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Fratmen.TV: Wilder (Naked College Jock)

Wilder (Naked College Jock) at

Wilder (Naked College Jock) at

Wilder (Naked College Jock) at

Wilder (Naked College Jock) at

Wild, wild, wilder …

Watch Wilder at Fratmen.TV

  • the-man-pimp


    He is decent lookin, nice package, pretty face, nice chest. Keep up the good work Fratmen TV

  • Nate

    Yeah nice meat

  • mountii

    nICe Dick

  • chipp

    — yeah. this guy is beautiful! right on in so many ways – make him my bf or fb.

  • lucaslvr

    Lately the crop of Fratmen dudes are not like they use to be. Fratmen guys have historically been above average in looks. The last few guys are pretty average…nothing special. I know some people will complain about how vain my comments are, but come on guys, I am paying for porn, so yes, I expect the guys to look better than the average dude I see on the street.

  • phunky

    Oh wow! This guy is hot hot hot! Love his cock, body, and face.

  • LEX

    I’m happy with the guys over the past few months, its been variety and some hottness, with fratmen you going to get something different or even a blowjob surprise, the webcam shows 7 days a week. it more things on fratmen than updates. I think they did a show last night with the pledges.. What site lets you see whats coming up, and Fratmen Wilder is not average!

    never mind the out-of-place comments keep up the good work.

  • MM

    love the cock,ass,feet,smile,vein in the cock,the curve of the cock.but dude that crater on your face has got to go.regardless of what goes on their webcams, it’s good advertising to show what goes on in other venues thru their suck,no fuck,no cum,no jo is seen so it comes off as a nude only site. but wilder really makes me wanna climb thru the internet and blow him to the moon!oh and he can fuck me to the black hole!!!

  • SC Fan

    I never hear any complaining about the lack of Blacks, Asians, or Latinos on this site. Just an observation.

  • andrew

    WOW what a stud in every way! Cute face, muscular build, nice big dick and great ass! A+++ Fratment continues to crank out these guys. I guess paying them approx $2000 for a quick solo session and pics can really give them lots a hot guys to choose from.

  • Prancer

    Because this site is lame, and no one cares. The guys have nice bodies, and often nice dicks..thats it. And this is just my opinion before you frat defenders even get started.

  • evan

    oh yes, i will take him, all of him — love his face body, curved cock, nice sac, all of him

  • WhoraCheri

    Absolutely Gorgeous!!! I just wish the site wasn’t so vanilla, and asked a bit more of the models…would it be so difficult to lean over and say ahhhhh….

  • moondoggy

    HELL yes. Love this. Whichever fratmen you picky queens don’t want, just leave them in the donation box on my back porch. I will find a good home for every one of them … in the back of my throat.

  • Sameol


  • Anton

    Er, SC Fan, maybe it’s because Fratmen isn’t even in the same league as Sean Cody. Sean Cody is the biggest amature gay porn site on the web, to the point where someone can write “Codyesque” and gays instantly know exactly what you’re referring when judging a guy’s looks. Sean Cody is pretty much an institution to Gay America. People pick on Sean Cody because if you’re the best, and considered the best by most gay porn fans, then we expect high quality, especially if the company had a great track record. Hell, Randy Blue has a more fancy/smancy look to their site than Sean Cody, hotter guys, too, but the sex between the performers suck, even when having pros like Eddie Diaz and Leo Giamani in the mix (well, perhaps not Eddie Diaz, because even in a poorly directed video Diaz shines).

    Sean Cody gets criticize because he’s the elephant in the room.

    Anyway, this guy isn’t bad looking at all. The thing I’m the most impressed about is that even with a big, thick throbbing hard cock, his balls STILL SAG! Pretty fucking impressive if you ask me!

  • Yancey

    Whoever thinks this guy is ‘average’ must not get out much. He’s head and shoulders above the average guy. HOT.

  • hvartidill

    nice smile, nice all around.

  • gaylover

    i love how his balls hang down

  • meck22

    Love his unshaven body and tan lines.

  • mjpe

    Like a young erik rhodes

  • Anthony Johannes

    he is handsome, but i really love his hairy cock. hmmmm

  • Jim

    No Tats,…unshaved crotch! What is this world coming to?? Where did they find this hung guy with no body painting? He’s HOT !

  • Leo

    Anton, Let me guess you work for Sean Cody? Maybe you will get a free happy meal from Mr. Cody for all that praise.

  • Riley

    Agree with Moondoggy,Sameulo,Yancey,Jim, and others the guy is Pretty Freaking Awesome!!!!!!! What A DAMN good Way to began Summer even though it is still a week away. The things we could do to each other over summer break. Loving everthing HELL I JUS wanna RIDE EM

  • Anton

    Leo, honey, you must haven’t read my past messages here at Waybig blog, because I’m quite critical of SeanCody for many things. While he’s definitely the best in amature gay porn (debatable if we’re talking about the sex since CD247 puts all of them to shame in that area), he has his flaws. No, I don’t work for Sean Cody, but I certainly wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to work for him if that meant I could be a fluffer for Jake or Harley! ;)

  • Daniel

    Fuck me dead that’s one hot cock and set of balls. Look at that throbbing vein yummmm

  • LEX

    @anton get out of here you are on the wrong page… SC has a page go there and suck his cock there…. what a dumb ass!

    Fratmen is a solo site but it still ranks among the hardcore sites…

    You must like Wilder….??? keep ur 2 cents on SC page!

  • Anton

    LEX, fuck you. I was responding to SC Fan comment above, had you read all the comments here you would’ve known that. My comment didn’t come out of nowhere you illiterate, inbred motherfucker.

    Anywho! Wilder is hot. It’s very rare to find a guy with an erection like that while his balls sag.

  • rlyan

    @ lucaslvr – if this is the average guy you can see on the street I really really really need to know where that street is – my favorite Frateman is Nash but this guy would absolutely do if Nash wasn’t available … TOO HOT!!!

  • boyman

    Drop dead gorgeous!

  • Skeeter

    Average. His right pec is missing a muscle. His face -weird at some angles – doesn’t match the body. His cock is thin, but long, which is okay. On a boring website.

  • Zeke

    I love his fur.

  • Andy406

    Mmmmm, just the way I like it. A bit of chest hair, a nice treasure trail, and unshaved crotch. Looooong dick, nice smile, cute face.

    Raise one hand and pump your dick with the other if you wanna see this Wilder dude’s face stuffed with a cock.

    Fratmen has lots and lots of hot men. it’s just that they aren’t cocksuckers, which is quite a disappointment. I mean, dude, who doesn’t wanna suck dick?!

  • I never quite understand why folks say that none of the Fratmen ever hook-up on the site. Yes, it’s a solo site, but there is a series of blow-job scenes scattered throughout the content. Cole/Shay, Spencer/Travis, Jayden/Sam, Dean/Diego, Trey/Ross, David/Spencer, Tyler/Kenny, Toby/Craig and so on …

  • Jack

    What an awesome dick – and a guy who can make it stand up sooooooooooo str8 without touching it. He makes me rockhard.

  • kristupa saragih

    Hot…It’s about time for Fratmen to go HD…

  • mike

    i absolutely love this guy. he is beyond gorgeous. he is so hot, boyfriend material looking. i would not have a problem waking up next to him every morning, riming him, fucking his hot ass, sleeping in on a saturday, making breakfast, working out, showering together, napping, going to a movie, grabbing dinner, sleeping together. he looks so hot, smart and all around stud!

  • terrence7p

    the best cock i’ve ever seen, next to seancody’s Kurt. it’s perfect