JakeCruise: Jeremy Hunt Serviced

Jeremy Hunt at JakeCruise

Jeremy Hunt at JakeCruise

Jeremy Hunt at JakeCruise

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Jake wrote:

Jeremy Hunt is very upfront about why he’s in LA, “Dick”. I love a guy who knows what he wants. I also love hot young & hung models who know how to have a laugh and make sex fun and Jeremy is just that. We joke around a bit before I get serious about servicing that beautiful 8″ cock of his. Well, not too serious. When his cock isn’t buried down my throat or I have my tongue buried in his ass we’re probably laughing at one of his cute, corny jokes. To steal a title from one of our DVDs, this was definitely “Service with a Smile”.

  • Riley

    DAMMIT Jeremy NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :( I guess we could still get together after you have a silkwood scrub down!!! ;)

  • Bradster

    I used to be in love with Jeremy ever since he started on NDM. Now after he’s defiled himself by letting Jake touch him, I can’t look at him the same.

    Nasty Jake strikes again.

    • roman

      I know. WTF. Why Jeremy?!

    • Daniel

      Everyone succumbs to Bogeyman Jake in the end.

  • Established One

    …And another one bites the dust. Desperate measures for desperate times for Jeremy Hunt.

  • sliderboi

    grandpa Orca hits again. rancid senile old fart.

  • von schlomo

    And I really like Jeremy. Oh well, at least Jake didn’t fuck him in the ass bareback.

  • blobalbob

    after all the bitchin about JC on here I decided to watch some of his stuff to see if it really was that bad. All I can say is I’ve never seen such a weirdo and unsexual porn. The guy (JC) is a freak and even though I usually like older bigger men he is one ugly fuck. Someone needs to put him out of his misery

  • brad323

    It’s funny how people always say how the young porn stars are ‘ruined’ after getting fucked by Jake– as if they were ever pristine angels to begin with!