Fratmen.TV: Pierce (Naked College Frat Boy)

Pierce (Naked College Frat Boy) at

Pierce (Naked College Frat Boy) at

Pierce (Naked College Frat Boy) at

Pierce (Naked College Frat Boy) at

Pierce fashions himself as a tough guy. But deep down, he’s a vulnerable young man who just wants be part of the club. Welcome to the fraternity Pierce.

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  • Fratdude887

    can he not close his mouth?

    • bonerboy

      that’s funny…

    • (LOL) Right! This is a total complete Fail!

  • King Henry VIII

    DAMN HIM against that wall by the mirrior!!! :0 Yummy Hot and Delish I’ll take one Pierce to go please to my bedroom!!! ;)
    YUMMY!!!! ;)

  • King Henry VIII

    He looks like he could be related to Phillp the curly haired BIG D**K fratboi from way back when YUM!!!! ;)

  • Established One

    Typical high school jock….but he’ll do.

  • moondoggy

    Are we all talking about the same guy? He’s cute, his body is flawless, and his cock is as exquisitely tiered as a wedding cake.

  • Giggity !

  • piercefan

    OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!…I know him. I can’t believe I know someone that does porn. I’m not going to say his real name cause that wouldn’t be cool, but the author of the blurb is totally WRONG about “Pierce.” He truly is a tough guy in real life, but very very cool and easy going. I always thought he was sooooo hot. I never thought I would see him naked, let alone jerk off. This is a fantasy come true. I’m getting a membership to Fratmen right now!

    • Ozytheman

      So you know him huh…. he’s a cutie! Wow it’d be weird seeing him again, in person and sayin ‘what’s up’!! Great little bod on him.

  • jake7172

    He should do a vid with dean… yummm!!!

  • zachary


  • happy user

    One of the best from fratmen.!