CorbinFisher: Aiden & Connor Fuck Travis

Aiden & Connor Fuck Travis at CorbinFisher

Aiden & Connor Fuck Travis at CorbinFisher

Aiden & Connor Fuck Travis at CorbinFisher

Aiden & Connor Fuck Travis at CorbinFisher

Aiden & Connor Fuck Travis at CorbinFisher

Aiden & Connor Fuck Travis at CorbinFisher

Aiden & Connor Fuck Travis at CorbinFisher

Watch Aiden & Connor Fuck Travis at

Corbin wrote:

I don’t think I’m over-hyping when I say this one is insanely hot. Rising star Aiden fucks Travis. Connor jumps in. Plus, there’s 5 minutes of raw, fun, behind-the-scenes footage of them in-between takes. If I was in Vegas, I’d say we hit the jackpot!

Aiden’s back and I tell him about how popular his big-tag video was. I tease Travis a little about his recent run of topping videos. “Yeah, I get confused sometimes,” he laughs. His laughter is contagious and Aiden laughs too, before they start kissing.

With someone as built as Aiden, while you can tell he’s buff with his shirt on, it’s when the shirt comes off, that people fully REACT. And Travis definitely reacts! He asks Aiden to flex that huge bicep for him. “You like that?” Aiden asks, almost surprised.

I think part of what makes Aiden so endearing is that modesty. And he never fails to compliment his partners on their bodies and how great they make him feel. He sure was raised right! Travis licks Aiden’s feet, then pulls that giant cock out of Aiden’s shorts.

Travis shows Aiden he knows what to do with a giant cock. He sucks it hard and makes Aiden moan. When Travis asks if Aiden’s ever played with another guy’s cock before, he says no. Aiden turns around and sucks his first cock right then and there!

Travis strokes their cocks together and they kiss. Now Aiden’s ready to have Travis ride his huge dick. Travis straddles him. It takes even an experienced guy like Travis a moment to work his way down that pole. “You’re tight as hell! Oh my god!” Aiden says.

Travis rides that dick like he’s sliding the rail (I think that’s what he calls one of those skateboard tricks he likes to do). Aiden wants to fuck him doggy style, so Travis gets on all fours. Aiden pounds him.

In one of those beautiful spontaneous moments, Travis almost growls as he grabs Aiden’s hip to shove him in even deeper and says “Fuck me!” Travis arches up to take every inch. Travis’ cock is so hard and he yells with almost every thrust. “Yeah, fuck that ass!” he begs.

“I like hearing you scream,” Aiden says. I’m not sure who wouldn’t scream with so much meat stuffed in them. Connor, naked and filming with camera 2, stays in frame, and is rock hard as he shoots these two going at it. I tell him to go ahead and jump in.

Aiden fucks Travis missionary-style. Connor tells Travis to ride his cock after Aiden’s opened him up. Connor jackhammers him as Aiden sticks his huge dick down Travis’ throat. Travis is a lucky, lucky boy to get so much cock at one time!

Connor and Aiden switch places. Travis’s cock may have never been so hard! Connor jerks Travis’ dick as he rides Aiden. Travis blasts a huge load into Connor’s mouth, who slurps it down. Travis is delirious with ecstasy.

Aiden pulls out and Connor takes a second huge load in his mouth. Travis says he can’t feel his legs anymore. I’m not surprised! Travis and Aiden kiss and then Travis sucks Connor off. Connor shoots his load into Travis’ mouth – and that makes Aiden shoot again!!

Connor, Aiden and Travis kiss, and Travis sucks the last drops of cum from both their cocks.

Check out the bonus “fluffer” footage with the guys – especially when Aiden compares the size of his cock to Travis’ forearm!

Days like this definitely make my job the best one in the world!

Watch Aiden & Connor Fuck Travis at

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  • KingSize

    Huh. I wasnt expecting this one! Nice I guess!

    • I agree kingsize, soo didn’t see this update cumming! Would of been perfect if travis had a haircut and connor was absent

    • KingSize

      TOTALLY agree on the connor part!


    It was hott with just Aiden, but when I saw that Connor was there, that really sold it for me.

    Connor is so sexy ……….

    I highly recommend this one….hmmmm mmmmm!!

  • Trepakprince

    Oh Aiden my asshole just twitched!!

  • Fazz

    OMFG Bare Back at CF? :0 :D

    However this sceene looks HOT AS FUUCK!

    I need to watch this Asap.

  • Calfitboi

    oh my….i think i’ll have a fever with this one.

