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CorbinFisher: Hugh (Self-Sucker)

Hugh (Self-Sucker) at CorbinFisher

Hugh (Self-Sucker) at CorbinFisher

Hugh (Self-Sucker) at CorbinFisher

Hugh (Self-Sucker) at CorbinFisher

Hugh (Self-Sucker) at CorbinFisher

Hugh (Self-Sucker) at CorbinFisher

Hugh (Self-Sucker) at CorbinFisher

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Corbin wrote:

If you end up liking Hugh as much as I do… well… you’re going to like him pretty damn much! I do have to qualify that statement, though… When Hugh first showed up to shoot, he had this huge, dark beard on his face. I almost didn’t recognize him, as I’d seen photos of him clean-shaven before. I thought to myself, “Who on earth is this?!”. He’d been taking things easy for a couple weeks before the shoot and had let his beard grow out, but shortly after arriving here went off to the bathroom to shave. When he came out, I was totally blown away by what a hot guy he is and was amazed at the difference! Mind you, I’m certain some of you would still love him with the beard, but as you can see from his photos he pulls off the clean-shaven look quite, quiet well!

I don’t think there’s a feature about him that I am not incredibly fond of. His brown eyes are this light, almost coffee-and-cream color of brown that stands out and is really a pleasure to look at. His smile is as charming as can be. His body is tight and defined. And his dick… oh, that dick!

Hugh is a shy, quiet, friendly and pleasant guy and so his personality is quite disarming. You wouldn’t expect him to pull down those pants and reveal a big, thick, uncut dick!

Hugh isn’t done with his surprises when he shows you his dick, though! While jerking off in his introductory solo with us, he ends up just leaning forward, opening up his mouth, and sucking and licking his own cock! Talk about a talent that’s worth having! If he’s able to suck and lick that big dick of his himself, I’m not quite sure how we managed to get him out of the house and out for a shoot at all! I’d be locked away in my bedroom for weeks at a time if I had a skill like that.

Not only can Hugh suck his own dick, but he also goes wild while jerking off. He doesn’t just pump his big dick with his fist, but literally fucks his fists with that cock of his. He was clearly incredibly turned on. The shy, quiet ones are often the wild and horny ones once things get going!

I can only imagine there are a lot of people walking into walls in Hugh’s wake, distracted by that great smile and those hot eyes to the point they lose track of where they’re going. If those people who saw him out on the street only knew he was also such a pleasant and nice guy packing 9 inches of uncut cock and bursting with sexual energy! Thankfully, we do know that, though!

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  • Elemes

    damn hot. he should have came in his mouth.

  • XYZ-1 (º¿º)

    Wow, this is one hawt guy! Totally cute and have a complete package. Nice eyes, nice face, nice dick. DAYUM, I see him hooking up with Connor or Elijah very soon. It’s a yes for me.

  • Mike

    Good looking fella, but whoever did the photoshop on the top pics oughtta be fired. Made him look like a damn geisha.

  • Ed

    OMG….ridiculously hot! I cannot WAIT to see him in some guy on guy action! I feel like Travis will be the first power bottom to line up for a piece of that! I’d like to see him paired with Noah as well…

  • DavidT

    Honestly speaking – Hugh has about the hugest c**k I have ever seen on CF.

  • Zak

    Just my type. LOVE the super dark hair.

  • phunky

    Damn what a huge nice uncut cock. I’d like to get my hands on that. He’s a bit twinky for me, but still looks pretty hot.

  • CasperFan

    Oh my god he is perfection! Cute as hell lovely body amazing ass and that cock!!!!

  • elephunk

    wowza. he’s hot.

    i wanna see him play, corbin!

  • MM

    just plain shitty.who is turned on by this shit.dogs lick themselves-not have someone suck it for them.

  • Dillion_McCoy

    The Devil has arrived at Corbin Fisher….he could wreak havic on the education’s of Corbin’s young men…but, it should be well worth every second. He should have been eating his spooge….since he can suck that thing.

  • jj9stu

    Corbin, you should find your buddy boy Gabe and his 9-incher to meet Hugh and his 9-incher. A rather nice 4-way with Gabe, Hugh, Cade and Austin could ensue. Your subscription’s would abound to Jupiter and beyond, so let’s see if you can get Gabe and Hugh together to sword fight with one another. Since Gabe ran away from school and is in truency, I haven’t had the same taste for the University these day’s. And then there is Cade, did he transfer?

  • The real RJ

    Hot guy, but that photoset is ridiculous, Mariah Carey doesn’t use that much airbrushing

  • bert

    I wish I could suck my own dick…

  • cthoo

    Love the guy but sucks because he is high cash high gay movies immediately, would love to see Travis get fucked by him but not gonna happen, anybody remember “Braden” Criss Strokes. Corbin paid big money for a hot big dick guy and unfortunately that’s all we are going to see from him on this site. Check out in a few months and he should be there in a production film.

