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SG4GE: Brandon Richards

Brandon Richards at StraightGuys4GayEyes

Brandon Richards at StraightGuys4GayEyes

Brandon Richards at StraightGuys4GayEyes

Brandon Richards at StraightGuys4GayEyes

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SG4GE wrote:

Brandon Richards has good reason to work out and keep in the shape he’s in. He’s a metal-head from Compton! This is Brandon’s first time having sex on camera but he seems pretty at ease. Tatiana takes full advantage and quickly gets him out of his clothes so she can pop his cock in her hungry mouth. Our bad-boy and his girl get each other wet and ready for a frantic fuck. He gives it to her hard and fast, finishing with a thick load left on his girls pubes and thigh. Brandon, feel free to drop by anytime you want to get out of Compton.

  • clusterfuck

    Big guy, small dick, funny face. Not hot.

  • Vic


  • I think he’s cute. Looks like a complete dumbass, but doubt he’s aiming for a Nobel Prize anytime soon;)

  • Established One

    I agree with you all…not an impressive dick. So-so face.

  • nochestorm67

    whats with the chin, look like a patch work

  • Daniel

    Brandon Richards vs Jeremy Bilding: Battle of the Breasts

  • Perfect guy for me ! Other than his literal shortcomings (pun intended), he’s awesome from head to toe. =D APPROVED !

  • Violinboi

    Some of the biggest stars in america came from Compton. What a rude thing to say!!

  • fab1

    Wait – is he limp? That just cannot be his size hard… otherwise, he needs to go back to pumpin’ gas, I don’t think porn is his calling.

  • Bradster

    Can you blame him if he’s limp. Even the straightest guy would have trouble staying hard with that nasty ass tramp he’s paired up with.

  • ThomT

    was this some kind of tit size competition? if so I think it was a tie.

  • versuader

    I was taught that if I can’t say anything nice about someone, should say nothing…. I’m saying nothing.