  • porndog

    Wow, glad Aiden finally did an all-male scene. I’m gonna wait until Johnny Marzetti recovers from passing out and read his post. He’ll have to end his CF boycott, lol! :)

    And if I’m not mistaken, was that bareback in the preview photos? (not in the vidcaps) This looks like a really hot one, although I was thinking they could’ve saved Austin for this instead of having him on ACS and not used Travis. But can’t have everything.

    • elmtree

      LOL, I was thinking the same thing about Johnny and the other CF haters/Aiden lovers. Oh the dilemma they now face :)

      BTW, unbelievably hot update. CF out did themselves.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Thanks for thinking of me, guys. I just learned that passing out is especially fun when you dream about Aiden :).

      While I’m disappointed to hear that the actual scene only briefly toys with bareback unlike the shower pics (so still no parity with ACS), well, hell, this *is* Aiden in all-male fuck action!! RAWRRR! So I may just have to break the boycott temporarily with a trial subscription…

      Nice to see cum-eating return in a big way, too. Only wish it was Aiden doing it…better stop, I’m ready to pass out again just thinking about it…

    • Jonny Marzetti

      …and Aiden sucking cock, too! How did I overlook that? RAWWWRR!!

  • Jared

    This woulda been hot with anyone EXCEPT Travis.

    • tantiboh

      Come on, dude! Travis isn’t stunning, but you gotta admit he takes care of what he’s got, and he rides cock like there’s no tomorrow!

      What I like about Travis is he brings passion and enthusiasm to the table. Given the choice between stunning beauty with milquetoast sex and moderate beauty with exciting sex, I’ll take the latter every time! And Travis always delivers it! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a vid where he just ‘phoned it in.’

    • Colby2

      I agree. Travis ruins every update.

  • FeydRautha

    Okay… wow… someone’s certainly trying to make me eat my words.

  • Devvy

    Work it Aiden! to be honest i didn’t think we’d be seeing him on ACM…well maybe once but it seems like he may stick around.

  • LA Clergy

    Now we are talking!!!! Sun tanned and hot as hell. I am the last guy to endorse porn with Travis and Connor. I am so sick of these two. They are nice and all but I have seen them so much that they no longer turn me on at all. But lately so many pale skin here and then a fully bronzed skin is a sight for sore eyes. Yeah they look real good to me. I am so ready for summer!!!!

  • cdman

    Wow, 2 updates from Corbin Fisher in 1 day?! I’m shocked….but in a good way! I’m glad Aiden is back getting in touch with his gay side and….I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned yet…..he is performing oral!!!! Woo-hoo!!! And to think when he did his solo, we were all pretty much ready to condemn him to just videos with women or, at best, topping guys with no kissing or oral. He’s come a long way from his SC days. Now all he needs to do is bottom!

  • reader

    So…when’s Travis going to be retired by CF? He’s over 25 now, right?

    Sigh. Goawayplease.

    • clusterfuck

      Dawson and his expanding forehead are way older. Get rid of him ASAP.

    • reader

      Get rid of Dawson too.

  • tyler

    all i can say is OMG thank you Pete

  • Res1

    I was starting to get the appeal of Travis until I saw the video stills…

  • Bradster

    A surprise update?

    This is pretty hot.

  • Neo

    Bareback Corbin Fisher? I can’t tell. This one looks fun tho. The guys aint particularly hot, but I’ll have to get back to yall on this one.

    • tantiboh

      Guys ain’t hot? Wow, I’m incredibly curious about your tastes if you look at Aiden and aren’t excited! :-)

  • muffintop

    Does it count as bareback on ACM if Aiden and Connor fuck a lesbian?

    • danieldenial

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. omg I’m dying i spit my drink out all over my laptop you owe me a new macbook bitch

    • Colby2

      LMAO! So true!

    • seymour dix

      LOL you beat me to it

      I was going to ask, isn’t anyone going to call Travis a Lesbian soccer mom?

  • moondoggy

    This is fucking delicious. Literally.

  • 3 of my fav cf boys in 1 vid damn! aiden’s face in the last pic is hot- he always has intense cumshots we just need marc , cain and austin to join in now

    • tantiboh

      I’m with you. Connor has got to be incredibly dedicated to have that kind of a body on his tall frame. That’s tough. Travis isn’t the most stunning, but he’s lean and ripped and alluringly enthusiastic. Always a fav of mine. And Aiden? Oh, I can’t say enough about him. Total package.

