BelAmiOnline: Peters Twins (Twincest Preview Pics)

Peters Twins (Twincest Preview Pics) at

Peters Twins (Twincest Preview Pics) at

Peters Twins (Twincest Preview Pics) at

Peters Twins (Twincest Preview Pics) at

Peters Twins (Twincest Preview Pics) at

So today we have the special image set taken in conjunction with Milo and Elijah’s episode… just to give you a little taste before the video comes out later in the month.

Visit | Elijah & Milo Peters Twincest Preview Clip

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  • Rin Tenpuusei

    Oh My GOD ain’t this illegal

    • Cum sucker

      Wow, delicious, this is great

      If these brothers r ever feeling horny they can just call there brother and fuck each other…i wish i had brother!!! :( i would suck i dick like there was no 2morrow!!!

  • mulciben

    So… technically, since they are “identical twins” would this be like masturbating or self-sucking? haha genetically that would be true…

  • Riley

    Apparently not where they are from. And if it is BEL-AMI breaking major laws.

    To Quote Anonymous “it’s so sinful you’ll, have to shower in HOLY WATER to get the cum stains out of your soul”. end quote

    I thought it was funny.

    Anywho about this hot as HELL!!! ;) Can’t wait for it to come out later in the season. WANT MILO and ELIJAH back for MORE!!!!!! ;)

  • bonerboy


    • small world you live in.

    • bonerboy

      You’re right. In my world, siblings don’t have (bareback) sex with each other. But that’s just me, maybe some of the rest of you are from the Amish farm.

  • Redboy

    Those Eastern Europeans will do anything for a buck.

    • FeydRautha


      “…we just love being twins. Some people look for their soul mates for their whole lives, but we have had one since our birth.”

      I dunno… sounds like they genuinely love each other.

    • JayBoiChitown

      AMEN! @ Redboy

  • JakeG

    Wow! This is soo wrong….. But soo right ;)

  • Giggity.

    • Dave

      LMAO! Good one!

  • jonny

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Even when the Bartok twins fucked they used rubbers, this is perfect.

  • Prancer


  • Jay

    Oh man, Bel Ami is going to make soooooo much money.

  • Bob-omb

    If they didn’t have identical status, I’d be repulsed. Stuff like father/son porn, that is beyond wrong. But when it’s an IDENTICAL twin it seems…a bit less wrong…but if they actually loved each other and became life partners, that’d be twisted.

  • Urs Jans

    This is all about the money. It seems europeans are just soulless. Its offensive to nature.

    • gogoo

      wtf? you mean, german and french are like them? gosh..
      but yeah, i think it’s simply wrong..

  • LA Clergy

    It could have been a flip flop and we would not know.

    I love their body and looks.

    If they are really twiins this is ever gross. The concept alone would be extremely gross.

  • brucesteggert

    Works for me!

    This will get a lot of attention and many will object. But hey: de gustibus, non disputandum est.

    And da boz are ripped.

    It’s a Yum!!

  • lxgnzls

    I think Im going 2 hell for looking @ the pics lol

    I have a gay brother he is attractive like me (we got diferent looks) but there is no way in hell I would kiss or anything else with him.

    2 weird but more powerfor them

  • Fazz

    They cant have babies. It doesnt hurt any one. Good one ya boys go ahead. for once Bel ami is original.
    Boy and girl bother and sister yes, should be illegal, and prolly is. But these guys may even love each other. Who knows you better than your twin? no one.

  • unduruxi

    it’s disgusting and gross! belami was dethroned by another better companies, but they try to get the no 1 position. this is the reason why they shoot with corbin fisher and cockyboys.

    i know that this isn’t the first bro-fucker vid in the gay-porn industry. but this is shame too!

    i liked belami. but this gross bareback brother-fucker video is too much for me. it’s illegal, and sick!

