AmateurCollegeSex: Josh & Brent’s Bi Tag Team

Josh & Brent's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Josh & Brent's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Josh & Brent's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Josh & Brent's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Josh & Brent's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Josh & Brent's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Josh & Brent's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

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ACS wrote:

I don’t want to set the bar too high at the outset, but have to introduce this video with something that Brent told me almost shortly after we’d finished filming it. He and I were getting ready to go out to dinner with a few other models and crew that were around when Brent tapped me on the shoulder and pulled me aside. It was clear he had something he really wanted to say, while not wanting to do so in front of everyone.

“Dude,” he began. “I consider myself pretty damn straight, despite all of this. I love girls, and can’t get enough of them. But that… that bi scene just now with Josh? That was probably the most intense sexual experience of my life.”

I just stood there and stared at him, waiting for a, “Just kidding! Where’s my paycheck?!?” or something. But his serious expression never changed, and all he could do was slowly nod his head.

“Really?” I asked.

“Intense!” Was his reply.

Well, if ever there was a rousing endorsement! From my perspective, standing off to the side and holding a camera in my sweaty hands, it was indeed a hot and intense bit of action! Bi 3somes are always a treat to film for a number of reasons, many of which I’ve already touched on here before. Firstly, I think a girl being present is a real catalyst to these straight studs letting lose. Secondly, despite the girl, they’re already comfortable enough with one another having already begun their CF Educations that there are no inhibitions or hang ups about doing as much with one another as with the girl. Finally, there’s just so much darn flesh to look at and so many positions and acts that are possible!

As things get going here, it’s the image of the guys taking turns going down on the girl while the other rims him that really set things up to be hot. If there were ever two asses that were made to get eaten out, they belong to Brent and Josh!

Things go way beyond just the licking and rimming here, though. This is a full on, hardcore, bisexual threeway! After getting his hole rimmed by Brent for awhile and then switching places to eat out Brent’s ass, Josh is soon behind Brent, sliding his hard dick into his hole. Brent can’t keep from moaning and groaning, all the while turning Josh on more and more.

What better way for a straight stud to really get into fucking another guy than to be able to do so while making out and playing with a girl at the same time? Further, what better way for a straight guy to fully get caught up in how great it feels to get fucked than to be able to eat out a young girl while on the receiving end of a thick dick?

It’s no wonder Brent came out of this having felt like he’d just gone through the most intense sexual experience he’s ever had. Sandwiched between a girl the likes of which he’s naturally inclined to go after and be attracted to, and a thick dick that he simply can’t deny feels great driving in and out of him and the likes of which he’s come to fully appreciate and enjoy since arriving at CF, he’s going through sensory overload at both ends!

For his part, Josh finds himself in the enviable and undeniably hot position of being “stud cock” for this one – taking turns fucking both the girl and Brent with his dick, while at the same time having his mouth and hands free to play with whatever is placed in front of them.

At a certain point, the three find themselves in a position where Brent’s fucking a girl, while Josh is drilling his hole from behind. It’s way, way too much for Brent to handle and he’s blasting off a huge load all over the place in no time. For a guy that’s so used to being in charge when breaking in new guys, he was totally at the mercy of whatever he was being made to feel here! I’m amazed Josh was able to hold out as long as he did – though it didn’t take him that much longer than it took Brent! Soon after Brent’s orgasm and a bit more fucking action with the girl, Josh is firing off his own monster load.

All in all, quite a brilliant bit of action from a CF vet, a CF newbie, and their female friend, followed up by a fun shower with the three of them!

  • lucaslvr

    my gawd!!! that last pic with them on the couch and Josh sucking on Brent’s cock is ‘cumalicious’

  • Sophomore

    I wonder how the “the girl” feels.

  • dobo

    Finally they found a girl who is half decent to look at.. nice rack.

    Brent = Perfection.

  • Richard Janus

    Brent: “I consider myself pretty damn straight, despite all of this. I love girls, and can’t get enough of them. But that… that bi scene just now with Josh? That was probably the most intense sexual experience of my life.”

    Guess he should reconsider.

  • Dillion_McCoy

    Pretty damn straight and fucking guys for the past two years….why didn’t he and Gabe ever get it on?