      All in all, a very pleasant surprise! The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Travis had taken on another DP.

    • porndog

      I also have to give it to CF for a 3-some. How long has it been since SC did one?

    • King Henry VIII

      The last one had by Sean Cody was on November 28, 2008
      Sean Cody:Curtis,Trey,&Rylan to answer your question porndog. So 4 years and a decade ago if i’m correct

  • kd

    OMG!!!! can’t wait to view this, this looks soooo HOT! Aiden sucking cock oh yeah baby…..will get back after I view this one and clean myself up……Later

    • kd

      This was Fuckin Hot, Aiden seems to be fully on board and fucked his ass off. He stayed hard the entire time and was fully into it. He also did a fine job sucking and licking cock. I think we shall see alot more of him in the futue. Travis is an amazing performer and loves to be fucked and can’t get enough of it. Conner was a welcome addition as well, maybe he got thrown into this to loosen Aiden up even more. Also for those who were wondering, when Aiden first penetrates Travis’s ass he is bareback all the way in, he then withdraws so Travis can put the condom on him. This was an amazing video and helps redeem CF for some of the lackluster videos he has been releasing lately. Will definetly be keeping my membership up for now.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      kd, did the bare entry include some fucking too, or was it strictly enter then withdraw then put on condom?

    • Jonny Marzetti

      OK, I guess technically as soon as cock slides into love-canal it’s fucking, but you know what I’m asking…

    • King Henry VIII

      @ kd and Yet he (Aiden) needed a girl in the room with him the 1st time and it was BB.

    • moondoggy

      Johnny, I just watched it, and I feel a little cheated. They did just enough penetration to get the stills that would drive guys like you and me crazy, and then he pulled out and rubbered up. I won’t lie — the whole scene is hot even with the condom, but this is just so patently manipulative. I resent being toyed with. But Aiden is an amazing cummer, even though Connor blocked some of the spurts with his mouth.

    • porndog

      @kd. Cialis does a body good!

    • elmtree

      Moondoggy, I hesitate to open this can of worms but, how can you still feel the limited bb is “manipulative” and “resent being toyed with”? By now you KNOW the bb will be limited on this site so this update can’t be a surprise to you. How do you feel manipulated or toyed with when you know what’s coming? Its kind of like the saying, “fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”…

    • moondoggy

      Hey elmtree, I think that question is totally fair. First of all, I recognize that my appetite for bareback porn is to some degree arbitrary — this scene points that out. I was all over it until I found out about the condom. But for that matter, most of what we find hot is “to some degree arbitrary” … an extra inch here, a sprinkle of hair there.

      That said, I know that CF doesn’t do all-male bareback, except that they DO. Dawson did it years ago with Cody, and then did it again with their Down Under DVD. So sites do evolve, and I thought that’s what happened here until it turned out to be the same-old same-old.

      If their policy is to make all-male bb available through DVD only, I respect that. But the pictures on this waybig post are clearly geared to make us think this whole update is bareback when it isn’t. They have multiple raw-penetration shots here and never reveal the condom. It’s the attempt at misinformation that I resent. Have enough faith in your product to show what’s really there, CF.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Thanks for the scene detail, moondoggy, as well as your perceptive comments about the subtle (or maybe not-so-subtle?) and disrespectful deception going on here. And yes, that all still applies even if this an admittedly hot scene.

      Interesting that you should use the term “raw-penetration” — a very common way to refer to barebacking. Isn’t it interesting how the scene writeup “conveniently” manages to work that word “raw” into the first paragraph?? Just another way to try to lure people into thinking this is actually a bareback scene sans vagina.

    • elmtree

      Moondoggy, ok, fair enough.

      Jonny, the way you clearly feel about CF, you really aren’t going to give them any of your hard earned money just to watch this scene, are you? While I totally disagree with most of your feelings towards CF, I respected your unwavering position. Now you are going to break your boycott for one scene??? I knew you couldn’t possible dislike CF as much as you protest :)

    • Jonny Marzetti

      I plead the fifth :)

  • poison824

    travis is a good performer, would have liked to see julian bottom. ewww at connor. and aiden is sex on legs as always

  • Aries16

    Holy FUCKING COCK!!!

    What an update, what an update;-)

    I first laughed seing the pics a shower scene I said hahaha corbin trying to do a Seanc Cody ala Calvin and Amos Style…

    But to my delirious surprise it was not and it was Aiden, Conner and Travis what a Trio they could definatley be my three wise men any time….

