CruiserBoys: Tyler & Tucker

Tyler & Tucker at CruiserBoys

Well, we knew you’d be asking for more of Tyler and Tucker and they were more than willing to be partnered up. This is a beautiful pair of YOUNG, HOT boys. Tyler shows us a side of him that we didn’t see in his solo as he takes the lead. He aggressively throws Tucker onto the bed and immediately takes charge. After some sweet kissing and light grinding, it’s Tucker who goes down first.

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CruiserBoys: Josh

Josh at CruiserBoys

Josh performs an amazing, erotic shower scene that proves the point that cold water just makes IT ”look” smaller because just about the time you’ve convinced yourself that his Incredible Hulk resemblance makes up for his six inch cock, you watch him dry off, warm up and really get HARD!!!

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CruiserBoys: Anders

Anders at CruiserBoys

Anders is 26 years old, 6 ft tall and 165 lbs. He’s got a great body, tan skin and a beautiful cock. He says all the girls love it, but it’s been two weeks since he’s had it sucked. He loves shaft play while getting oral on the head of his cock and he is happy to show us how sensitive his head is. As he jacks off, Anders leans back on the couch giving a cock hardening view of his chaste hole. Between his sexy smile, great anal views and cum shots, it’s hard to say which will make you blow first.

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CruiserBoys: Trey & Lance Bennett

Trey & Lance Bennett at CruiserBoys

Lance and Trey are the perfect bad boy/TWINK combo. Lance is a dominant top while Trey is a submissive bottom. Lance may be hard core, but he proves himself an attentive lover as he starts rubbing Trey’s feet before rolling him onto his back, and continuing the foreplay. Trey may be a TWINK, but the kid knows what he’s doing as he builds Lances excitement with a little cock tease. Lance’s ”bad boy” persona takes over as he dominates Trey guiding him into each position before mounting him and taking full control. Hope these two cum back again soon!


CruiserBoys: Lance

Lance at CruiserBoys

Lance is a Str8 young, tall and lean California hottie with dark brown hair and killer hazel eyes. Lance loves the outdoors and nothing excites him more than getting off out in public. He’s out hiking with a group of friends, but when his long hard cock can’t be contained by his jock strap any longer, he sneaks off onto a hidden trail to perform for us. He drops his shorts down and starts with long, slow strokes teasing us as his six pack flexes with each stroke. He keeps an eye out from behind hoping he doesn’t get caught as his momentum builds, his breath becomes labored and his cum shoots all over the rocks.

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CruiserBoys: Royce

Royce at CruiserBoys

If statues stood with an erection, I would have paid more attention in art history class! Royce poses like a Greek God, and shows off his fabulous physic. This was a very inspiring performance… I think I’m going to take a sculpting class. :)

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CruiserBoys: Mike West

Mike West at CruiserBoys

Mike spends his time playing sports and working out and he’s got a body that proves it. From his broad shoulders, ripped abs and an ass you’re going to want to slide right into …Mike is a beauty to watch. You’re going to love the anal close ups in this video.

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CruiserBoys: Parker & Rod

Parker & Rod at CruiserBoys

It doesn’t get any hotter than this!! Parker and Rod are both bisexuals that are well built with six pack abs, ripped arms, tight asses and a love for a great blow job. Parker has always thought that guys do it better and Rod doesn’t mind proving him right when he goes down on Parker. The action doesn’t stop there though, this is one ride you don’t want to miss watching.

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CruiserBoys: Chase & Asher

Chase & Asher at CruiserBoys

Not to toot my own horn, but… Once again, I paired two really hot guys together for one fantastic duo scene. Stick around, the fun is about to begin!

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CruiserBoys: Ryon

Ryon at CruiserBoys

Doing it Cruiser Boys style! While showing off his well kept body, we get to see what gets Ryon all hot and bothered. He’ll be cumming soon, so don’t go anywhere. :)

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CruiserBoys: Mario

Mario at CruiserBoys

Introducing, Mr Sexy! I would love to run my fingers thru his thick wavy hair, down his perfect chest, and then stop to appreciate his rock hard cock! Mario loves a good Blow-job… Good thing, because I really enjoy giving them!

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CruiserBoys: Leed

Leed at CruiserBoys

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘Hung like a horse’? Either it be in a saddle or bareback, this brown eyed beach boy loves to ride these beautiful creatures. I wonder what else he likes to ride? Yee-Haw!

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CruiserBoys: David

David at CruiserBoys

David might pretend to be shy, but don’t let him fool you. He couldn’t wait to give you (and anyone else who was watching) a more personal performance. After a quick shower, he’ll seduce you with nothing but a bath towel.

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CruiserBoys: Abe Is Back

Abe Is Back at CruiserBoys

Abe is back… and I hope you are ready for him. He has several techniques he’d like to show you. Some you might want to try yourself, or even practice on someone else.

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CruiserBoys: Booker

Booker at CruiserBoys
Booker at CruiserBoys
Booker at CruiserBoys
Booker at CruiserBoys

Booker at CruiserBoys
Booker at CruiserBoys
Booker at CruiserBoys

Booker wanted to show you more than just his muscles. In this scene, he demonstrates some very interesting techniques. Pay close attention and take notes… So when you’re in his bed, you’ll know exactly how to turn him on!

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CruiserBoys: Dan

Dan at CruiserBoys
Dan at CruiserBoys
Dan at CruiserBoys
Dan at CruiserBoys

Dan at CruiserBoys
Dan at CruiserBoys
Dan at CruiserBoys
Dan at CruiserBoys
Dan at CruiserBoys
Dan at CruiserBoys

During the interview, we learned a few secrets about Danny Boy. This sexy hunk has a certain fetish for feet! Now, what he likes to do with them is even a bigger secret. Maybe you can entice him with your longfellows and find out exactly what turns him on. :)

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CruiserBoys: Asher & Kevin

Asher & Kevin at CruiserBoys
Asher & Kevin at CruiserBoys
Asher & Kevin at CruiserBoys
Asher & Kevin at CruiserBoys

Asher & Kevin at CruiserBoys
Asher & Kevin at CruiserBoys
Asher & Kevin at CruiserBoys
Asher & Kevin at CruiserBoys

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CruiserBoys wrote:

We have already met Kevin, but wait… Who’s the new guy? Asher is our newest addition to Cruiser Boys, and he couldn’t wait to show his best side. Which I do believe can be found from every angle. :)