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Corbin wrote:

While going through modeling applications, I came across Taylor’s and immediately knew he was someone we had to get on the site! He’s a fan of CF, and figured he’d send an application our way to see if he could model for us. With that hot face, those great eyes, and that tight body, he certainly had what it took to go from fan to model!

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he also has a big, thick dick! Though I couldn’t tell from the application and photos, speaking to him over the phone before he came out to shoot with us revealed he also had a sexy southern accent that I knew would go over well! What I also couldn’t tell from his application was just what a hot pair of eyes he has. I could tell they were a bright blue in the pics he sent, but it wasn’t until he arrived at the studio in person that it was clear just how piercing they are.

It was interesting listening to Taylor chat with Pete during his intro solo and talk about some of his favorite guys on the site. In particular, he’s a big fan of both Levi and Dru, and I’m sure he’s not alone in that! I mentioned to him that he’d likely end up with some big fans of his own, and he seemed quite blown away by that idea!

Back to that big dick of his, though! Taylor says he’s more of a top, which works out well as he’s definitely equipped for that! He’s not opposed to bottoming, of course, but might as well take advantage of having that thick dick between his legs! By the end of his solo, he’s stroked a huge load out of it!

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  • mason5011

    holy crap……HOT!
    it’s a YES from me!

    • mason5011

      it is too bad they shaved every hair off his body though…

    • mason5011

      i have hope now that maybe Dawson is gone….since Taylor has apparently inherited his puka shell necklace.
      I thought those went out years ago???….unless you’re Kenny Chesney?

    • humanoid

      that necklace is corbinfisher’s leash for designated bottom… and i pray for lucas and dawson to NOT come back for this fresh meat of very cute twink….

    • joe88

      yes please to you :)

  • FeydRautha

    Cute. Gay. Big dick.

    Off to a good start this week, CF.

  • brandon85

    He is too twinkish for my taste but nice dick. I only wanna see him bottom though

  • tyler

    thanks for the insight on pukas. i must get one asap. hehe
    yeah he has bottom written all over them raised in the air feet. cain (or his favorite dru) should do the honors of taking his onscreen virginity. but he is probably so twinky he might make jamie look more butch and we can see that big ol cock again!

    • tyler

      and those blues are gorgeous

  • Vic

    What a fucking gorgeous young man! He can keep the pukas on forever as far as I’m concerned. At least there’s no unsightly tats or oversized earrings to distract from his natural beauty. A BIG thumbs up for me! And, I’m NOT particularly a twink fan……………

  • King Henry VIII

    Agreed with Tyler and Vic gotta get some of Taylor. Hopefully he’ll let CAIN :) deflower him. And Vic I AM a
    BIG TWINK FAN!!!!!!!!! ;) Those eyes that accent. YUM!!!! ;)

    Really wish CF would have left his pubes alone DAMMIT.

    Other than that A ROYAL HELL YES from HRH KH8 on Taylor my new playmate next to my baby CAIN!!!!! ;)

    • Vic

      Agree K.H. VIII, would LUV to have licked the fur that WAS there! Don’t mind a tasteful trim but always hate a TOTAL shave job.

  • Thom

    Nice dick, but he seems to be run of the mill. I’m interested to see if he stays.

  • KSaguaro

    WOAH was not expecting that huge dick!
    Very nice!

  • He looks like he was purposely created to be an American knock off of a Bel-Ami boy.

  • Guy

    HELLO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW this is a boy even straight guys would want to bang. I hope he stays around, he certainly has star potential, those eyes, that cock, that tight smooth body, YUMMY!

  • Josh J.

    He looks cute to me. I do agree, he’s got a bit of a “Bel Ami” look to him, but I definitely wanna see him in action, to see if he’s any good.

  • scottnyer

    Great eyes. Big dick. And he does seem very Bel Ami.

    Just an aside. What the hell is standing on? It looks like he’s standing on a ground beef rug. It looks pretty gross.

  • frankay76

    Definately loving the face and the eyes
    oh god those eyes are just mesmerizing.
    But I hate that he’s fully shaved
    i mean it works for some guys, but not many
    this guy needs some hair on him
    like cmon, not even arm hair or leg hair!
    They need to get this guy some hair growth treatments or something

  • Vury cute. Pretty stoked to see him in some action. I’d so love to see Dru actually get dominated by a skinny dude ha

  • Daxuan

    Oh oh cute one!though twink isn’t my favority..^_^i want to see him in action!so come on!

  • Established One

    Nice long dick ….. hot too….. Thumbs up and a YES for me!

  • pubert

    I can’t decide if his eyes are hot or creepy. Maybe they’re creepy hot.

    But as someone else said, he’s a little too twinkish. I prefer my men to look a little more manly.