  • bonerboy

    This is sick. Spare me the ‘consenting adults’ or the ‘it’s not like they can have babies’ jazz. IMO, it’s no less demented than a brother and sister fucking around. I don’t care if they can’t reproduce. Would people be so quick to shrug it off if a brother and sister rationalized their affair by stating that one of them was sterile, or that they use condoms, or that if she becomes pregnant, she’d just abort? I don’t think so. With 6 billion people in the world, there is no reason anyone should be shacking up with family members.

    Between the incest and the bareback, Bel-Ami is hitting sewer lows.

    • Darwin

      A late response but as long as one of them is sterile there is nothing wrong with M-F consensual incest either. The reason incest is such an issue is because with reproduction a possibility it HARMS another. Sterility or homosexuality remove this harm.

  • FeydRautha

    BREAKING NEWS: It’s been discovered that Elijah and Milo are actually second cousins (twice removed) that have had plastic surgery in order to pass for twins!


    LOL! Now does that make any of you feel better?! Seriously, I wonder how many of these appalled/disgusted commenters are webmasters for competing sites…

  • Cee

    They don’t look like twins to me. One looks older. One has a bigger nose, bigger lips. They look alike, but I don’t believe they are twins.

  • pubert

    What the hell is wrong with some of you people? You’re making the same comments that funies say about gays. What the fuck ever.

    This is awesome. Many people fantasize about fucking a clone of themselves, and this is it. It’s the closest thing we’ll ever get.

    What’s wrong with it? Who cares if they’re related. And you’d have to be blind to not see that they’re identical twins.

    • I completely agree with you. Consenting adults and no four-legged babies, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with it… and EVERYTHING right!

  • elmtree

    I just don’t know what to say about this video. Brothers having sex is just wrong yet they look amazingly hot together. Its one thing they appear in vids together with other guys but fucking your brother? That might be a line that did not need to be crossed.

  • pubert

    Uh..why is it “wrong” for brothers to have sex?

    It’s not like they can produce some inbred offspring. There is no chance of that at all.

    It’s no more “wrong” than any other two gay men having sex. If I had a brother who looked like that I’d fuck his brains out.

    • Bob-omb

      So if your Dad was gay, you’d fuck him too? That is some DISGUSTING logic you’re using there.

    • FeydRautha

      The father-son dynamic isn’t quite comparable to twin brothers. There’s an inherent inequality there…

    • elmtree

      So you think the only think wrong with siblings having sex is the fact that they might produce inbred offsprings? If not for that, its all good? Really?

    • @bob-omb, @feydrautha
      I know a father and son who began a relationship when the son was well into adulthood. Nothing happened before, no question of power… they decided to be with each other. I have no problem with that. No four-legged, two headed-babies. Just wrap your head around it, two people who happen to be related loving each other and enjoying full physical contact by their own choice. Big fukkin deal.

  • leohn

    sick????… what are u guys talking about, we r doin the same thing like the str8 people, everybody can do whatever they want,.. if someone dont like just dont watch it… and hell????… that thing doesnt exist.. those guy are hot, good looking and its awesome to watch them fuckin

  • tracks20

    Wrong, Wrong Wrong It is their therapy session’s and their sole. This one should have never been left our of the box. Morally not right. Bel Ami should have higher standards.

  • Triflen! But Honestly it was hot!

  • Ted i know you have something to say about this!

  • bonerboy

    Get real with the “that’s what fundies say about gay sex” crap. No sale. Don’t compare homosexuality with incest, please. It’s insulting.

  • brucesteggert


    I’m lovin’ it!


  • FunTimes

    It’s funny the double standards that gays have on themselves. I don’t hear all of you complaining when you see heterosexual advertisements about twin sisters, and things like that. Its considered “hot” by heterosexuals to have twins go at it and then doing stuff with them, why do we have the double standard when its gay men?

    • chad

      That’s a load of BS. First of all, this is a gay porn blog, so where do you see incestuous twin sisters being advertised here for you to spout off about hypocrisy and double standards of waybig readers dismiss it, yet condemning this? Trust me, if Corbin Fisher or Jake Cruise ever did a ACS/SG4GE update with two twin sisters having sex with each other while working one of their guys, I’d call that sick too.

