DaddyMugs: Daddy Mugs Fucks Kurt Wild

Daddy Mugs Fucks Kurt Wild at DaddyMugs

Daddy Mugs Fucks Kurt Wild at DaddyMugs

Daddy Mugs Fucks Kurt Wild at DaddyMugs

Daddy Mugs Fucks Kurt Wild at DaddyMugs

Daddy Mugs Fucks Kurt Wild at DaddyMugs

Daddy Mugs Fucks Kurt Wild at DaddyMugs

Daddy Mugs Fucks Kurt Wild at DaddyMugs

Watch Kurt Wild at

Daddy wrote:

I have waited a year to fuck Kurt Wild and it was well worth it. Our schedules finally cooperated and I was able to bring him in. I did not waste anytime in getting to fuck his nice asshole. The boy can suck some great cock for a “straight” boy and then I returned the favor and boy is he hung. Kurt loves his hole played with either by a tongue, his fingers, my fingers or getting fucked. I rimmed that sweet fucking asshole with tongue real good and warmed his hole up with some fingering. He saw I had a fat cock so he wanted to sit on it a bit to get use to it. As he said to me, “your stretching my hole with your fat cock. I got to get use to it.” He rode my cock up and down taking every dam inch.I must have been hitting the right spots cause as he was riding my fat cock, he shot his load. Then to my surprise he told me he was not done and told me to fuck him more. So I put him doggy style and made him eat his own cum as fucked him doggy. I finished him off by fucking him on his back and I made him shoot another load then I shot a huge load all over his face.

  • professor

    This is what gay and regular porn was created for–to show you who is really having sex with whores, the glutinus, old rich married man.

    • mybearscub

      Daddy Mugs is a great guy. I talked to him via myspace just today. How can you people say things like this? He has a foot fetish..GET OVER IT!!! There’s way crazier things like pissing and the whole pain scene. I personally would LOVE to get pounded by daddy mugs, he is very attractive.

  • Fazz

    Kurt looks so adorable here, but ffs get that sperm whale away from him!

  • MM

    kurt’s ass has seen so many dicks i’m surprised he can take a dump.daddy mugs web site has hot guys but he ruins it by having sex with them esp his foot worship.
    just garbage whores trash i’m glad that i will never stoop as low as kurt has to make a living.if he were my daddy i’d commit suicide.

  • Martin

    He looks like he is crushing him under all that fat. Look how the belly just pours around Kurt’s body. That guy is pathetic. Why would you let your body get out of control like that?? If he had a heart attack he’d crush the poor guy.

    Why do old men who own porn sites feel the need to show us how they have to pay a guy to have sex with them?

  • fresh


  • Eric

    Disgusting. Rock bottom. This the new Jake Cruise? To top it off Byran on CM just got his mouth on some elf’s cock? What is it with all this crap? I can do without seeing these old nasty men take advantage of the talent.

  • FireIce

    I can’t believe Kurt Wild has children. What will they think of him when they see THIS, and how will he justify it to them?

  • CJ

    I never thought this would happen, but I’m turned off of porn forever thanks to this ugly fat man. Yeah, fantasy….NOT. If I wanted to pay to see disgusting, overweight desperate men having sex, I’d head to the gym, airport, mall, sex club or any where else they seem to congregate—porn was supposed to be an escape from their reality. Yuck. Leave the casting couch footage in the vault.

  • Nick

    Actually, the guys at DaddyMugs are some of the ugliest I’ve ever seen in porn. There are some truly bizarre looking things over there. DaddyMugs is a good site for them.

  • evan

    this is totally wrong on so many levels. gross all around.

  • BillyKlub8

    Jake Cruise’s younger brother?

  • josh

    At this point, who hasn’t been in KW’s ass? Dude definitely has some serious issues, but then again, all the guys in this industry do, so it’s no big shock. What some guys will do in this industry is just truly low, but at least it’s none of us, so why should we worry??

