Fratmen.TV: Joshua & Jesse (Naked Twin Brothers)

Joshua & Jesse (Naked Twin Brothers) at

Joshua & Jesse (Naked Twin Brothers) at

Joshua & Jesse (Naked Twin Brothers) at

Joshua & Jesse (Naked Twin Brothers) at

The twins are back, and they have some surprises.

Watch Joshua & Jesse at Fratmen.TV

  • Tobias

    FIRST. Two good-looking gay men. Too bad the site is so boring. The fact that they’re twins doesn’t bother me in the least.

  • sophomore

    Good looking but I’m sure no heat like most of the vids from this site. Don’t care if they are twins.

  • Fazz

    OMG fantasy Alert!! HOT NESSSSS!!

  • DanielM

    when are these two finally going to fuck?

    • FeydRautha

      “when are these two finally going to fuck on camera?”

      There, corrected. I’m sure these two have already done the deed (or everything up to) in private.

    • Fazz

      @FeydRautha…… GOD I HOPE SO!

  • FeydRautha

    Darn login…

  • phunky

    They are okay. As far as I know, only one of them is gay. But what is the surprise?

  • Paschal

    I think they are hot. Nice asses.

    I would do them, or jack as they did each other.

  • Redboy

    Accutane to the rescue! “Only one of them is gay?” Betch, pleeze.

  • Established One

    Nice ass they have.

  • pubert

    This site is worthless. I was a member for about a month, and the camera pans so fucking slow that I had to fastforward every video just to see if anything good happens.

    And it never does. The same old, same old.

  • pubert

    LOL! Check the home page to see what I’m talking about.

    Every video is like the ad. By the time the camera gets to the dick I’m struggling to stay awake.

  • waybig

    Pubert, Fratmen is a strictly solo site. Looks like you’re the idiot for joining.

    On topic: Which one of the twins was the one who couldn’t stop flirting with Jayden?

    • pubert

      It’s not just the solo part but bad cinematography. If I knew it was that boring I would never have joined for a month.

  • WTF

    Yeah,..What is the fricken “surprise” ?? I remember that only one is gay.

  • LA Clergy

    That was creepy!!! Two brothers??? Can any one spell incest?

  • DJG

    Yes, we all know the site is a SOLO SITE, idiot, however, I was dissatisfied with the site as well. They were NEVER on time uploading a NEW GUY as they promised every 7 days, and yes, it’s the same old shit all of the time. I, too, have had to fast forward because it was boring – especially all of that SHOWERING BULLSHIT!!! Besides, these are two ugly twins with little dicks!!! Seen these twins in THREE PREVIOUS VIDEOS, solo each and then with two other ugly twins!!! WHAT ELSE IS TO SEE OF THESE SMALL DICK TWINS? THE SITE SUCKS BIG TIME!!! SOME GUYS ARE ABSOLUTELY HOT AND THAT’S WHY I JOINED; ALSO UNDER THE IMPRESSION THAT THEY WOULD DELIVER A NEW GUY EVERY 7 DAYS, NOT WHENEVER THEY FELT LIKE IT!!!

    • zzzzzz

      From what I saw, it appears the ‘surprise’ would be a few seconds of a purposely ‘mis-inserted’ video of the twins getting it on with Jayden. Could Fratmen be turning in a new direction and actually getting some of these guys to play? Like they don’t anyway…

  • farrah

    lol i’m dating jesse and the other twin is actually straight