      There is no double standard…instead what we have here is a penchant for some around here to dismiss ANY kind of gay sex that something as disturbing as incest between brothers inexplicably gets tagged “hot,” as opposed to disturbed – which it actually is. Don’t even try to play the gay card here, has nothing to do with that. ANY kind of sexual activity between family (2 brothers, 2 sisters, brother/sister, mother/son, father/daughter, etc., etc.) is disgusting.

    • bonerboy

      Amen Chad. A-fucking-men. Disgusting!

  • Prancer

    bonerboy stop arguing with these people haha. It’s obvious your fighting a losing battle with a bunch of nasty asses, so just let it go haha..nothing you say is going to matter to them. I mean they’re defending incest! you dont get mad at that, this is a situation where you sit back watch the train wreck and have a good laugh as I am doing now ;)

  • altarego

    Fact: They’re two adult gay males willing to pleasure themselves on camera for pay.

    Opinion: Men or women who are related by bloodline should not have sex with one another because it’s “evil”.

    Fact: Men and women of close lineage will have a disadvantage because of the chance of repeating recessive type alleles in their genome, thereby increasing risk of genetically distributed disease.

    Opinion: It’s just not right…god hates you!?>!111one one

    Fact: Two genetically non-producing males get off on each other and harm no other by their sexual preferences make money off other perverts like us.

    Yes, you really are that simple.

    Stupid gays.

    • humanoid

      totally agree… there’s nothing wrong with two consenting male adult twins having sex with each other for money on camera – not legally, not scientifically, not genetically – maybe only morally wrong. But whose moral? And if it’s morally wrong, then ordinary gay sex between two gay guys who are not related would also be wrong too…. i couldn’t even imagine that there would be so many self-hating, blindly religious and sexually repressed gay guys on this site.

    • elmtree

      And I couldn’t even imagine there would be so many self loathing, religiously dead, sexually deviant gay guys on this site who would actually defend sex between siblings. And you defend it by comparing ordinary gay sex to incest? Seriously dude, your parents must be so proud of you. Call this scene hot if you will (and the pics are crazy hot) but defend incest as normal? Come on…

    • couldn’t have said it better (not with a couple of glasses of wine that is) ;-)

  • Established One

    Brotherly love? Or love thy brother? It’s still hot though.

  • Daniel

    Stunning bodies but monkey heads.

    • who looks at the mantelpiece when you’re poking the fire?

  • ThomT

    Right or wrong, love it or hate it this will be, without a doubt, Bel Ami’s biggest seller of all time. Just look at the number of comments this photo set has already generated. Obviously many are opposed to the shoot but many others are not. It is unlikely you will ever see a real set of twins, or bothers, doing anything sexual in an American produced video (although there is some 25 year old stuff out there) due to the huge legal risk but apparently productions from other countries are not all that infrequent.

  • if you and your brother are completely at ease with your bodies and minds, then this is no problem. if you have unresolved issues, or misplaced anxieties, then this is a major problem.

    which side of the fence are you on?

    • moondoggy

      LOL – DanielM, I love how philosophical you are here. As for this post, definite yes for me. Can’t wait to see this clip. Puts the Bartok twins to shame. Now if we can just get Donny and Marky Mark to get it on …

  • Tubby

    It’s only social conditioning telling you that this is wrong. It isn’t wrong, it’s love. All those condemning the video are just living up to your cultural values, and while there’s nothing so wrong or surprising about that, you should understand that those values have been embedded in you by your society.. Just like a gay-hater has been embedded with his/her hatred of gays.

    This video is not for every gay man… There are a few things that audience members will have to get past or have experience in to fully understand and appreciate the pornography and possibly more so the story of these two brothers.

    • bonerboy

      You’re right, I have been socially conditioned to think that people who share the same bloodlines shouldn’t be having sex with each other…and not only do I make no appologies for that, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just because you’re so immersed in the idea of sex at all that you have few boundaries and think it’s perfectly acceptable to grab your brother and have your way with him doesn’t make it in any way acceptable.

      This isn’t anything remotely similar to hatred of gays, and it’s a cheap, lame and not to mention insulting excuse to draw that parallel.

