CorbinFisher: Thomas II

Thomas II at CorbinFisher

Thomas II at CorbinFisher

Thomas II at CorbinFisher

Thomas II at CorbinFisher

Thomas II at CorbinFisher

Thomas II at CorbinFisher

Thomas II at CorbinFisher

Watch Thomas at

Really, there’s no point Thomas disappoints while you look at him and see him strip down to show off! He has a great face and is quite the hot, young guy; his body is lean and tight and well-defined; his eyes and smile will win you over quickly; and his dick is big and thick! In short, he’s a stud!

He’s only 18, but already has quite a bit of sexual experience under his belt. He mentions a particular time when he had sex in a public park at night, and noticed some people were around and able to see. That didn’t stop him, though, and he continued to have his fun – no doubt offering up quite the hot show to whomever happened to be around! He mentions he keeps quite the busy schedule, and rarely manages to find the time to jerk off. Occasionally, though, while in the shower and enjoying some quality alone time, he can’t help but jerk a load out of that big dick of his.

Thomas is in to martial arts, and it shows with that fit body of his. He works out regularly, paying particular attention to his abs, but that tight and hot build of his mainly comes from just staying active and being athletic. Surely, that athletic lifestyle contributed to his having an awesome ass, as well!

He mentions, while at the beach recently, someone took it upon themselves to call him an “Adonis”. I’d say that’s a just description! As much as that person must have liked him to have called him that, imagine what they would have thought if they’d had the opportunity to see him lay back, grip that big dick of his, and stroke it off to orgasm! Thankfully, we get to see that!

Watch Thomas at

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  • chipp

    ok this guy is sexy. very sexy.

  • jayalvin

    mmmmmmm. ill lick him all off like melting chocolate.

  • Ryder25

    Yeah, Thomas is a winner. HOT.

  • FeydRautha

    OMFG!!!! Do not let this one slip away, CF! He’d better see some action at ACM or there’ll be hell to pay!

    • Riley

      I know right!!! Love the uncut and I WANT to see CAIN break HIM IN that would be HOT possibly a flip-flop break in scenario getting Happy jus thinking about that.

      Is Corbin sure ThomasII is not related to Erik from 2007
      at least in the pics they look like they could be in videos not so much.

      Miss Erik they need to get him back ASAP!!!!! ;)

    • Nate

      Cain and him need to have a fucking blowout immediately. I swear if Dawson is the first to fuck him someones getting cut!! I have had it damn it!

  • Zee Brat

    He wins.

  • Zee Brat

    Think that’s the first time on CF that someone has looked better outside of the photoshopped pics.

  • Josh J.

    Hell, I wouldn’t call him an “Adonis” but he is hot. I can see a lot of potential in him and that dick of his. Great choice CF!

  • reader

    He’s from that latino gay porn site called MiamaBoyz. NOt sure why name he went under there.

    Anyway, that the 7th week in a row of CF lifting guys from other sites.

    What’s going with his site? Is he having money problems?

    • LikeWhoa!

      He went by the name ‘Carlos’ on

    • FeydRautha

      I don’t think it’s so much CF lifting guys from other sites as these guys applying to CF. Also, CF can probably get away with paying them less money because the competition is so… stiff. *giggles*

      Looks like “Carlos” only did a solo for MiamiBoyz… guess he’s not sticking around. :(

    • Riley

      Well you know FeyRautha he’ll probably do ACS if they haven’t already filmed it and then he’ll disappear who knows he MAY be like Landon of SC and surprise us with a comeback after ACS FINGERS and TOES crossed on this one!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Jared

    It’s kinda funny how no one commented on him on MiamiBoyz from 3 months ago, but he’s already got 11 comments after a couple hours.

    But I have to say he super hot.My favorite CF model of the moment.

    • Zee Brat

      It’s all about marketing.

  • badulover

    8″? skeptical.

    • m8991

      Well, Dawson is 7.5″ according to their website.

    • von schlomo

      is porn inches…you can generally subtract about 1 inch. Clearly, size is one of the important factors in a nice dick, but since they mostly only give length, one really has to eye-ball it rather than merely going off stats. Since his cock is pretty nice looking and length-girth proportionate, the standard embellishment doesn’t put me off much.

      A good example is the ever present Dawson & Lucas. They are ostensibly 7.5″ and 7″, respectively, but their cocks are sorta on the thin side, so I don’t think it’s either of them’s strong point. In fact, cock is probably one of their weakest points, generally speaking of course, since some guy’s actually prefer porn guys who have average sized dicks. I like them all, but all factors equal, a bigger dick is just going to be more to like, as well as make better camera angles in the fucking.

    • Mr.Grafenberg

      Its def an eight incher. The last picture and the other one of him sitting with his legs apart are very good pics to judge the size.

  • Established One

    Wow…this guy is really sexy and hot. Not sure what his ethincity is, but he is handsome. Nice ass, nice complextion and most of all, a very nice uncut dick. It’s a YES for me! Hope we see more of him.

  • curve

    Wow I really hope we get to see him with some of the guys!

  • porndog

    I think CF is on the right track here. The site was getting real stale with so much white skin. It’s nice to see some “flava” for a change. I hope they get more models like him.

  • Simple

    OMFG!!! HOTTTTT!!! Sadly, it will be a very freaking long time before I get to see that ass plowed.

  • clusterfuck

    Dawson is SOOOO going up this guy’s poop chute….. rabbit-stylez!!!!

    • louie

      Now cluster, how can you say that? Just because Dawson has fucked damn near every guy that has been on CF for the last 5 years doesn’t mean that he will this time. And I suppose you might be thinking that Dawson will lick around on his feet too. lol :)

  • jayare

    ok yes..hell yess bahaaa

  • tyler

    Fuck YEAH

  • roman

    wow, love him. I can see him bottoming, too. Can’t wait!

    I rarely like solos, but I’ll have a look :-)

  • Grant Urwish

    Nice very fucking nice

  • King Henry VIII

    BAAAAAAAA means no Dawson jus kidding ;)

    Anywho yea Thomas II is an AWESOME HOTTIE YUM!!!!!!! ;)
    Def. wanna see CAIN break HIM in First because well I jus wanna see it and well CAIN is DAYUM FINE at what he does esp. GIVE and TAKE more GIVE though!!!!!!! Get this guy back ASAP CF would be a big mistake not to.

    Loving Thomas II YUM!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    • DesertDougAz

      Cain and this Thomas guy would be a dream scene for me. Right there with you on that.

  • KamikazeHeart


  • ThomT

    Obviously CF has struck a nerve as the comments came fast and furious – don’t let this little hottie get away we all want to see more!

  • Anton

    He looks a bit Puerto-Rican to me. Either way he’s extremely sexy. Good for CF to feature him. I agree with another poster that this is the step in the right direction, because he CLEARLY puts the current crop of performers that CF prances around to shame in the looks department.

    I don’t know if he’ll return, though. He looks like the type who’ll hop from site to site to do the usual, pedestrian solo jerk. I could be wrong.

  • trustory

    they def add an inch to a good size cock and more to a small one…