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David at SeanCody

David at SeanCody

David at SeanCody

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Sean wrote:

David loves cougars!

He just turned 19, and he recently discovered the adventure that is known as hooking up online!

David is very soft spoken, but he wasn’t terribly shy about sharing his experiences with us.

“I like to sleep with older women,” he said.

“What was the oldest?”


“Do you see yourself marrying an older woman?”


“You just like banging them?”

“Yeah. They’re more experienced, they’re more fun in bed, they can last a lot longer than younger girls.”

He’s also a college student who maintains his lean, muscular physique by running and lifting a lot!

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  • hoebagxD


  • n2sex

    Holy Fuckin Beautiful 19 Year Old Boy!

  • BrianRatliff

    I have a southern 4-legged cougar running around our 300 acre property but no 2-legged one’s. I think it is funny listening to the young guys….they are so young and dumb using their dick’s like there is nothing in the world that can harm them. Better watch those 47 year old claws boy….you might end up getting eaten, literally. Nice looking guy but nothing special…if he ends up with a man, then we will talk, of couse.

  • Anton

    DAMN! Perfect from head to toe (albeit average dick). But other than that this boy got it going on! I think the fact he has a bit of a gap in his teeth and big ears makes him cuter for some reason.

    The big question is will he return? I dunno. This might be a one-time only thing with David.

    • Riley

      I Hope so Anton because David is YUM!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Dave

    He loves cougars because they are less discriminating in who they’ll bang… Not cute!!!

    • kyle

      Amen, brother.

  • Fazz

    I really don’t mind a normal sized dick, but I want my men a bit higher up on the primate scale.

  • EJ

    SC has had their share of guys with amazing bodies (can anyone say “Ajay”?), but this one is among the very best. The only deduction I can see here is yet another ridiculous faux-bio written by the site. The guy has killer abs and a great “V”-shape — let’s hope we see him again.

  • Established One

    Hot young stud…I likey….Nice thick cum too. Hot body. It’s a YES for me!

  • Guy

    I’ll have to watch the video, but first impressions are not very positive. His body is ripped but badly proportioned. I have to agree with “Fazz” in that I also like my men, even in porn, higher up on the evolutionary scale.

  • The epitome of “over compensation” ! Not cute at all ! Ugh.

  • Urs Jans

    He’s adorable and for someone like me who has enough dick for two and don’t care if he’s got a small one.

  • pubert


    Judging by some of the comments here, most of you are pretty old.

    Maybe in another 30 years I’ll find this sort of thing attractive. As of now, everything about him looks bizarre and unappealing.

    • darkthunder1983

      Sort of thing? Wow. That’s pretty harsh.

  • dan588

    He’s got a hot bod I’ll give him that, but he needs to lay off the ‘roids.

    This guy was a total turn off for havin such a small dick. Sean Cody is starting to loose what they had.

  • Prancer

    SC can really spare me with these decriptions. I could care less what these guys like to do with these supposed girls they fuck. The guys are st8 and love pussy we fucking get it already..the more repetitive these decripitons get the more unbelievable they become. As for this kid he looks like the SC factory spat him right out, but he does have a nice body.

  • Daniel

    Hot body, cute little cock, ugly face.

    • kyle

      Says it all.

  • cassielovato

    I want Kipper back,this guy is too buffy

  • fab1

    Sean Cody seems hell bent on featuring men who would get laughed at in a junior high school gym class. Where on Earth he finds such small-dicked models is beyond me.

  • Tobias

    Sean Cody persists in his homophobic “hetero” baloney, thus perpetuating the myth of the predatory homosexual. This shrimp-dicked kid has a weird-looking, alien face. Another same old, same old losing proposition from SC. I mean, serious, every shot looks like every other shot Cody takes. This stuff is beyond boring and so is his website. Yawn. Come on Sean, spend some money on decor, will you?

  • kyle


  • Marco26


  • Redboy

    Nice body, but I can’t sign off on that Monchichi face.

  • Anonymous

    I always said guys that go for the older women make it seem like thats what they want but it seems its because the hot 18 and 20 somethings are way more picky. This guy only has a nice body. His face is ugly and dick is small.

  • Cee

    Planet of The Apes comes to mind.