    He’s the closet case. He’s the one with no self-respect. He’s the one who will catch something horrible that he can’t get rid of. He chose this life, so let him suffer by himself. Be thankful that you’re not him!!

  • rich

    Damn, for guys that watch a lot of porn you guys can really be judgemental. Usually when I check out one of the links here on waybig, if I’m not diggin’ the porn matchup then I go back to the main page and find something I do like.

    We can all have an opinion, but such harshness and envy from you guys. It’s porn guys and their choice to do it.

  • brandon

    Honestly guys ya’ll r just so so judgemental. You judge them yet you watch them it is no more immoral than sleeping with a guy your own age

  • Brett

    I actually think Mugs has a good looking face. It’s just the rest of him that needs fixing.

  • clay

    I’m with you Rich. If you cant say something nice just don’t comment! I don’t think that they are going to stop however. Posting negative comments from behind the shield of a blog is becomming a way for people tp project what is actually wrong with themselves. Nine times out of ten they are really commenting on their own lives. If you don’t like Daddy Mugs fucking boy wonder just look elsewhere.

  • Adam

    Brandon? Who says anybody in this thread has ponied up money to watch the video? The comments are about the images. And guess what? He’s gross. That old man is not attractive and he’s very unhealthy. There’s nothing hot about this video for a young crowd. This video is for one segment of the gay porn viewing audience. Fat old men who like twinkie gay boys.

    I mean, Jesus, look at the pic where he’s spreading Kurt’s ass and it’s a close up. Look how fat and disgusting his fingers are. Look at his two chins. He’s disgusting.

  • joe

    kurt is one cheap whorebag

  • pubert

    Holy shit. I wonder how much Kurt got paid to let this behemoth cum on his face?

    Trash. I could never face the world after doing something this disgusting. I hope he’s saving his money, because if he ever gets a real job his coworkers will have a field day. You know there will be at least one gay guy there who recognizes him.

  • owen


  • manu

    I think Daddy Mugs is very attractive ,remember bitchy queens , you’ll eventually age too and it most likely won’t look pretty by your current standards , especially if you try to hang on to your youth so hard . They’re both of legal age and it’s true when someone says you’re actually commenting on your own lives while expressing your disgustment.
    Poor souls :)

  • freddy

    old fat pig fucks young pretty boy !
    pouah !

  • Zee Brat

    Better than Jake Cruise.

  • josh

    this is a BLOG!!! we’re entitled to our opinions, good or bad, so if some of you can’t accept the fact that some of us don’t like these two and think they’re disgusting, you’re the one with the issues. it has nothing to do with our own personal lives, so don’t even use that pathetic excuse. WTF do you expect us to do when we wanna say what we feel?? Keep it bottled in??? Wrong answer!!!

  • pubert

    I take after my mother’s side of the family, and none of them are fat. They all age well.

    One a positive note, he makes Jake Cruise look slightly less repulsive IMO. Maybe I’ve grown accustomed to seeing the wildebeest.

    Sigh…now I’ve got to get used to seeing another.

    If someone chooses to be fat, they should know that most people don’t find it attractive. Anyone can lose weight unless they have a severe medical condition.

  • elephunk

    I’d rather let DaddyMugs fuck me than JakeCruise.

  • TexGuy

    Actually Daddy is only a year older than me. His site states that he is 45 and I have no problem with that. The extreem age difference with him and the guys he is having sex with is hard on the eye. I find Daddy mugs very handsome and I like that he is a normal sized man, however it is too close to child porm for me. I would actually like to see Daddy Mugs with another guy closer to his age. :)

    • ThomT

      Actually he is not “normal” sized – he might be representative of what many 45 years look like these days but it is by no means normal. He is overweight, bordering on clinically obese, and carrying the bulk of his weight in the very dangerous area mid-section. I don’t care if people consider him fat, thin, or perfect but he is certainly not “normal”.

