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My Friends’ Feet: Michael Boston and Drake Tyler in ‘Foot Buddy’

Foot Buddy (Michael Boston and Drake Tyler) at My Friend's Feet

My Friends’ Feet: I met Michael Boston when he was visiting town on vacation. He was curious about a foot worship scene. His skin was sunburned but his feet were hotter! He was on spring break and he got to experience having his toes sucked on camera for the first time.

LucasEntertainment: Justin Cruise Tastes Micheal Lucas’ Feet (Web Exclusive Scene)

Justin Cruise Tastes Micheal Lucas' Feet (Web Exclusive Scene) at

It’s been a long time since Lucas Raunch has released a video showcasing the masculine feet of its sex stars, and who better to bring the foot fetish back than Michael Lucas himself, and he’s using the mouth of Russian blond twink Justin Cruise to kiss and lick his toes!

FootFriends: Justin (Running Socks)

Justin (Running Socks) at

By request, we bring Justin back for another look at his hot feet, this time in running shoes and athletic ankle socks…

Watch Justin at

FootFriends: Van In Socks

Van In Socks at

With Van’s hot body he is always easy on the eyes. But when we ask him to put on a tight pair of dress socks, this fun, sexy guy goes off the charts.


FootFriends: Eric In Socks

Eric In Socks at

There’s something hot and unique about beefy blonde guys in dark dress socks. Let’s have Eric show us what it’s all about…


CocksureMen: Bareback Boot Camp (Tyler Ford & Vance Crawford)

Bareback Boot Camp (Tyler Ford & Vance Crawford) at

Like any young recruit who reports to Boot Camp Vance Crawford is willing to do whatever it takes to survive basic training, even if he’s role playing with his boyfriend, the studly “drill instructor” Tyler Ford.

Watch Tyler Ford and Vance Crawford at

SeanCody: Russ & Yuri

Russ & Yuri at SeanCody

Yuri raised Russ’ feet in the air, came on them, and then licked them clean!

Watch Russ & Yuri at

FootFriends: Rocco’s Socks

Rocco's Socks at

This young, rugged Italian keeps his athletic socks and size 10 1/2 feet clean and fresh. He’d like nothing better than for you to rub your face all over them!

Watch Rocco at

CorbinFisher: Dru Fucks Cain

Dru Fucks Cain at CorbinFisher

Once you saw the title and realized this video had Dru and Cain together, that was likely all you needed to know to be certain it’s a hot one full of intense action and most definitely worth watching! There’s really not that much more to add to it, as these two insanely horny, young studs go at it in some furious action!

Watch Dru & Cain at

Foot Friends: Sel & Arni

Sel & Arni at

We recently discovered lost archives of FootFriends photo shoots. Among them were long-time fan favorites and soccer players Sel and Arni worshipping each others feet and getting naked together. Enjoy!


CocksureMen: Lance Bennett and Tucker Scott (Hot Toemales)

Lance Bennett and Tucker Scott at

Lance and Tucker spice it up with some fiery foot play. Lance pours hot sauce onto Tuckers toes and laps it up, his tongue tracing every crevice. The heat is cranked another notch as Lance eases his thick cock into Tucker’s ass. Sparks fly as the intensity of Lance’s pounding brings Tucker to the boiling point. He lets loose a wave of cum all over Lance’s chest. Lance gets up and hovers over Tucker’s head, jerking wildly until he splatters Tucker’s face with cum.

Watch Lance & Tucker at

CollegeDudes247: Austin Gama & Noah River

Austin Gama & Noah River at CollegeDudes247

Austin Gama has quickly become a favorite here on CD247, so we thought we would let him show you all how passionate he can really be in the scene with Noah River. After some hot making out, Austin goes down on Noah like a hungry animal, devouring Noah’s cock and practically begging for more, until Noah shoots all over Austins neck, face and clear over both of them! Austin is damn good at what he does, and we know you will get off watching these two!

Watch Austin & Noah at

CorbinFisher: Dawson Fucks Austin

Dawson Fucks Austin at CorbinFisher

Austin generated so much excitement when he first arrived at CF that I knew I had to make this video special!

Mind you, this video is already quite special in that Austin is getting fucked for the very first time ever! This amazingly good-looking, ripped young man with the great face and incredible body is a tremendous treat to watch on camera, has a wonderful personality, and has proven himself both comfortable and a total natural in front of the camera and in action. It’s already special, as well, in the fact that it took so long to get Austin to finally come out and shoot with us after first getting in touch with him a couple of years ago! It’s further special in that CF veteran and one of our all-time most popular studs, Dawson, is the one breaking him in!

Watch Austin & Dawson at

UKNakedMen: Vin Costes (Socks)

Vin Costes (Socks) at UKNakedMen

A very fine vintage of stunning French Vin… a full, natural body and very easy on the nose. Vin Costes peels ’em off, gets naked and gives you another eyeful of his natural, toned physique, uncut cock and fistfuls of arse. Our gallic favorite takes it all off right down to his sweaty sports socks revealing his pale, perfect feet.


SeanCody: Reid & Carlton

Reid at SeanCody

How fucking adorable is Reid?

Our shy guy was surprisingly open to the idea of man sex. And it may have had something to do with the fact that he didn’t have to make the first move.

That was Carlton’s job…

CollegeDudes247: Landon Sucks Hunter

Landon Sucks Hunter at CollegeDudes247

Hunter gets his first experience with another guy in this HOT vid. Who better than Landon to show Hunter the ropes? After some heavy muscle kissing and foot licking, Landon has Hunter on the edge, and he goes right in for that nice cock that Hunter has!…

Watch Landon & Hunter at

CorbinFisher: Trent’s Tag Team

Trent's Tag Team at CorbinFisher

I loved seeing those two together, and really wanted to see Brent fuck Trent again. I had to switch things up a bit, though, in order to let these two studs reignite that intensity and passion while at the same time doing it in an entirely fresh and new context.

So, I threw Ben in to the mix…

Watch Trent, Brent, & Ben at

CorbinFisher: TJ Fucks Jared

TJ Fucks Jared at CorbinFisher

Damn, do I love having TJ around. Every time I film him in a new video, I find myself standing there with the camera fully amazed at what a total stud he is – as great as his face and body were when he first came to work with us, it’s like both keep getting hotter and hotter every day. Even though I filmed the action, I find myself yet again blown away by what a stud he is when I check out the finished product before the video goes online. He’s stunning, and not only has he built up a reputation of being one of the absolute hottest bottoms on the site, but this video is a reminder of just what a great top he is and just what a hot cock he has!

After all, you can sometimes forget what a big, thick dick TJ has when you’re so consumed with staring at the rest of him. But in this video, as he’s plunging that dick in and out of Jared’s tight ass, you really get to appreciate what a hot cock he’s packing!…

Watch TJ & Jared at