  • Daniel

    Connor ruins it for me.

    Travis needs a haircut.

    • Auggy

      I agree. It was good until Connor joined.

    • sliderboi

      my thoughts exactly… well, actually the other way around. First and foremost, Travis desperately needs a decent haircut. At first he looked hot, then he got the Liza Minelli cut, now he’s got the worst 70s retro-cut possible. and while Travis is getting his hair done, connor could use the time to pack his bag(s) and leave… please.

    • Zee Brat

      Priorities Daniel, priorities.

    • Daniel

      I’ll tolerate Travis’s hair first before Connor.

  • marti1234

    hawt!!! repeat a real threeway so Aiden & Connor take it:)

  • Colby2

    Of course they had to ruin this update with ugly TRAVIS! Fuck you, CF!

  • Auggy

    Travis and Aiden was pretty awesome. I lol’d at Travis and his nervous giggles. :) He’s a mess but he sure did love that cock. Travvy was all over Aiden. Lol. And Aiden did very well for his second time with full-on “man-love”. ;) Aiden and Travis did fuck “bare” but only for a little bit. The rest of the update Aiden fucked Travis with a condom on. Connor joining was really random (he just so happened to be filming the scene, butt ass naked, with a hard dick? How “spontaneous”,CF. :P) and almost (Almost!) a mood-killer because Connor was…about as good as Connor can get. (meh!) His crowning glory was devouring both Travis’ and Aiden’s loads. Yum.

    All-in-all a very hot and unexpected update.   

  • Established One

    Yeah, I must admit too that I never saw this one coming. Aiden sucking dick. I guess there are some things one would do for money. Connor is still sexy as always.

  • nata

    I am a lucky beggar!!! It is absolute HOT-HOT video for me!
    Fantastic AIDEN, magnificent TRAVIS and my main bonus – my love CONNOR!
    O, my God!

  • King Henry VIII

    Why is everyone acting like this is the 2nd coming of Brent or Cameron or some other CF model that was mega well-like. Hell some on this board have dislike/hated Travis and Connor and called them names at one-time or another. And Yet, throw one guy whom no one thought would came back this soon and do guy-guy stuff on this site ACS doesn’t count *female in the room* then everyone with the exception of a few Travy/Connor haters are ready to swoon and go ga-ga just because of Aiden.Give Me A Break. To those whom still dislike Travy/Connor as the Emperor from Star Wars said Good Good Let the DISLIKE flow through your veins. I would have used hate but, it is such a strong word.


    • nata

      Thanks, King Henry VIII!
      Guys have strongly grown! Connor so long went to full-on guy/guy action. Now he magnificent top! And I don’t have big requirement to see his bottom. Travy likes to have sex. When I him see, I don’t think that to him pay. He is universal, but I prefer to see his bottom: I like his orgasm.
      AIDEN – a fantastic.

  • irishdave

    Its impossible to get excited with an update featuring Travis & Connor yet again Im afraid. This does nothing for me and wont entice me to resubscribe.

    Nice to see Aidan giving guy on guy action a try though..Aidan & Joseph together would be perfect, as would Aidan & James..I do hope to see Aidan bottom at some point in the future.

  • Sushi

    Aiden sucking dick is a GREAT sight to see, and I love that Connor is back too.

    I could to without Ellen being in the vid, but we haven’t seen him in a while, so it’s not “terrible.”

    Can’t wait to watch this, and then (if there is a God in Heaven) to see Aiden fucked next.

  • jag2power

    This looks hot! I like the unexpected addition in scene 2.

  • King Henry VIII

    Can’t wait to see what my boy LadiezMan says about this!!
    Where you at Dude? :)

    • nata

      It also is very interesting to me! :-))
      But I him do not see 3-4 days. :'(

  • bob80

    Love it except for the Travis part. Man, do I hate that guy.

  • Orion Hunter

    Several updates later and I still don’t understand all the fanfare and adoration for Aiden (but that’s just me obviously). I’m indifferent about both Connor and Travis *shrugs*. All three guys are attractive but I don’t find them particularly compelling or extraordinary by any porn metric (oh all right, those bodies are very nice). :)

    The weird sexual/identity theatrics and contrivances that have become CF’s stock-in-trade further serve to blunt any desire I might’ve had to watch this scene.

    Moving on.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      “The weird sexual/identity theatrics and contrivances that have become CF’s stock-in-trade further serve to blunt any desire I might’ve had to watch this scene.”

