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Cruiserboys wrote:

Lance is a Str8 young, tall and lean California hottie with dark brown hair and killer hazel eyes. Lance loves the outdoors and nothing excites him more than getting off out in public. He’s out hiking with a group of friends, but when his long hard cock can’t be contained by his jock strap any longer, he sneaks off onto a hidden trail to perform for us. He drops his shorts down and starts with long, slow strokes teasing us as his six pack flexes with each stroke. He keeps an eye out from behind hoping he doesn’t get caught as his momentum builds, his breath becomes labored and his cum shoots all over the rocks.

  • Jace

    So does this mean he’s left Jake? Hope so…
    You’d think Sean Cody would snap him up. He’s just that white bread ‘milk & cookies’ type that they like.

  • Established One

    Lance is so damn hot. Maybe he has move on to bigger and better things. I am sure he probably just got tired of being molested by Orca.

  • graffitiboy

    He’s still sexy as fuck but… he’s a little too thin, here, and his eyes seem dead. He’s one of my favorites so I’m not just saying this to be a dick.

  • phunky

    Woohoo! I love this guy. He’s got such an awesome body. I would like to see him gain a little bit of weight though.

  • RBBoyXavier

    MY MY MY What A Man! Send Him Over To RB Pleaseeeee! He is so Sexy! Hmmmm. He Should Come To The Next QC Party! WOW! I’m Speechless! He Use To Work With Jake??? I Never Noticed! Let Me Go See! HaHa!

  • Andy406

    He’s cute! Lance should do more with better studios. He could fit in with the boys at CD247. Is he top/bottom/vers? I almost never watch Jake Cruise videos. He’s disgusting.

    • swim400

      Lance is great and I agree a better studio is in order.

  • brad323

    Lance is so HOT. I hope he never goes back to that disgusting nasty skanky whale. He’s so much better than Jake.

  • Grant Urwish

    A little on the lean side but definately worth a jump. What can I say, he’s a Marine, I love Marines. :)