  • caseypgy

    Agree with most of the other comments; he’s cute for sure. And, as CF pointed out, his eyes are pretty amazing. The weird sort of “landing strip” chest hair thing he has going on is odd to me, though. Either get rid of it all or let it grow out naturally in all directions.

    @Ed – you read my mind! That looks like one of the biggest dicks CF’s ever had (looks bigger than Gabe’s to me) and I can’t wait to see it in action with Travis. Maybe it will fuck another hands free cumshot out of him … here’s hoping!

  • Dave

    He’s pretty. I’d be a fool to turn him away, but I wish that big dick was attached to a guy with more of a “butch” look.

  • Rico

    CF has been a real roll lately. This guy is one of the most impressive I’ve seen on the site. Add him to Jeremy Lory and Gabe…and you get Heaven on earth.

  • andy

    i cant wait he fucks travis or ty. Who has the bigger dick, he or ty ?

  • Prancer

    Please dont waste our time sending this guy over to that other lame ass site with the broads..I mean the man sucks his own dick. Keep him over at ACM where he belongs and get him started with the guys. This sending the guys over to the “st8 sex” or excuse me “bi sex” site where the guys look bored and uninterested is fucking annoying anyway.

  • Marjorie Flores from Ishcombobbido

    This guy posed for Playgirl in 2 pics on a page about him being an amateur golfer a couple years ago. Those pics did no justice to his size, though. Wasn’t even apparent he was uncut from them. (But, yes, it’s definitely the same guy)

  • Dragonair

    he’s really hot and horny but he is charming and pleasant…..perfect

  • Prancer

    Btw I disagree I do not want to see him with travis..that kid needs to stay on break along with Dawson and Lucas. I’d much rather see a real top like Cade or one of the newer guys fuck the shit out of this kid. What happened to Trey? I want to see him get fucked again too.

  • owen


  • Dougal

    Very very cute but needs to shave his chest.

  • malibog

    He has the face of an angel and the dick of a devil!

  • brad

    MMMMM mmmm good!

  • ready2roll83

    @Mike ahahha a geisha! That’s hilarious. I personally thought the photoshopped pics made hi look better. He’s got a great dick and I’m usually not one for uncut.

  • Delovely

    a little bit more toning in would be a nice adjustment, but super cute all the same.

  • iselect

    About time we had a self sucker!! more please and yes I can do the same thing and call me kinky but i love it… lol

  • WangFuLing

    Best solo I’ve seen on CF ever.

    I can see where people are coming from on the “geisha” look, though I’d have to qualify that in those shots he looks exactly like a *white* woman made up as a geisha (maybe a white *man* would do a better job at looking the geisha than a white woman — oddly appropriate if you recall the transvestitism in kabuki).

    I personally find the contrast between the big dick and the non-butch look arousing (like Zach/k on Chaosmen). I agree he could use a little more toning in the pecs, and he really should let his pubic hair grow out — it would be the perfect, well, the natural complement to his beautiful dick.

    The performance: that’s really what you call “making love to yourself”! Auto-fellatio is always interesting, but he was really impressive, going back and back to it over again.

    Since he is apparently an old pro with the older women, he’d be perfect over at ACS — maybe with Bailey, whom I am coming to appreciate more and more (she facial responses shows she’s really into what the guys are doing to her). Got to think about who among the ACM stable would be best with him — he’d be wonderful both as top and a bottom.

    No regrets about re-subscribing! Keep ’em coming, CF!

  • WangFuLing

    Oh, I almost forgot… his spiel (more fun to listen to than usual):

    “The gym is boring… I get most of my exercise from sex.”

    “I write… poetry.”

  • Squareheadlights

    DEREK!!! I want to see him with Derek!

  • mountii

    No he doesn’t have the biggest dick…there was a dude with a 10 incher on the site YEARS ago

  • Anton

    Something about him reminds me of Travis. And like Travis he appears to be a power bottom with a huge dick. Yes, team him up with Derek, I’d love to see Derek rimming that ass, sucking his dick and fucking him senseless!

  • paulparis83

    I’ve seen this vid and I think that hugh is damn so hot!!!
    Did someone knows who is he please?

  • mike

    wow, this is totally my type. totally totally hot

  • Guy

    HOT DAMN!!!!! CF HIT PAYDIRT. Dougal, you are nuts in suggesting he needs to shave his chest. He is PERFECT just as he is. YUMMY!!!

  • nutcracker

    NOT ENOUGH. he could have sucked his dick and cummed all the way than just stroke for a finale!

    and he looks very twinkish! OFF!

  • Costumer

    I feel it’s my civic duty to suggest, nay DEMAND, if Corbin ever gets him in an action scene to have a sequence of Hugh sucking himself off while his partner rims him.

  • craig

    maybe the hottest young guy I’ve seen in months – I usually hate the interview portion of these vids but this guy is so shy and adorable that I rewatched his interview – I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. I seriously doubt if he’ll be back for any male/male action but it would terrific he is.

  • Riley

    YummyLicious HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;) I wanna do him!!!