  • dtg

    Brent, I consider you a pretty damn liar. You’re about as “straight” as a winding road.

  • Josh

    Straight To The Next Cock In Your Mouth!!!..(And ass…)

  • Nobby

    I cant get into either corbin fisher website – anyone else with the same problem?

  • The real RJ

    Why Brent never gets to fuck any of CF favorites? He hasn’t done Dawson, Lucas(ugh), Connor… I hope he gets to fuck Josh, though lately he seems not to get sloppy seconds, only “virgin” meat.

  • JKL

    So glad Josh got rid of his other ridiculous haircut

  • snappinturtle85

    Just more evidence that gay porn is being taken over by breeders and freaks.

  • Von Schlomo

    Yeah, either Brenty is a terribly great actor, or he genuinely is horny for the boys. From his first scenes on CF years ago, he brought an authentic sensuousness, I think, that more than proves his love for the cock.

    Although I resent that the CF veterans seem to at best tolerate bottoming, I’d much rather see yet another dozen Brent scenes, than Dawson or Lucas. (I think Dawson has over 100 scenes now). But what I really wanted to see here when I first saw “Brent & Josh Bi ACS” scene, was Brenty fucking Josh but I’m betting it did not happen. (I didn’t cheat and look at the video still captures. I prefer to leave what little bit of surprise that is possible from a CF video)

    It sure would be fuckin awesome if CF could introduce a hot GAY stud as a regular, wouldn’t it?

  • Dolphin777

    So does the owner check message here? The site has been down for a while now. :-( Member here…

  • clusterfuck

    I would have liked to have seen Josh getting fucked up the ass with his dick in the chick. Boo!

  • Anton

    Josh is one sexy motherfucker! Gawd! I swear each time I see him in a new photo set/video he gets sexier (even in that last update with that awful haircut). That sexy, arrogant smirk of his drives me wild with passion, it’s almost like a trademark of his! This would’ve been so much hotter had it been a three-way with Josh, Brent and Zeke.

  • Mark

    This is a wonderful video. The models are wonderful. I love the bi videos. The shower scene is ultra sexy.

  • LEX

    Not bad update… but cant subscribe cause of those prices…. its getting crazy….i’ll stay a freetard….

  • Fire

    To everybody thats having problems with the site, the reason why its not working is because for whatever reasons they keep changing the damn web address of the site is was now its I just figured it out and now it’s working for me.

  • Brandon

    haha i get so exited and didn’t saw “bi tag team” ..aww lose the girl already! or at least get a not-tranny-looking one. Love Josh (wich looks hotter in every new sesion) and Brent (sex machinee) so badly!

  • mountii

    a bi vid which maybe actually HAWT?

  • sammyp

    it must be great to be a porn person. you don’t have to be an actor or a star. just bisexual.

  • MM

    just plain disgusting.either stick to dick or go eat filthy fish.this type of trash is why people hate & don’t trust gays.str8 guys don’t mind if a gay guy is their womans friend but this bi shit plays into the garbage that gays are confused & it’s a choice.

  • s

    MM you hit it right on the nose. There really is no such thing as “bi” either you suck dick or you dont.

  • Anton

    I swear every guy that has appeared in a video with Josh always has a go at those toes! Lol. CF you hit the jackpot finding Josh. How is it that Josh can pull off being bashful and cocky at the same time? He deserves to go in CF’s Hall of Fame simply for making Travis shoot a load with no hand contact.

    Yeah, I agree with you MM, I’m not really into the bi videos myself, then again, I’m so in love with Josh that I pretty much blocked that ignored that skank and focused most of my attention on Brent and Josh.

  • travis

    omg josh is amazing i love that he sucks dick and eats ass. i would love to eat him

  • Ivan

    another never ending back story – does CF think people come here to read?

  • Edward

    Ivan, exactly. TL; DR. Josh is adorable.

  • Guy

    This vid is HAWT! This despite the girl who has to be the most unattractive of CF’s hoes especially at the end without makeup.

  • jugde6

    I do not like the chick-thing. But Josh got the chance of his life having Brent´s hole to fuck.
    Brent is always a 10 to me no matters what he does

  • HR

    It looks as if though Brent can’t swallow Josh’s dick. must be too large. the gisl spoils everything.