be that he can’t help but enjoy it all!

Connor and Travis are two of CF’s most popular guys and joined us right about the same time, so I’m thrilled we’re finally getting to see them in action… and they quite enjoyed it as well!

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  • MM

    video is hot cause i like to see fucking but it’s the same ole dudes.ok we know your assholes are used merchandise,the question is are they diseased.

  • Rich

    MM it sounds like you don’t get much action there? Why are you worried if they’re diseased? It’s porn you’re not gonna fuck them, or do you wish you could?

  • Jay

    When the fuck are we going to see hte new guys?

  • Joe-A

    Travis looks so hot when he rides back on a dick. He moves a little fast, but I’d happily teach him how to establish a deep slow rhythm….

  • kevin

    IF YOU WANT NEW ALL THE TIME GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!! i doubt the people that are always bitching don’t even subscribe….so stfu

  • alex

    hot but connor is starting to get a bit pudgy. he’s a very cute guy, i just hope he doesn’t lose his once super hot, tight bod.

  • kbk

    It is always great when you witness someone´s growing. Connor has been growing at CF ever since his debut. In his first videos, he was kinda shy. Now he takes the lead and makes his partner feel who is in charge, without being aggressive. I hope the smile step will come soon, Connor. You are so fucking cute and hot and a smile will be a killing weapon.

  • travis

    This is a great video. I like Connor but most of all I love watching Travis get fucked.

  • peter

    i would watch travis ride a midget, he looks like he really enjoys a cock up his ass.

    travis vids should be qequired viewing for str8 boys so they know what fun they are missing.

  • rover

    Sorry, but this is a DREADFUL video = “Attack of the Killer Pudding” aka “Connor sleeps through again” !

    I am absolutely at a loss as to why Connor is employed – he is actually PAID to have sex …!
    I wonder if he’s Corbin’s boyfriend …? or whether he has incriminating evidence hanging over Corbin …?
    Of all the hotties available, CF continues to use Connor … WHY ?!?!?

    Truly he has ONE expression – and that’s expressionLESS.

    alex says : “he’s a very cute guy, i just hope he doesn’t lose his once super hot, tight bod.”
    Hmm, surely to be cute a chap has to have at LEAST one cute look ie joyful, mischievous, sultry, ALIVE (?) = sorry, not Connor (“I don’t do emotions darling”) he’s incapable of anything but BLANK and as for super tight bod (!) Admittedly Conor is not fat nor overweight BUT he IS A PUDDING = scientific fact !

    lol – Corbin you’ve finally lost me :
    despite the sometimes low-level interior lighting; the extreme lighting contrast & annoying water soundtrack of the outside pool; the woefully poor screen-caps (get a digital camera) and the tiny amount of time given to the actual sex (check out Sean Cody) …
    I have remained loyal, loving most of the guys and their constant Schnitzler ‘la ronde’ permutations …
    BUT FINALLY, Connor has won & I have lost ! Bye-bye membership xx

  • Riley

    DAYUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM that shot flying past Travis face now that must have been a real hardcore
    SEX Session? ;)

  • rover

    kbk says “I hope the smile step will come soon, Connor … a smile will be a killing weapon.”

    lol – Oh sweet, naive kbk I simply HATE to break this to you but Connor has been on CF for a year (nov ’07) and NEVER once cracked so much as a grin, let alone a smile … Connor either cannot(?) or will not(?) ‘do’ smiles (“sorry darling, I DON’T do smiles”) nor any other human emotion … I know, sad isn’t it !

    Oh, and there’s no such person as the tooth fairy … and Father Christmas doesn’t exist !!

    Ciao bambini xx

  • kbk

    Thankyou Rover. But is still believe that Connor can smile. He will do it.

  • brandon

    well rover it took longer for dawson to become a good bottom so he might be alright. I would like more new guys as long as they are fucking travis. I adore him and he is without a doubt my favorite porn guys which is ironic since I usually like the big guys

  • Bryan Kansas

    Dull. Duller. Dullest. How bored can one person look? How boring can one person be? It’s the Connor Effect that keeps me from signing on to Corbin Fisher. I just don’t want to pay good money to see that laggard do anything. Although, one would think that with the money CF is paying him, he’d go a gym and get rid of the pudge.

  • maberarc

    Connor looks bored because he is a BOTTOM!! I don’t know how long he’s gonna be pushed on becoming a top…

  • Rick

    Oh Crap, here we go again, Conner what a boring fuck, as stated no emotion,no smile, I would have gotten rid of him a long time ago. Travis is getting old as well, how about lets get some of the newer guys engaged.
    Corbin if your content doesn’t improve your membership numbers are going to suffer. Take a look at Chaosmen, they are my new # 1 site….And my membership with is going bye bye. I am not going to continue to spend good money to watch the same ol boring crap week after week.
    It’s time for some new content and quick.

  • stanley

    Well, I’m sticking w/ CF. I like that I’m sure the boys they got are really what they are- they can do it with girls (in ACS) then they can fuck each other however they want later in ACM, & that’s hot. I finally put my finger on what’s missing with Sean Cody- we’re just relying on his say-so that his men are straight, & he litters his site with too many gay models that they may all be gay after all. We already have too much gays in our real lives, when we say we go online to have the alternative fantasy of watching straight guys have sex, I think it’s what CF gives… & I think it’s hot. I finally decided, I’m sticking with sites with proofs that they really got straight guys- Nextdoor (NextdoorHookups), JC (sg4ge) & CF of course (ACS)….

  • Anjrite

    Jancoke , connor . I can’t to imagine if you in my side . Im always for waiting you . Connor , love u so much .