  • clay

    Projection at it’s best!

  • Jono

    Eric said “I can do without seeing these old nasty men take advantage of the talent.” but whats the bet that he and all the others making complaints about overweight people will be back again time after time, just like with Jake Cruise posts.

    face it guys, you like this stuff that’s why you watch it. stop complaining and get on with the purpose of this site – jerking off!!

  • daniel

    Orca has some competition. Perhaps if we got Orca and Sperm Whale in a room together, the gravity of all that blubber would condense them into a black hole and then all the crew in their vicinity would be sucked into it. It would certainly have saved a lot of money if they had done that before they started building the Large Hadron Collider.

  • Topher

    I saw Kurt on the Tyra Banks show. Some of the comments made here are too hard on him. He probably came from a dydsfunctional family and had to leave home at a young age with no education or skills. Kurt can’t be faulted for not being supported and nurtured by his family, and having the intelligence to be able to have made a different path in life. I’m thinking that the choices he’s made were a matter of survival. He has a family to support, and did the only thing that he could in his situation, sold his body. He tried to leave the porn life, got the job at Subway, and was fired when customers threatened to boycott if he was employed there. I feel sorry for Kurt. Going to this site is certainly a step down, and he will only have that look of youth for a few more years. Sadly, Kurt’s life will have an unhappy ending, like so many other young gay porn industry guys. He seems to have a kind heart, and wants to do the right thing. Unfortunate circumstances have put him where he is. Have some compassion for a guy who has had a hard life, and didn’t have the advantages that some of the people who are posting negative things about him have had. Not everyone is born with the ability to understand the lifelong consequences of doing gay porn when they are starving. Cut Kurt come slack. (I find DaddyMugs as repulsive and reprehensible as Jake Cruise)

  • daniel

    @TexGuy: “NORMAL sized man”?!? Seriously, he is considered obese in any medical journal.

  • Vinnie Niagara

    Well, it’s really REALLY nasty, but at least this old fart is a better looking than Jake. Jake is a total complete hog.

  • Established One

    Orca’s younger brother. Hahaha. Has it gotten that bad for Kurt Wild to get plowed by someone twice his age? This is not sexy at all.

  • Anton

    Good post, Topher. I remember on the Jake Cruise/Kurt Wild video I was kind of harsh towards Wild in my comments, and it wasn’t until he posted a response in that thread where I realize that a lot of the guys in the porn business reads this blog, and many of the things that are said can personally hurt their feelings. It sort of made me feel a bit guilty afterwards when I read his response to the negative comments. I too feel sorry for Kurt Wild. He’s a confused, sexually-conflicted individual who definitely had a hard life. Unlike many porn actors who obviously love the sex and doing it for money and pleasure, you can easily see that Wild does it for the money only. Maybe there was a time he did it for the pleasure, too. But you don’t get that in his latest videos. You see nothing but pure desperation on his part. It’s really a shame, too, because he seems to be a nice, down-to-earth guy. I just hate that he has to lower himself to trash like this.

    DaddyMugs is worse than Jake Cruise. I can’t remember any video of Jake Cruise where he shoots his load over the other performers face, degrading them like cheap, easy whores. It’s bad enough that this has a semi-pedo vibe to it. I don’t think even Jake Cruise is that cold and ruthless with his performers.

    What a shame.

    • ThomT

      Please – there is absolutely nothing that anyone could possible say about Kurt Wild that would be anymore damning or damaging then having photos of himself spread across the net being fucked by Jake Cruise and Daddy Mugs. He might be a decent enough fellow but the reality of putting you ass out there for fucking by anyone with a couple of buck does not excuse you from having to tolerate the obvious criticism you are bound to incur. Yep some of it is cold and heartless but there is a way to prevent it – get you ass out of porn and find a job.

