ActiveDuty: Austin & Kaden

Austin & Kaden at ActiveDuty

Austin & Kaden at ActiveDuty

Austin & Kaden at ActiveDuty

Austin & Kaden at ActiveDuty

Austin & Kaden at ActiveDuty

Kaden shows newbie Austin the ropes exclusively this week at

Watch Austin & Kaden at

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  • Riley

    And THIS IS HOT HOW? All that new flesh at AD and we see KADEN again becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Its a NO FOR ME

  • ArtfulDodge

    Kaden stop bulking up. You’re starting to look chubby now.

  • brad323

    I agree. Kaden looks weirdly heavy. Not fat, but strangely too large for his frame. Must be steroids.

  • Grant Urwish

    I like them beefy. I sure would like to tangle one night with Kaden. He looks perfect to me.

  • Established One

    Yep, muscle heads. Not overall impressive to me. I certainly am not fan of having your pubs completely shaved!

  • AL

    Two guys with beautiful bodies and beautiful fat circumcised penises. But the shorter guy is the best. He is sensational.

  • Redboy

    Kaden is hot! What is all this “fat” talk?!

  • jockboy

    kaden is one hot motherfucker, both in looks and in attitude. love the way he plays austin and brings him along.

    austin wants kaden’s hot body and hard cock so bad i can feel it thru the screen.

    there’s never too much kaden for me.

  • ThomT

    Hey Austin, just how drunk do you have to get to allow someone to tattoo that crap on your side?

  • Marth Gold

    Kaden is hotter than ever…love that he’s bulking up. Would love to have some of that hot cock

  • Wowman

    Don’t tell Kaden how hot he is. He already knows! K tell him anyway! lol

  • Wowman

    did you learn it at basic cuz my friend is in the Marines and he likes men!