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ChaosMen: Gerin & Hagan (Raw)

Gerin & Hagan (Raw) at ChaosMen

Gerin & Hagan (Raw) at ChaosMen

Gerin & Hagan (Raw) at ChaosMen

Gerin & Hagan (Raw) at ChaosMen

Gerin & Hagan (Raw) at ChaosMen

Watch Gerin & Hagan at

ChaosMen wrote:

Let’s say just say it. Gerin is a Bottom with a capital B. Sweet!

I am so happy to have this little tyke doing scenes for me. He is more than happy to get as big of cock in him as he can, so I thought I would start off with the biggest one I had available. Gerin said Double Penetration wouldn’t be out of the question too, so I am hoping to make that finally happen.

Some of the gay guys that work for me struggle to do a scene with a straight guy. They realize quickly that the dude they are working with IS really straight, and though they can get into having sex, and put full energy into it, there really there isn’t any true “magic” (usually) going happen. Yes, I get some great energy between them, but for some reason, the gay guys struggle when they learn that the straight guys aren’t really going to be “into them” and we depend on straight video playing for them to recharge.

Gavin and Elliott are perfect examples of gay guys who don’t care what the straight guys are like. They get off to just working with a straight guy, and don’t take anything personally.

I had Gerin all prepped emotionally for working with a guy that might not be able to toss sexual energy back at him.

Hagan, as we have learned, is very quiet, but his dick is always hard, and he is definitely a “stealth performer.” Even the girls he is with complain he doesn’t even breathe.

I think I figured out why he is like this. His cock is so big, that he can’t properly fuck. He has leaned to to cum with very little motion. So when he IS actually fucking he is literally trying to not cum the entire time.

Gerin easily takes Hagan’s monster cock, and I think Hagan ‘let go’ a little when he realized this little guy half his size was going to be able to really FUCK. It’s fun to watch Gerin really pound back against Hagan, with wild abandon.

My favorite part of this video is when Gerin rides Hagan’s cock in reverse cowboy position. We really get to see Hagan’s cock slide in and out of Gerin’s hungry hole.

We got a great cumshot out of Gerin as the always-hard Hagan pummels Gerin till he nuts.

Hagan nuts all over Gerin’s ass, plunging his cum-soaked cock in and out. His aim was a little off, but it turns out to be an awesome creampie ending!

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  • baz

    Closed eyes? Check.

    Very little to no touching of his partner? Check.

    Not a single picture where he seems engaged in what he’s doing? Check.

    Another excuse from Brian as to why he wasn’t really responsive in the video? Check.

    Yep, it’s another Hagan update alright. Complete waste of potential.

    • Co-signed by BGBG85 !

    • moondoggy

      Too well put for me to add anything other than “amen.”

    • Fazz

      Co-signed by : FAZZ !!

    • von schlomo

      Hey! Give credit where it’s due. Hagan tries very HARD to not touch or look at the boy he’s fucking because he’s extraordinarily, metaphysically turned on by his extremely sensitive cock slathering in and out and does not want to come too soon! Isn’t this fact abundantly clear to all you people? :p

  • elmtree

    Yes Baz, it is such a shame about Hagan’s performances. He has the potential to be a superstar but instead he comes across as dull and boring. I am looking forward to seeing Gerin in action tho. He seems like he could be the next bottom star.

    • Riley

      Hell does Bryan even read this site cause if he did. Then he knows what he need to do Jus like Dorothy said *Dump him Rose he driftwood* and not the good kind. Yeah agreed the Body and his weapon are Freaking Awesome and he was/is one of my favs at Fratmen/Chaosmen
      he needs Teo’s Personality. WEHT TEO anyway anybody knows.
      And if I’m gonna be taking that 10″ then we gon b kissing no ifs,ands,or buts about it.

  • dundale

    hagan’s body and huge cock are great, but all his performances are …, “boring” is the right word. Like any other guys from chaosmen in the last time, too.

  • scottnyer

    wow. Hagan has an incredible body and huge dick. But if he is a boring performer as you guys suggest then yeah, he needs to NOT being doing porn.

  • Vic

    Gerin is a cutie and Hagan has such a delicious looking cock. Perhaps their performances could improve with a couple more sessions.

  • Daniel

    Hagan and Leo are alike in so many ways – big cock and boring as fuck.

  • masterbig

    I really want to see them kissing!
    Why this web did not care about kissing?
    Two men kissing is the hottest thing on earth.


    Hagan? what kinda name is that? I mean this is porn, he coulda came up with something clever…even HORSE would have been more creative!

    This looks soooo incredibly boring…you would have thought the Chaos guys woulda sat the hung hunk down and said…you could be a star…make sure you look like you’re into it (even if you’re not!)….pity.

    waste of cock and talent.

  • FFVIIMidgar

    One thing I cannot stand is “performers” that look bored, uninterested, or give away the fact they don’t want to be doing what they’re doing. It irritates the shit out of me.

    There is nothing more amazing than two men that are completely into each other and display levels of passion that words cannot describe. This is why we need performers that are ACTUALLY gay.

  • limn

    This Hagan dude is the most boring performer! Is he gay for pay, is that way there’s not feelings, kissing or excitement in his performance or he’s just like that naturally? It’s a shame and waste to have a dick and body like that but can’t deliver a decent performance. This is sex but seems like he’s treating it more like a work shift. Get rid of him if he doesn’t improve.

    • Nate

      On Fratpad I liked Hagan(Taj) he was fun and funny, but when he has to do anything with guys he goes into boring mechanical mode.

    • waybig

      It’s not just with guys. He was the same way on BangBus.

  • Ryder25

    Looks aren’t everything, Bryan.

  • Fazz

    I just like to add, that this awful performer Hagan, is ruining the scene for Gerin. It’s his first time, and this scene could make or break the rest of his career, hope Hagan doesn’t ruin it and take Gerin down with him!

  • Info

    The most offensive part would have to be the write-up, where he suggests that performers who actually expect some passion or reciprocation don’t “get it”.

    Actually, it’s just another in a long line of bullshit video descriptions from Bryan. I hate when states that a model identifies as straight but “has a little sugar in their tank”. Pretty clear that he respects his models as much as he respects the viewers.

  • von schlomo

    I’ll prolly be the only person saying this, but HELL YES I’d rather have boring, wooden, disengaged Hagan than about 95% of any of the past, or future, tops on ChaosMen who smile, suck and fuck like their lives depended on it but are almost completely unable to get their dick hard for longer than 5 secs when they fuck. That KILLS it for me. I’m sick of all the limp dick fucking that gets published. It happens mostly on Randy Blue but it shows up on every site.

    • Info

      One thing has nothing to do with the other. There are plenty of passionate, enthusiastic performers with hard dicks out there. Doesn’t excuse this.

  • Established One

    Hagan is a total beefcake. Nice package…all the way around. It’s a YES for me

  • EmpireState

    I don’t know. When I see a guy built and HUNG like Hagan, I expect him to take the smaller fellow off the ground, toss him onto the bed and give him a fuck to remember. This just feels like a wasted opportunity for what could have been amazing.