MenOver30: Colin Steele & Feliz Andrews

Colin Steele & Feliz Andrews at MenOver30

Colin Steele & Feliz Andrews at MenOver30

Colin Steele & Feliz Andrews at MenOver30

Colin Steele & Feliz Andrews at MenOver30

Colin Steele & Feliz Andrews at MenOver30

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MenOver30 wrote:

When asked 6’7″m gravel-voiced Colin Steel what he wanted for Valentine’s Day, this lean, hung daddy said he wanted a young, dark-haired stunner – and they do not cum much more stunning than Feliz Andrews. They grope and explore each other as they slowly undress. Feliz is rock hard in seconds and Colin’s hands are wrapped around his meat. He licks at Feliz’s cock and balls as he gets a better taste of all that Feliz has to offer. Feliz then sits up and has his turn at Colin’s thick dick as he shoves as much as he can down his hungry throat. “Give me a taste of that ass” Colin groans, spreading Feliz’s cheeks wide. Colin’s tongue starts to lap away at Feliz’ hungry hole and it drives him wild. Colin is soon fingering the sweet ass he’ll be fucking soon enough. A shot from behind gives us a view of the tall stud’s own back door as he gets lost in the moment lubing that tight ass with his tongue. He then rearranges himself so he can ride it while making out. Feliz spreads his hot ass open as wide as he can; burying Colin deep inside him. Colin grabs Feliz by the shoulder as he bounces him back hard onto his thick dick. “Fuck me”, Feliz begs, as Colin follows orders. Feliz can’t take it anymore as his cock explodes, sending a massive meteor shower of load way past his head and splattering on his chest. Colin follows up with another impressive load that white washes Feliz’ cum drenched chest. Happy Valentine’s Day indeed from

  • pubert

    Is it just me or does that little guy have a big fucking head?

  • von schlomo

    Great example of how this site can be total Halloween.

  • kewl0420

    Romance between a daddy and twink for Valentine’s Day. What more could you ask for?

  • Daniel

    Wow… Colin Steele is a big ol’ daddy now, isn’t he?

  • Established One


  • TaterTot

    “gravel-voiced…hung daddy”? With all the affectations—the earrings, necklace, the ridiculous ink, the oh-so-carefully-though-out goatee—Colin Steele is the most effeminate-looking “daddy” I have ever seen. No.

  • Fireball

    I love Feliz!!!!

    That other guy is alright too.

  • Redboy70

    The set is killing it for me. It looks like Dorothy and Blanche are eating cheesecake in the kitchen.