MenAtPlay: Office Junior (Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck)

Office Junior (Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck) on MenAtPlay

Office Junior (Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck) on MenAtPlay

Office Junior (Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck) on MenAtPlay

Office Junior (Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck) on MenAtPlay

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MAP wrote:

When two testosterone fueled alpha males meet in a toilet and one flashes his big hard meaty cock at the other that’s all it takes for the beginning of something truly special. Sparks, sweat and cum fly when US porn star Junior Stellano meets UK porn star Dillon Buck. As Dillon takes a leak in the urinal Junior comes out of the cubicle and both men eye each other up. Dillon’s large cock stiffens at the sight of the hunky Junior. Junior moves in closer and starts to play with Dillon’s rock hard cock and massive balls, he almost chokes on Dillon’s meat as he takes it all in his mouth. The action moves from the toilet to the office where Dillon bounds Juniors hands with a tie and force feeds his cock to Junior. Some passionate kissing leads to Dillon ripping open Juniors shirt and feasting on the studs ripped torso and hairy chest. Dillon forces Junior on to the desk and begins to rim his hole. His cock is aching to fuck Junior’s hungry hole and pounds away like his life depends on it. Junior stares into Dillon’s eyes teasing him, wanting more, wanting it harder! Both studs are uninhibited and very sexually experienced which makes for some mind blowing, sensational fucking! The sex is fast, passionate and aggressive between two men with big throbbing cocks who know just how to use them to drive the other man wild. If you are after real men having real sex then look no further! Menatplay, the number one suit sex site has it all for you!

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  • FFVIIMidgar

    Yes yes yes yes yes! Both of these guys are fucking gorgeous! I love this!

  • Guy

    Dillon Buck is so efffing hot. Love everything he is in. Restrooms are not my scene but if I ran into him, I’d be all over that.

  • BladeX

    Junior Stellano is off the charts hot!!! Dillion Buck is certainly yummy, but I just wish he was versatile at least once on camera.

  • Established One

    Hot indeed. I give it a thumbs up.

  • Vic

    It’s nice & rare to agree with EVERYBODY so far! These guys are mouth wateringly gorgeous!

  • sliderboi

    quite foul

  • TaterTot

    I am surprised—and grateful—to see that they get completely nude. I know it’s their thing (fetish?) but fucking in suits or guy naked except for dress socks and shoes doesn’t turn me on. This looks hot.

  • Daniel

    Dillon Buck annoys me to no end. As fine as his penis may be, that sneering, arrogant persona is extremely unattractive.

  • blobalbob

    not hot, over manicured marys. Bring on some real men

  • Delovely

    Not a big fan of Dillon, but I do find Junior quite attractive, even if manicured.