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CocksureMen: Pool Party (Tristan Baldwin, AJ Irons, & Dominik Rider)

Pool Party (Tristan Baldwin, AJ Irons, & Dominik Rider) at

Pool Party (Tristan Baldwin, AJ Irons, & Dominik Rider) at

Pool Party (Tristan Baldwin, AJ Irons, & Dominik Rider) at

Pool Party (Tristan Baldwin, AJ Irons, & Dominik Rider) at

Pool Party (Tristan Baldwin, AJ Irons, & Dominik Rider) at

Watch Tristan, A.J. & Dominik at

CSM wrote:

What starts as a relaxing day by the pool for Tristan, AJ and Dominik quickly escalates into steamy three-way action as a sexy card game gets things going. A spilled drink gives AJ an excuse to give Dominik a nice blowjob, and before long Tristan gets in on the suck fest. Now so hot they have to cool off in the pool, Dominik buries his face in AJ’s ass, and Tristan gets his licks in, too. Back on deck, Tristan takes charge and slams Dominik’s ass, then A.J. takes over, and Dominik sprays all over himself while still getting pounded. Then Tristan slips his thick cock into AJ’s asshole and pounds away, with some able assistance from Dominik. Dominik’s reward – Tristan and A.J. both shoot their loads into his mouth.

  • LA Clergy

    This was hot!!!!! Really enjoyed this one.

  • Riley

    Freaking Awesome Dudes!!! ;)

  • XYZ-1 {º¿º}

    They ALL are hot!

  • zellus

    very good!

  • Tom

    Very hot threesome!

  • Buffed

    Love seeing AJ getting fucked. That ass was made for ploughing.

  • Jim

    I don’t get it. What’s the difference between taking a load of cum in your mouth and barebacking ??

  • Steven

    I have gotten used to Cocksure Men barebaking. It seems weird when they don’t.

  • Sophomore

    Does A.J. get hard or take forever to come like usual?

  • daniel

    @jim – difference? i don’t know where your asshole is, but mine is not on my face ;-)

    seriously though, the risk of HIV infection due to oral sex is significantly lower than anal. oral sex is still risky, but to get HIV through oral sex, you have to have oral lesions or bad/bleeding gums. in addition, saliva tends to kill HIV. during anal sex however, the lesions and bleeding of the rectum occur as a result of the sex, because the lining is very, very fragile (except in Orca’s case, where his is cast-iron clad in old leather).

  • Kevin

    Dull. Cocksuremen should keep making bareback videos.

  • Kyle Ryan

    The guy in the blue trunks has sad tats. The guy in the yellow trunks does not have an attractive face. The guy in the gray-green trunks is the only cute one. Good bodies, but with two of them being uninteresting, this one’s a loser.

  • brad

    Fugly, fuglier and fugliest.

  • RyaNWaters

    Fucking HOT. Tristan Baldwin is cordially invited to come blow a load in my face any time he wants.

  • Lucas

    Hot, hotter, hottest.

  • John

    One of the best videos I’ve seen from them yet…great combination of muscleboys and non-muscleboys and what great chemistry that behind the scenes video was just as good as the real tape

  • lim

    aj is fuckin hot