  • manu

    You’re so right about Jake’s ethics Anton!
    Nevermind that he cums in the guy’s asses sometimes and sticks his sweet little cock back in afterwards ,making the guy fart out his semen … what level of degradation does that qualify for in your book? haha

  • rawr

    This guy Is so ugly and i feel so bad for Kurt it’s beyond belief how sad this is. It’s basically an old fat man payin to have sex and then charging people to watch him. It’s so gross. Sites like this and Jake cruise should be banned for porn

  • me

    ^to all above; why Kurt goes this way is beyond me. I question whether Kurt could start his own site; with friends put on a better show.



  • quim

    Hey ! let’s assume this is what “the market” is asking for… Orcas fucking artists…
    I don’t like it. I wont pay for it.
    and this already happend before…

    all the best you guys !

  • cullen

    This is what Jake Cruise looked like 30 years ago…. These poor unfortunate souls LOL.

  • Edward

    Kurt will probably read this. I know for a fact he read it before when we cut him up for being with Jake Cruise.

    I think DaddyMugs is being paid by Jake to make him look better by comparison.

  • Dumbledore

    Oh for crying out loud! Some day the majority of you will also be old, fat men who can only get sex by paying for it or watching porn. Check out the statistics: 86% of Americans will be overweight by 2030. Don’t think it can’t happen to you. I am older and bigger than Daddy Mugs, and I find this hateful prejudice against overweight people offensive and disgusting. And don’t tell me its a CHOICE!! Being obese is no more a choice than being GAY is a choice. Read about the medical research into obesity before you show your ignorance by saying hateful things about members of your own community who don’t meet your standard for attractiveness. It’s not enough that older, fat, gays have to deal with homophobia, we have to deal with a triple assault on our self-esteem because ageism and fatophobia. Sites like Jake Cruise and Daddy Mugs exist for the hundreds of thousands of gay men who LOOK like Jake and Daddy. Of course they are only selling a fantasy, but its the closest many of us will ever get to having any kind of sexual satisfaction, thanks to all the homophobia, ageism, and fatophobia we have to deal with on a daily basis. I will continue to support them with my subscription dollars, and feel thankful for the opportunity.

    • ThomT

      “Being obese is no more a choice than being GAY is a choice. ”

      BULLSHIT – Most people are overweight because of their diet and lack of exercise plain and simple. Medical reasons for obesity are few and far between and even when they do exist they can, and should, be controlled by diet, medication and exercise. If you’re overweight and happy then that’s terrific and it is honestly nobody’s business but your own so don’t make excuses for it. But don’t expect people to buy into the crap that it’s normal, natural, medical or any of the other garbage. Push you chair back once in a while, go for a walk, put down the donuts, steer clear of the all you can eat buffets and do something healthy for a change. I lost nearly 100 pounds once I acknowledged that I wasn’t happy being the jolly fat man every body thought I was – and I didn’t kill myself in the process – it took time and effort but I discovered that I was fat because I was too complacent and lazy not to be.

      Obesity may not be a conscience choice but it is absolutely a choice – a lifestyle choice for most people.

  • MOJO

    I don’t know what everyone is bitchin about. I would totally let Daddy Mugs fuck me. Something about it does it for me.

  • Michael (Australia)

    I somehow think Daddy Muggs is having a laugh because he’s gone somewhere some on here will never go but are so upset they won’t. Simple – don’t look at Daddy or Jake, or why don’t you get off your fat bums and write or stalk the sexy young porn models who are being paid to do the ultimate sin: have sex with someone, oh my god, fat or old. We can’t have that can we LOL. Chill out guys it’s a message board so all views are fine but to carry on like Daddy or Jake should not exist! Life don’t work that way.

  • MM

    sorry anton & topher kurt made his choice to be a homo porn star.many people have hard lives but don’t turn to porn to live.he is probably a homo & the gay 4 pay is a lie.he loves gay sex cause if he didn’t he wouldn’t be doing it.he will end up dead of disease or suicide.then another homo will come along with the same shtick.

