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Casey at The Guy Site

Casey at The Guy Site

Casey at The Guy Site

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I got an email from Casey months ago enquiring about modeling. I always thought he was great looking, but, it’s just not always possible to work with everyone I’d like to. Since then, he’s worked for lots of companies and you may have seen him already. Still, I never forgot about him and was able to set up the quick session here.

Watch Casey at

  • irwin

    Small dick, awful hairstyle.. but great body. So so…

  • mike999

    steroids are bad for you

  • waybig

    He’s on ANOTHER site?!

  • bonerboy

    Oh my God. Are you KIDDING me? LMAO!!! This guy is becoming a cartoon.

  • Brian


  • Tobias

    Is it me, or is there something completely off about this gay guy? He almost seems like a cartoon character. Or a caricature of a gay person. What’s his real coloring? He seems manufactured, as if he were somebody’s idea of a gay man, but the experiment turned out wrong. Whew. He looks ragged. It looks like there’s a steroid thing going on, too.

  • Josh S

    Enough’s enough already!!! Dude is far too stupid for anybody to find him attractive. WTF is he trying to prove by going on all these different sites? He ain’t nothing but a whore on steroids. I’ll pass. What a joke!!!!

  • phunky

    He has a nice cock and balls. Awesome body! Love his arms. However, he should not colour or bleach his hair. It looks gross.

  • LA Clergy

    Nasty hair do!!! Great body though. Could use a bigger dick but he can always bottom. great ass there.

  • Jason401

    “Porn-Star with Many Names”!
    (1) Kay @ Chaosmen
    (2) Kay Tatsahiko @ Cocksuremen
    (3) Jason Crystal @ PerfectGuyz
    (4) Kevin Wood @ NextDoorMale
    (5) Casey @ TheGuySite….as a bleached “Red Head”
    (6) STAY TUNE!….Who’s NEXT I wonder??
    LOOKED BEST as “Kevin Wood” at NextDoorMale. All posting is available right here on WayBig.

  • elmtree

    My guess is he is trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for having appeared on the most sites under the most names. Someone please annoint him the record holder and maybe he will go away…

  • Andy406

    Not again… and I just said that yesterday.

    Hey guys, why don’t we make a bet on what site this guy’s gonna appear next. If you win, you’re gonna have to fuck him LOL


    I will sum it up succintly: he just jumped the shark.

  • jcital88


  • So-BT

    Johnny Bravo looks better than this cartoon character…..

  • Rod

    The first time I saw this guy on qc, he was new to porn and he gave me an instant boner. I couldn’t wait to see more of him. Well, my wish came true but the more I see of him, the less I see of the guy I found so hot back then. This hair is a joke, just like my aunt Gertrude’s. The only way he would look less sexy is if he wore panties and a bra.

  • Winston Churchill

    I dont like to rag on people’s looks because its VERY subjective, but if your going to do porn…… I don’t think many would find this attractive, except maybe Jake.

  • chad

    That hair is ridiculous, and look…another name. Every time I see him he looks more desperate, which is a shame because I was initially impressed by his exotic good looks. Now he strikes me as desperate and sad. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy turned tricks too.

  • Established One

    Meh…what the hell is up with his hair? It’s a NO for me!

  • MikeB

    This dude Kay needs to go away! NOW!

  • manu

    The perfect man!!MOre of him please , preferably with a cock up his yummy ass!!!!!!!!

  • Guy


  • RBBoyXavier

    WTF when he first came out he was hot now he is a peice of worn out shit. And he said he was str8! I wish all the sites would ban this guy. And don’t ever come knocking at Randy’s door. (UGH)

  • choc

    looks like an ‘anime’ wel i find him hot though there’s a lot who dislike him now. i’ll still do his nice ass seems like he needs a big daddy with a big cock to fill him up to stop him from appearing to every single gay site.

  • Eric

    Here’s what guys like this do: They send in their photos to all the studios. He says he’s never done anything like this before and that he is straight. Then the studios shoot him thinking they have an exclusive model that they thing is hot and the reality is that this guy just played them all and in the end basically devalued what could have been a nice porn stint. He is known as a nasty whore. Has he been on SeanCody? or Randy?

  • manu

    Haha you’re all jealous I’m sure none of you could lay a guy half as hot so keep on hating!!It says more about yourself than about him ;)

    ANd yes porn actors generally do it to make cash , this one managed quite well I believe .

    Love the hair do , now FILL THAT ASS !!:)

    • Jace

      LOL! Shut up fangirl. Anyone who uses terms like “jealous” and “hating” in defense of someone in the spotlight is a damn flake.

  • baz

    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if all these multi-site appearances involved him getting fucked, but as pathetic solos? No.

    So while I may find him hot, I will only become interested in him when it’s open season on that ass of his.

  • brad323

    Maybe he’s trying to appear on all the gay sites like that ‘Julie & Julia’ chick made all the recipes in the cookbook.

  • Dingo

    Nice face, but I’m getting tired of him. Plus he’s got huge nips and dick isn’t that impressive.

  • Clippy

    Oh please Manu. His chest looks freaky and his hair is atrocious. A man HALF as hot would be Jake Cruise, and almost anyone could do better than him.

    This is nasty.

  • pubert

    His body look deformed.

  • Bill

    Is it me are did they photoshop the pimples off his chest in the first two pix?

  • surfstud

    I don’t know what offends me more, this dude’s steriod body or Jace’s comment about his “chinky” eyes. What up with that racist comment!

  • surfstud

    I don’t know what offends me more, this dude’s steroid body or Jace’s racist comment about his “chinky” eyes!!

  • I’d fuck him all night.