      These 2 guys are sick in the head, and so are the people defending this video.

    • justsaywhen

      +1 tubby. either you get it or you don’t.

  • Jerry

    For some reason…this gave me a boner :o

  • JWF

    They are not the best looking (not too bad, though..) but their bodies are incredible!

    I have to chuckle at some of these comments….somehow it would not be as bad if they were just brothers, not identical twins!!! ha ha!

    I will set aside any feelings of repulsion…..this looks HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

  • clusterfuck

    Twin butterfaces.

  • OCK

    They could just be Doppelgänger twins.

  • brandon85

    If you can’t bareback ur twin who can you bareback lol

  • Phoenix Storm

    It took decades for the gay community to become integrated in the real world. We have a long ways to go with gay marriage and the lifting on the ban on gays in the military. Postings like this are trash. We don’t have sex with our twin brothers ( or our small children or parents ..all of whom we love )just because its ” hot “.
    Why doesnt BelAmi and Waybig start posting sex with small children and animals now. Get a clue folks. It only takes a little crap to slander all the good and then we have to start all over again to prove this isn’t us…or at least not all of us. I hope Waybig does a retraction and BelAmi falls into bankruptcy.

  • anonymousity

    Why are you making such a noise out of this?
    I always rely on my ultimate principle: do as you wish, as long as you don’t harm/affect anyone doing it.
    The human goal is to be happy.
    If these guys like each other, even if they have a siblings’ relationship, and if they are happy having sex with each other, why can’t they?
    Because society says it’s wrong and demented and that they will rott in hell?
    Mind your own business… but I don’t want to offend anyone…I just don’t get the society’s selfishness…

  • Rawbee

    I dont know how these guys could do this, I am a twin and the thought of having sex with my brother is pretty repulsive. They must have taken a lot of viagra.

  • versuader

    Ever wanked looking in the mirror??… This is the 3D interactive version…!! It’s Hot!!

    There are people out there having sex with animals and doing whatever with shit etc… it’s their thing!

    This looks like consensual loving sex… Leave judgement to a higher power.

  • pink_nica

    LOVE IT!!!more please.

  • Britboy

    Looks good to me, if that means I’m going to hell then so be it.

  • bonerboy

    I wish Waybig would take this disgusting, demented, warped and psychotic display of “twincest” off the main page.

    • timriley

      I would take this over that gross Jakecruise stuff anyday…

  • daws

    I guess if I didn’t have brothers I’d be turned on by this but I do…seeing those two go at it makes me want to projectile vomit.

  • Third World Man

    We’d all be against it if the twins were 300 lbs……….

  • brandon85

    Phoenix I get what you are saying but this is porn sweetie not exactly role model material

  • Joeje

    C’mon guys! Dont talk about morals here ok? Specially when first of all you are gay and cum eaters and well I dont need to remind you all kind of Stuff you do when you are with someone having sex or in some cases WATCHING PORN!! So let them be and KEEP JERKING OFF!!

  • nycjockdom

    Saying “twins brothers having sex, is wrong” equals saying gay men having sex is wrong.

    The incest laws are designed around the very real danger of HETEROSEXUAL people producing deformed babies.
    The only product of THIS union is the many hard-ons produced from watching this video. And as far as the “bareback” issue. Obviously they TRUST each other enough to know that there is a NO RISK situation here for contagious disease.

    Some of you are simply jealous that these two handsome guys have a relationship that is rewarding on so many levels. Kudos to the boys for thinking (and fucking) outside the box.

  • kmmo

    They don’t look identical at all, maybe they’re not even brothers.

    Plus, I don’t they’re hot anyway. Just too ripped and smooth, not really my type.

  • Eight

    This doesn’t bother me at all, but I don’t have siblings so perhaps it’s difficult for me to relate to how disgusted some of you feel by this. Maybe if I had a brother I could think of this in different terms and I’d be repulsed.

  • JustLookingAround

    What would their parent think?

  • Simon

    There just lookin for a big pay day ! SmH