  • Rico

    Kurt still contends he is only “gay-for-pay.” If you laid all the dicks that have been in his ass end-to-end, you’d have another Alaskan pipeline. Gay-for-pay…pleeezzz.

  • j

    why does kurt wild have the haircut of a 10 year old boy

    • ThomT

      because youth sells …

  • lovemesomen

    I want the older guy so ticking bad ugh he makes me so ducking hot I’d suck cum from those balls for everrrrrrrrrrr. Is that weird? I like the older guy more then kurt wild and I’m 20.

  • lovemesomen

    LOL iPod spelling makes me look 10.

  • jinx

    a reading from the book of Tyra…LMFAO…is “fatophobia” really a word….this post is pretty blegh to look at….but i must say reading all the hilllllarious comments is so worth the vomit in my mouth feeling….

  • Jake (aka Orca)

    I just threw up in my mouth. Nobody should have to witness a pairing like this.

    Call me, Kurt.

  • Jared

    For some reason, I find DaddyMugs scenes kinda hot. But I find Jake Cruise scenes revolting. I dont think DaddyMugs is hot by any means but there’s something about him that doesnt kill my erection like Jake Cruise does. Is that weird?

  • rip

    Clean up in Aisle 7…Yuck!

  • brett

    i agree that daddy mugs isnt as revolting as jake for some reason that i can’t put my finger on. he also got a piece of travis irons who i think is one of the best looking guys in amateur porn.

  • Winston Churchill

    Jake makes me sick to stomache, this guy is kind of cute, in a GILF way

  • boyman

    Seeing these pictures is like seeing — and smelling — a garbage can being ripped open in front of you…

  • Tom

    Too bad there isn’t a site where a very hot totally buffed big dicked older guy makes it with hot younger men. It would be a real turn on. Guys like this are out there–just look at Tom Bianchi himself along with the older guys he photographs. It would be hot, and give JC and this other dude for their money.

  • SFTom

    I think Daddy Mugs is kinda cute. See I’m older and fatter and always looking for younger and slimmer. It’s what makes the world go round, twerps.

  • brad

    Kurt is hot. The old fart is gross. BUT he’s hotter than Jake Cruise who is a monster.

  • daniel

    @dumbeldore: “medical” research into obesity is funded by the companies that want you to buy their pills, and it just so happens they’re the same companies which produce ingredients for the fat-inducing food in the first place. over 95% of obesity *is* a choice. if it were genetic, why are the rates of obesity climbing exponentially? the reason is the crap we eat, full of starch and artificial sweeteners (which slow the metabolism), and ever-increasing portion-sizes in the name of “quality” (somehow quantity is now equated with quality). so many people complain about not being able to maintain a healthy weight, and yet i just watch them nibble themselves into fatdom. they believe the ads which talk about “healthy goodness snacks”, but refuse to read the label and see that they are being lied to. talk a look at the shows “half ton dad” and “half ton son”, and see what the rest of their families eat. i don’t discriminate against fat people, but i don’t have respect for people who don’t take care of their health and then blame everybody except themselves for the state they are in.

  • pubert

    LOL @ fat people making excuses.

    A change in eating and excercising habits can help anyone lose weight. Fat doesn’t grow on your body without your help.

  • Brian

    Shivers down my backbone

  • Bree

    Hey,, I think Daddymugs and CF has similar interior design. Maybe this was shot @ the same hotel/apartment??

  • Blah!

    Ok, all the guys who are saying “Some day you will be old too!” are so full of shit. You are probably the guys that go to college night at your local gay bar, trying to find the drunkest twink that will let you fuck him. My problem is not the guy’s age. It’s that he is obese and showing the world how he can pay to fuck younger guys who otherwise wouldn’t look at him twice. Just because we are going to get older does NOT mean we are going to be out of shape to the extent that Mugs is. There might actually be a market for this, but it has GOT to be a small one at best. And it’s comprised of old guys who like to pay for sex I’m sure.

