SeanCody: Chad (II)

Chad II at SeanCody

Chad II at SeanCody

Chad II at SeanCody

Chad II at SeanCody

Chad II at SeanCody

Chad II at SeanCody

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Chad loves football!

“I’ve been playing it since I was a kid,” he said. “All through middle school and high school… I was on the football team…”

He’s 21 now and playing on a collegiate level.

“So you’re good then I take it?”

“I like to think so,” he said. “It just takes a lot of practice.”

Chad is certainly built for it too. He’s 210 pounds of muscle!

“I work out 6 to 7 days a week,” he said. “I spend a lot of time in the gym.”

Chad’s muscles are really nice, but I liked his balls the best — he’s got some great low hangers!

Watch Chad at

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  • Ryder25

    Wow. He looks like a real stud.

  • clusterfuck

    Thoroughly lickable, hope he cums back to SC.

  • King Henry VIII

    You need to get Scott the Cheerleader from way back when with Chad II ASAP SEAN CODY!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) That would be Totally Awesome and I have to see it NOW!!!!!!!! ;) Sean Cody is Kicking SAS this weekend/week and I LOVING ALL OF IT!!!!!!!! ;) A Yes,for Me!!!!!!!! ;)

    Can I have ChadII please I always wanted my very own College FOOTBALL PLAYER YUM!!!!!!!!! ;)
    Muscular YUMMY GUY!!!!! ;)

  • zhlover

    Dennis, here is your new toy to play with. Sure u will get a huge hardon and cum multiple times while gettin’ f@#ked by this major stud!

  • Established One

    Yep, he looks like a real stud…a beefcake. Thumbs up!

  • chipp

    very hot – but especially hot is after the second cum shot (on a football just like “Harris”- my favorite); Chad hitting the bag, sweating, with violent force – naked & they hit it spot on; he’s pounding away at the bag, sweating, intense & the camera pans over his body thick dick & balls slapping – its a total fantasy. good week at SC. thanks guys

  • Daniel

    This guy has a muscular torso and not much else. No edge, no pornstar quality. Yawn.

    • elmtree

      I totally agree Daniel. Nice body, and very nice low hangers, but little sex appeal. But who knows, maybe a hot pairing will bring something out of him.

    • brandon85

      That’s enough for me lol that’s one damn fine body

    • kouros

      Oh Daniel pleaseeee stop being such couch (casting) judge ;) and what exactly porn quality you’re talking about? This babe is a HAWT keeper. What gives him that special touch is exactly his looks are the total opposite of the stereo typical steroid fed mascara wearing gay porn star. just saying.

  • Dave

    He is such a Chad!
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  • lovemiketo

    face and smile so like Penn Badgley…hot

  • SouthernCountry73

    Hot man… good Lord, what a HOT man

  • Mak

    I’d definitely like a piece of that.

  • LTP

    He’s very HOT!

    I hope he comes back as a dominant top.

  • nice hardware. He’s got that all-American cute face–and a body you could chop wood on. ddayyum

  • paulo

    Chad is so handsome and i Wonder if someone knows him and could tell me some information about him (his real name, who he is…)
    Thx for your help!

  • paolo

    Hi Everybody
    I like Sean Cody because he often finds great men. I think that Chad is handsome and I wonder if someone could tell me more about him (who he is…)
    Thx for your help!

    • brandon85

      Paolo does Chad have a stalked lol

  • fabrice

    I suspect he’ll only do this one solo video, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him in some flip flop action with another model who has a similar beefcake body.

  • Ike

    Looks like he’d come on all friendly at first, then really put the pressure on, and finally, date rape you.

    Works for me.

  • 911wasanInsideJob

    He looks creepy. Date rape psycho freakshow all the way!