  • NE1956

    Pubert, creepy hot is still hot. Woof! Love the guy!

    I’ll cancel out your vote though Pubert … I’ll take ’em twinkie any day. Mucular hairy does nothin’ for me.

    • NE1956

      Neither does MUSCULAR hairy.

      Guess I need another shot of coffee.

  • Taylor20

    Thanks for all the comments guys! :)

    • von schlomo

      If this is *the* Taylor from CF, your quite welcome to my compliments. I think your hot and can’t wait to see you in action. But, a word of caution, unless your incredibly thick skinned I’d skip hanging around here reading people’s criticisms, if I were you. They can be incredibly blunt and negative.

      There was another time someone posted here claiming to be a CF model. Was it Josh?

    • hungtwinkboi

      You’re fucking gorgeous! Don’t let them get to you if they criticize you and DON’T grow out your pubes! You look HOTT shaved!!

    • frankay76

      I think is was Ellery, Von Schlomo
      someone claimed to have gone to school with him
      then “Ellery” said some stuff asking him not to expose him etc.
      Highly doubt it was him though

    • I honestly don’t know who it was that claimed to be a Corbin fisher model but I do say I have a facebook and myspace for anyone whom doubts that I am the real dude with pics of me with friends and family and also some of my CF pics on their as well. But I’m not worried about if anyone says something mean. I’m working on gettin in better shape and cooled down on the tanning majorly and stuck to the real sun and not the fake and bake lol thanks again! :)

  • Nate

    He is cute i hope Dawson doesnt return to be the first guy that does him. He needs some cain in him.

  • von schlomo

    I suppose people’s comments about him being a Bel Ami type are sorta loose. No doubt he’s very pretty like many of the BA guys. I suppose you could count being hung. But very few BA models appear as thin.

    As for Dru, well, if the dude is all hot for him I guess. Obviously, many fans will be screaming for it. The problem is, as many seem to not point out, Dru CANNOT stay hard. Ever. Not with any of the guys he’s topped and not even with the chics. It’s a damn shame because I think he’s really hot and sexy and does an above average job performing, except for the limp dick, of course.

    Tops must have a hard dick for fucking. It seems like like a universal truth but I guess it’s just my opinion.

    • Jay

      Sometimes a nice floppy dick that can penetrate is all an ass needs…

      But yeah, it doesn’t work all the time when the dick is like that.

  • Mr.Grafenberg

    Thats an impressive cock. The fake tan job is terrible tough

  • 911wasanInsideJob

    Nice dick, beautiful blue eyes. Should ease up on the self-tanner.

  • Well I definitely lightened up on the tanning for the Costa Rica shoots and scenes.. I actually had a scene with Cain. It was bareback and I let him cum on my face and in my mouth and I pulled a no hander cumshot as well but I think it is for a DVD they are gonna put out but I’m not sure and I don’t know if I’ll be returning to CF yet or not. They jipped me for the money shot I did with Cain and tried saying it wasn’t in the contract when everyone knows a money shot is for extra and I don’t appreciate that and I didn’t sign up for bareback regardless if we get tested or not.. I don’t believe in unprotected sex because I have a friend who got HIV from it and I just don’t trust anyone after seeing it ruin his life but besides the point lemme know what talks opinion is on it all and I’ll debate from there otherwise there will be no more of me, Taylor.

    • In that above message I meant yalls not talks lol sorry, my phone corrected itself and I didn’t notice

    • wildtwink87

      taylor ur super hot and u def should stay on at CF!!! i wanna see more of u and i love ur pubes shaved email me at

    • rando168

      I do agree with you on protected sex 100%. You are correct in being angry about it. But I am hoping you do continue with corbin fisher and perhaps work something out because i definitely came back to CF because of you.

      Hoping everything works out for you and that you remain safe. That is definitely more important in my opinion.

    • frankay76

      Please stay on CF!
      you’ve defintely got fans and it would be sad to see you go!
      Hopefully you can work things out with Corbin
      I definately wanna see more of you!

    • MidiAttack11757

      taylor sounds like you can do a lot better for yourself than corbin fisher. you’re incredibly cute and sweet and have a big ol’ dick! blu kennedy says they pay gay models a lot less than the so-called ‘straight’ ones like fuck-my-butt travis.

    • coventgardenmartin

      Taylor I want your facebook :-) :-) big fan!!

  • dn_gap

    If Dru and Levi are his faves why has he not been paired with either???

    • cdman

      I would guess it’s because Levi seems to be bottom-only and Taylor seems to be the same way. Unless one of them is willing to top, maybe that’s the reason why he hasn’t been paired with him so far. As for Dru, it shouldn’t be a problem since he has topped and bottomed. But is Dru even with CF anymore?