    I agree with the guy who said that he feels bad for Kurt, and I have to say that I feel bad for him too. This is a guy who has done features for some pretty reputable companies. To be lowered to having sex with an old fat guy is pretty sad and pathetic. Maybe Kurt should make himself over. Get rid of the stupid haircut, ditch the twink look (when you’re too old to be a twink, it is no longer sexy in any way), GAIN SOME WEIGHT and set your standards a little higher.

  • CowboyDenver

    Good lord! Jake Cruise and Tommy D have a competitor in the gross-out porn biz.

  • Alfred

    Such a shame what a crystal meth addiction will make someone do. And that the amount of money required to fund such an addiction can only be met by participating in scenes like these is just sad.

    Kurt, please try to get help so you can break out of this self destructive pattern, before things get any worse.

  • pubert

    Does anyone here run a message board? You can start a free board in a few minutes.

    It would be funny to get everyone here together instead of making random posts in revolving porn updates.

  • Insider


    A little birdie told me something like that is coming to waybig in the next week or so.

  • DCGayboy

    There better have been at least 7 zeroes behind that “1” and before the decimal point. “daddy” Mugs is one fat, ugly guy, much like Jake Cruise. Couldn’t pay me enough and there’s no way I’d be able to get it up with either of them (or Kurt for that matter), even with Viagra. Kurt used to be a fantasy – now he’s just trash

  • Blah!

    How do you go from doing features with big porn companies to this crap? Kurt Wild needs to lose the twink look, get a good haircut, GAIN SOME FUCKING WEIGHT, and set higher standards for himself. I mean look at the guy. He looks totally dead behind the eyes. I kind of feel bad for him.

  • pubert


    A little birdie told me something like that is coming to waybig in the next week or so.

    That would be cool. You can’t really have a decent exchange like this. It’s too easy to hit and run. Guilty as charged…

  • more please

    good up date, but way too much latex.

  • Anton

    Lol. Okay, Manu, I have to take that back. I guess I blocked all of those moments of Orca doing such things completely out of my mind. Damn, you just had to refresh my memory, didn’t you?!

  • Everybody has an audience. I don’t care what you look like. There may be a societal norm, more or less, but that circumstance is so fluid as to be irrelevant. There are tons of hot boys who want nothing more than to get with a middle-aged fat guy with a hairy chest. Arguing the merits of that is sort of ridiculous. It’s a matter of taste, nothing more. Some folks like veggies; some don’t. Who’s to say why, and who cares? There’s something for everyone.

  • kmmo

    kurt’s ass has seen so many dicks i’m surprised he can take a dump”

    I wonder how much Kurt got paid to let this behemoth cum on his face?”

    I seriously LOL’d at these two comments! :D

    Altho Daddy Mugs isn’t very sexy, I think he’s waaaay hotter than the creepy Jake Cruise! And yeah, Kurt.. I thought he’s kinda cute, but not after finding out what a slut he is :D

    I think that Ethan Storm is one of the hottest dudes that have surrendered to Mugs!

  • Marsx09

    NEWSFLASH: Kurt is an actor!

    I don’t care how nice he seems or what talkshows he cries on about supporting a supposed family or getting fired from Subway…this is all an act! Kurt has been slutting his way across the net for YEARS now; can anyone really pity him still? For someone who is “straight” he seems to enjoy taking cocks of all shapes & sizes like the most experienced gay man (and if you point out he’s playing up the fantasy that just proves my point even more).

    Gay For Pay is a sad corner of the gay porn market, where “straight” guys jerk off for a few bucks; maybe going further than that, but always keeping the girly mags or videos close by to…you know, “help out”. They then go home to their wives or girlfriends [who we’re sometimes lead to believe backs her man – I find it hard to believe anyone woman with any level of respect would be 100% supportive].

    I don’t buy the act that so many Gay For Pay models put on; especially the saddest of them all: Kurt Wild