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CocksureMen: John Magnum & Tristan Baldwin

John Magnum & Tristan Baldwin at

John Magnum & Tristan Baldwin at

John Magnum & Tristan Baldwin at

John Magnum & Tristan Baldwin at

John Magnum & Tristan Baldwin at

Watch John Magnum & Tristan Baldwin (Flipping On The Mat) at

Cocksuremen wrote:

Hard looks from our hard bodied wrestlers set the tone. John makes the first move but Tristan evades nicely. That’s all the encouragement Tristan needs to start talking smack. John shuts him up, for all of a second, with a beautifully executed modified hip toss. It’s officially on! The studs slam around in a flurry of punches, tosses, and submission moves all while flexing and constantly letting the other know who has the upper hand. It looks like Tristan gets the upper hand after a low blow, but it’s John who winds up on top, literally, with his cock dangling in Tristan’s face. To the victor goes the spoils so Tristan’s ass is the first to be offered up to John’s THICK cock. John’s a good sport and lets Tristan go for a ride too. They flip again and Tristan shoots his load onto John’s massive chest while John’s cock is buried deep inside him. John gets up and towers over Tristan, dropping a load onto Tristan’s chest and chin. To be sure Tristan knows who won, John smears his cum in Tristan’s face. This is enough to make Tristan declare it’s time for round 2 and the guys begin to wrestle again…

  • Riley

    Good Way to end a wrestling match :)

  • porndog

    I really like both these guys. They kinda have the same type of goofy personalities, although Jon is a real hambone which kinda works for him in a way it didn’t at SC. It’s a YES for me!

  • elmtree

    I’m liking this. Great pairing, they seem like they’d be a couple in real like. Also happy to see John bottoming again. It was hot when he bottomed on Sean Cody.

    • von schlomo

      He bottoms for all the trannies. :d

  • Established One

    Meh…I’ll pass!

  • Daniel

    Not a bad flipflop.

  • ThomT

    nobody (i.e. John Magnum) is hot to me after a flip-flop with Jake Cruise – that’s like one big belly flop for your porn career …