      While I personally find Aiden uber-hot, I couldn’t agree more with your observation that “weird sexual/identity theatrics and contrivances…have become CF’s stock-in-trade.”

  • Nick Minaj

    Everytime I see Travis in an update I want to strangle a kitten..

    I dont get the Aiden worship either, he actually does nothing what so ever for me. I’m only a fan of Conner the bottom, top not so much. Maybe if this was a just Aiden and Conner scene, I would be interested.

  • LiveAndBeGay

    Perfect until Connor arrived. He is so boring in the sack. So emotionally distant. He’s such a bad performer that he can’t even act interested. His orgasms are blah.

  • jlenoconel

    What is the point of only putting a condom on for part of the fucking? It would be like wearing a parachute during only part of jumping from a plane. I hate Corbin Fisher now. They went fucking skanky.

    • brandon85

      I know I’m not for barebacking but they might as well.bareback the entire time

  • marcus carls

    I was noticing the dick sizes on the ACM page. All three of these guys are packing, but they rate Trav’s at 7.5 inches. He may not have the thickest dick, but it’s as long as Aiden’s easy — probably as long as Connor’s as well. This is pure favoritism for the top/s — the old belief that tops are straight and straight is better and all gay men are bottoms with no dicks.


    but politics aside i’m gonna love this!

  • Mike

    I thought Aiden was hot on SC as Roman, but on CF he just looks thick. And he’s getting thicker, and I don’t mean that in a good way. It’s nice that he’s put a cock in his mouth, but it will be interesting when he takes a cock in his ass.

    And Travis, man, stay out of the showers with that hair.

    • King Henry VIII

      As was pointed out in his PA he is getting ready for a muscle comp. So that is why :) MY Aiden :) looks so big. He said when he does his next video he will be in the cut phase of his bodybuilding YUM!!!! :)

  • Res1

    Am I the only one who thinks Aiden is ugly?

    I give into the hype and I am underwhelmed every time.

  • Jazz

    Aiden needs to lay off the Roids….his skin looks terrible.

  • Jazz

    And someone please tell me what is the point of stopping to put on a condom once you’ve already started fucking bareback?

  • Carl

    I was glad to see Aidan suck a cock finally. Despite how big he’s gotten, he still has a winning boyish quality, imo.

    But if CF was going to have him fuck a woman again, it should have been Justin. It would have been a lot hotter. I think Justin is a classy fem.

    It was great to see Connor take those two big loads–especially Aidan’s.

  • humanoid

    these three guys must look very ugly if they appeared on CD247…. Or even in real life… after seeing brody there…

    now all my fantasy about gay porn stars have been all but irrevocably shattered forever……

  • riko

    Shut the front door!!! This was HOT.. ohhhh so nice! :) :)

  • clusterfuck

    Aiden clearly was into Travis which lead to a five-star performance.

    I approve!

  • james08908

    is that a bareback? wow…interesting combination…could have been utilized them in a better way

  • jugde6

    Travis 10/10
    Aiden II 11/10

    Connor is still the love of my life, so I forgive his intrusion. Otherwise I would have said: “Get lost, you are ruining a very hot scene”

  • BladeX

    This was an uber hot update and it definitely did not look like Aiden first time doing oral. He really gave Travis a good suck and slurp and ride. My only fear now is that if Aiden does continue he probably will eventually bottom and do not want it be Dru. Well that is unless Dru bottoms. No I changed my mind, do not want a Dru and Aiden update at all.

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    Every time Aiden makes a video, he generates massive responses…and i do mean MASSIVE responses!!!

  • Frosty Fagtown

    Hottest CF vid EVER! Let’s just say tht i was very “HAPPY’ @ the “END-ing” of this vid! And i 2 am a CF hater, and proud of it cuz the sex/or lack there of over @ CF is beyond weak & simulated! I lurve Aiden! O.M.G. EVERYTHING about this stud! YUMMERS! Connor is my all time fave CF performer, none better! And although Travis is hideous, he knows exactly wht 2 do /w IT! Awesome update, I’m Satisfied!

  • fresero_abre_culos

    Aiden a.k.a Roman a.k.a Gage is really hot but his a filthy skank. It would of been hotter if Trany… sorry Travis and Connor didn0t participate. Connor is hot but is over exposed hope he bottoms for Carter or tops Dante.

  • Dyonathan

    Shut the front door!!! This was HOT.. ohhhh so nice! :) :)

  • jake

    I love this video, but just can’t get over Travis’s new look. Love the haircut, and the body.(: